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Story: A Love From Above….Episode 18 (By Joy Curry)

A Love From Above….

Love From Above

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Episode 18

The hours passed quickly and Denise gathered her things to leave. She still had to take that drivers’ test, drat it! But, at least she could do it in her new car. Her heart swelled with pride, and thankfulness that Mom and Dad had given her a car, and that particular car, too! She didn’t know of another person in town who had one like it. That made it really special!

Oh! Denise remembered the early morning accident victim. She wanted to find out about her condition before she left. She walked back to the elevator on her way to the ICU nurses’ station. “Can you give me any information about the woman brought in early this morning? I feel so sorry for her, being just a Jane Doe, and not having her family here or anything.” Denise explained.

“I understand,” the nurse said, “I can tell you that she is still listed in serious condition, but no longer is critical. She hasn’t yet regained consciousness, but she hasn’t worsened.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it!” Denise could go her way now. It sounded like there was just the slightest improvement in the poor lady’s condition.

Denise headed home a little while later in her little car, joyful that she had passed the driving test without difficulty. She thought about Jon. He would probably be in his room right now studying for a test or preparing a thesis, poor guy! Boy, did she miss him!

Doris was just finishing preparations for supper as Denise walked in. “Need me for anything. Mom?” “Well, you could finish setting the table if you’re not too tired. How was your day at the hospital?” Doris asked with interest. Denise told her Mom all about the Jane Doe accident with deep feeling. Doris understood and voiced similiar feelings of sympathy for the woman. Doris explained to Denise how proud she was of her, and that she was so pleased at how she was growing into a fine, caring young lady. Denise glowed from the inside out.

She really did love to please people, especially the people she was close to. Some of her friends counted that a fault. They said you shouldn’t care what people thought, but she just couldn’t feel right about that way of thinking. Of course, you couldn’t please everybody all the time, but it just felt good when it happened.

“You know. Mom, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that trip to Europe. If I go, I’d have to get my school clothes and supplies all ready before I left, because there probably wouldn’t be time when I got back, and I’ll have cheerleading practices just as soon as school starts back, and I can just imagine how tired I’d be, only having a week or less before starting back to school! And I know I’d miss Jon terribly while I was gone, besides having to give up the work at the hospital a month early. I’ve only been there a short time anyway,” Denise explained.

“So, have you decided not to go?” Mom queried.

“Not for sure, but I’m thinking it’s been a long time since I visited Nana and Papa, you know. We haven’t seen much of them in quite a while, and I always loved visiting out at the farm. Now that I have my car, it wouldn’t be any problem to get in to the hospital. I thought I might go out and visit them after supper tonight just to feel it out. What do you think?”

“Well, I know they’d love to see you! They’ve always been very fond of you and Todd, since you’re their only grandchildren. But you know how Mother and Dad are so set in their ways. I miss them a lot myself, but everytime we got together the last few years they always started preaching to me. You know how fanatical they are!” Doris replied. “Maybe you can handle it, but I can’t.”

“Mom, there are some things about that I don’t understand. Do you believe the Bible is true?” Denise asked hesitantly. She didn’t want to open any old wounds, but if you couldn’t ask your own Mom, who could you ask?

“Well, the Bible is a very, very old book, Denise, and there are a lot of really wise sayings in there, you know. But, I have a lot of problems with some of the things in there, like prophecies. Who could understand it all! What kind of God would threaten you with burning in hell, if he was really a loving God? Look at all the misery in the world today! If God really loved the world as the Bible says, looks to me like he’d make some drastic changes. I don’t know that I’m right about it Denise, I was certainly raised to believe the Bible was true, “every jot and tittle” of it, as Mom used to say. Now, I have alot of questions. What made you ask about this anyway?”

“Oh, just something Roger, I mean, Mr. Thompson, said in Sunday School. He told us that the Bible says, well, actually, we read the verse together, that says the Bible is the inspired Word of God, you know, written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit or something like that. He believes that you have to believe all of it, or none of it. He says if any of it isn’t true, then God’s a liar, and if he lies, then the whole book is a lie! Anyway, its’ not important. I was just wondering.” Denise trailed off, trying to figure it all out.

The table was all set, and supper was ready. Todd and Dad should be back from their little shopping trip any minute. Denise thought as she looked out the dining room window. What was keeping them?

She ran up to change clothes while she was waiting, still thinking about their discussion. How could one know what was right? Denise changed into a pair of comfortable shorts with a loose-fitting knit shirt, put on some jogging shoes and slouch socks. Now, that feels better! She smiled to herself. Better give Nana a call and see for sure if it was all right to come out right after supper. She might just spend the night, she thought, knowing Mom and Dad wouldn’t mind. Why haven’t I done this before, Denise wondered? Just hadn’t thought about it before, she concluded.

To Be Continued… (We Love Comment, please leave them behind)

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