Story: A Love From Above….Episode 24 (By Joy Curry)

A Love From Above….

A Love From Above

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Episode 24

Denise had determined this morning that she would not dwell on her nightmare. It was too ridiculous to even consider. All it meant, anyway, was that she was terribly jealous.

So she had begun to focus on Jane Doe, to keep her dream off her mind, since she had begun to make her rounds.It was almost unbelievable, but an air of expectancy followed her wherever she went. Would it really work? Did she dare try it? Would everyone think she was crazy? But, if it worked, what difference would it make?

At her first break, Denise went to Jane Doe’s room. It was amazing that no one had ever found her purse, or any idenification for the lady. The theory was that perhaps it had been thrown from the car, and maybe an animal had drug it off somewhere. But there hadn’t even been any answers, yet, from the missing persons’ list.

The patient was lying still, supported with pillows, her leg still in traction. No changes in her condition, the nurse had said.

It was really crazy, but there was something about her, Denise decided, something almost familiar, as she stood looking over the patient. Denise noted the naturally arched eyebrows, the oval eyes with long lashes, the slightly sharp nose, cupid bow mouth, and softly curving chin.

Pretty, she thought. Very pretty. There were no bandages on her face, now, and no swelling. She looked almost like a life- sized porcelain doll.

The nurse came in to check her vital signs. “Excuse me. Am I interrupting?” she asked.

Denise didn’t know this nurse. “No, I just came in for a minute, while I’m on break. I just like to check on her every chance I get. You must be new. I haven’t seen you before.” Denise stated curiously.

“Yes, I am. I’m Maria Marshall. Today’s my first day, but I think I’m gonna love it here,” she answered.

“It’s nice to meet you Maria. I’m Denise Whitaker, just one of the volunteers.”

“You know, you really look a lot like this lady. Are you related or something?” Maria asked. “Well, that’s dumb, of course, since no one knows who she is,” she said laughingly.

“No,” Denise laughed, “but thanks. I think she’s really pretty!”

“You know, I heard something really strange that has supposedly brought some people out of comas before. I’m really dying to try it, but I’m afraid everyone will think I’m crazy,” Denise confided.

“Really? What is it? She’s been in a coma for some time according to her chart. I think anything that could possibly bring her out of it would be wonderful!”

“Well, this guy on a radio talk show, supposedly a psychologist, was talking about how hung up we are, nowadays, on answering the phone, you know? Like, most of us would do anything to answer a phone when it’s ringing. He said a lot of times, people will even come out of a coma to answer a phone. Ever heard of such a thing?” Denise asked.

“No,” Maria laughed, “but it kinda makes sense, especially if there’s no physical reason for the coma. You know, it just might work. I can’t see how it could hurt to try it,” Maria said, thoughtfully. “Would you want to use the phone in the nurse’s station?”

“I don’t know. There’s usually several people in there, right around the phone. They’d probably think I was nuts!” Denise responded.

“The pay phone is in the waiting room. Why don’t we use it? Let’s give it a try. Do you have any change for the pay phone?”

“Oh, sure. Do you really think we should?” Denise asked, smiling, trying to gain the courage for such a step.

“Sure. What could it hurt? I’ll turn the ringer on the phone down just a little, so it won’t disturb the other patients. Go ahead. Do it. I’ve got a few minutes. I’ll wait here. Let it ring, oh, say, ten times. OK?”

“O.K.! Thanks'” Denise called out as she turned, hurriedly leaving the room.

Denise dialed the room number from the pay phone just down the hall, her heart racing with every ring. Please, please, let it work, she thought. It’s just got to work! But, at the end of the tenth ring, she hung up, disappointed. She didn’t answer!

Dejected, she walked back to the room to talk with Maria, not accepting defeat well at all. Just got my hopes up too high, she thought to herself. Now what?

But, upon entering the room, she didn’t see the defeated look on Maria’s face as she expected, although the Jane Doe was lying exactly as she had left her, still looking like a ‘sleeping beauty’.

“No good, huh?” Denise stated as she closed the door behind her.

“You know, I can’t say for sure, and though she didn’t come out of her coma, I could swear there was a frown, just a slight change of expression, mind you, but a response, nonetheless! Let’s not give up, OK? Let’s try again. When do you get another break?” Maria asked. “My lunch break is at twelve o’clock, so can we meet in here about twelve-thirty? This time, let me call, and you watch her, OK? I really think there was a slight reaction, so it may work yet!” Maria was still optimistic, and it was encouraging to Denise.

“Yeah,OK! See you then,” Denise called on her way out. “Thanks, Maria.” Feeling a little better that there had maybe been some reaction, according to Maria, even though slight, Denise began her duties with a new enthusiasm. After all, if Nana and Papa were praying for her, something was bound to happen!

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