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Story: A Love From Above….Episode 9 (By Joy Curry)

A Love From Above….

Love From Above

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Episode 9

Denise lay in her bed, feeling safe, secure and loved. She had wound yarn around the backside of Jon’s oversized ring until it fit her. Caressing it tenderly with her fingertips, she remembered how sweet and patient Jon had been with her during the entire time of Dad’s illness.

And now that Dad was so much better, and she was wearing Jon’s ring, things were really starting to look up! She had dreamed of going steady with Jon, and now she was! This was a milestone in her life, she decided. Thinking back. she realized it was the first time since that slumber party, when she was just twelve years old, that she had felt so secure.

But, then the memories of that life-changing night flooded over her, and with the memories, came the tears.

She had been invited to a slumber party at Nancy’s house, with some of the most popular girls in her Jr. High class attending, she remembered. She had arrived at the designated time and place, anticipating a fun-filled night.

Many delicious snacks and beverages were set out for the girls’ enjoyment, and they were given all-night cable T.V. and V.C.R. privileges. Two of the Mom’s were present to supervise.

Sleeping bags were spread out in the floor, leaving little space to walk, and the girls quickly changed into their pajamas. intent on having a good time. And as girls will do. they automatically separated into groups, talking, singing, shouting, and playing.

After several hours of snacks, games, and scary movies, boredom, and exhaustion began to surface, and bickering increased among the friends.

Denise, not one to give in easily to sleep, had talked Angela into being a model for her experimentation with make-up not usually allowed twelve-year-olds. After a few minutes of brushing and painting, Denise sat back to look at her creation.

Angela, normally a very pretty girl, now had rosy red cheeks, (sort of clown-like), dark, straight brows, rainbow shadowed eyes with thickly smeared black lashes, and too-large red lips. Denise began to laugh, catching the attention of the other girls in the room, who quickly joined in the fun.

Angela had become very self-conscious at being the center of unwanted attention, and got up from the floor angrily, starting for the bathroom.

But, Denise was having too much fun to let her wash it off so quickly! Enlisting the aid of a few more girls, she blocked Angela’s path to the bathroom, and refused to let her under, around or through the barricade.

On the verge of tears, Angela had turned her anger full- force on Denise!

“Denise, let me by! I don’t know why you’re being so mean! Let me in there. Now! I mean it!” She shouted, pushing, pulling, and trying to break the barrier that prevented her.

But, the girls just giggled, and pointed more than ever, spurred on by Angela’s frustration,

“You think you’re so smart, Denise! You did this on purpose!” Angela screamed viciously, as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the wall. “Well, you’re not so smart! You don’t even know who your own mother is!”

The room grew suddenly quiet. What are you talking about?” Denise laughed. Of course she knew who her mother was. Was Angela freaking out, or what?

“Your real mother didn’t love you! She gave you away to strangers! I heard my Mom say so! See, you’re not as smart as you thought!” Angela retorted, enjoying her revenge, and gaining momentum as all attention shifted from her to Denise.

Seeing them whispering, and noting the frightened look on their faces, she retorted, “Who’s she kidding?”

She continued laughing at Angela’s joke, until she became aware that everyone was quietly staring at her. No one else seemed to think this was a joke! Shocked, Denise looked unbelievingly at the other girls.

“No. no! It can’t be! It’s a lie! Can’t you see it’s a lie?” The voice seemed to be coming from far away as Angela’s words began to penetrate Denise’a consciousness. Then suddenly, Denise turned, and bolted out the side door of the house, running with all her might, unaware of the darkness, the path or her attire, just knowing she had to get out of that house!

Denise remembered running wildly for a very long time, her mind continuously questioning ‘why?’ Why did Angela say those things? If they were true, why didn’t her parents tell her? If it was true, who were her parents? If it was true, why didn’t her ‘real* mother love her?

She finally collapsed in the darkness, not even knowing where she was, and not caring! Unaware of the time of night, she blocked out the pain that was tearing at her young heart.

Awakened as her Dad picked her up out of the ditch, and carried her to the car, she heard him repeating her name over, and over, and recognized the pain and concern in his voice, but Denise was unable to respond. After being tucked into her own bed, Doris and Tom tried explaining to her, but numbness and fatigue prevented Denise’s ability to comprehend.

Later, Denise came to understand that she had been adopted as an infant, since, after eight years of trying to conceive, Doris was still unable to get pregnant.

Doris and Tom had explained how badly they had wanted a child, a family, and Denise had been a such a blessing to them. Several years after adopting Denise, Todd had been born into the family. She was reassured of Doris and Tom’s love for her.

They explained the fear and pain they had experienced when they received the call from Nancy’s mom about the incident. They had even called out the Police to help find her. But, she had never been the same since that night.

And frequently, especially in the quiet hours of the night, Denise wondered about the woman who had carried her in her womb for nine months, given birth to her, and then gave her away to perfect strangers. Was she still alive? Did she have other children, by now? Why didn’t her biological mother love her? Denise wondered if that woman ever wondered about her.

And, again, she wondered why.

To Be Continued…

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