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Story: Who Is My Father???……Episode 2 (By Miss Oladokun Eunice)


Who is my Father

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Episode 2

The doctor emerged from the inner chamber. I sat upright.

“Weldone Doc.” Mum greeted

“Thanks ma’am”

“What’s the DNA test result?” I asked anxiously.

He removed his glasses and wiped the lense.

“I must tell you sir,that your deoxyribonucleic acid cells do not concur with each other” He said.

I leaned against the seat. That result consoled my spirit. But I was still bothered. I took a quick glance on the Doctor and fixed the gaze on my mom. She looked astonished.

“We are grateful Doc.” Tunji uttered in his masculine voice.

He stood up and turned to look at me. My tummy rumbled together.
I was afraid someone might hear the rumbling. I puckered my face and bite my lips. I haven’t taken anything and ugly event never cease to occur.

He went out and banged the door.
I stood up and followed him.

Ooops! He’s gone!
I knew it was over.

His voice ran through my veins and I shivered.

“Don’t bother to resume duty. I called a sister station to send me a new presenter”

My tummy rumbled together again. I wanted to throw up right there but I held in. I touched my neck,it was hot.


“Who is this?” I grimaced as I deep my hands into my purse in search of my phone.

Unknown Number!
“Hello Feyi! Get a newspaper from a vendor or visit any news website and read the latest” the caller said swiftly.

“Who is this?”

“This is Felix” the caller responded

“Felix who?” I questioned.
He’s gone!

The name doesn’t rang a bell. I was totally bewildered.

“Who was that?”

I knew it was my mom’s voice so I ignored.

“Felix?” She questioned.

I nodded in confirmation.

“I hate u mom!” I said without any regret for the utterance.

“It’s apparent you were once a sex-worker,who knows if you’re still one. You’ve been sleeping with men since teenage age. I’ve heard various news of children with single parents suffering traumatic effects that affected their studies but it appeared I didn’t suffer at all. Why I’m I suffering now? Just because of you,I’ve lost my job and….” I cried bitterly.

Where those word were coming out,I couldn’t tell.

“I’m sorry Feyi. There is nothing I would say that will make sense” she replied.

I smiles wryly. “You don’t need to be sorry,I look forward to seeing my father soon!”

I marched forward to my car.
“I can explain” she sobbed

“Hold whatever you’ve got to explain” I snarled.

I dashed into my car and zoomed off.

I pulled the car to a standstill,I got down and my phone rang again.

“Hello Feyi! This is Sister Tara. I suggest u get a newspaper right now”

“Sis Tara. I hope all is well.”

“Just get it my sister. It is well with you”

I sighed heavily.’My Father’ was the latest the day before yesterday and yesterday. ‘Newspaper’ is the latest today.

“Thank you sister Tara.” I replied.

“Auntie Feyi,two hefty men asked after you” Tobi,my neighbour’s son delivered.

“Two hefty men?”

“Yes. They are big,tall,huge” he gesticulated.

“Ehn ehn” I stood akimbo.
I laughed hysterically. Every bit of the young boy amazes me . I gave him #20.

He fell prostrate and glided into their apartment.

My mind dashed back to Sis Tara’s call. That sister that disturbs me with house fellowship.

“Sis Feyi,it’s time for fellowship”

Whenever I gave her flimsy excuses.

Her response would be “I’ll be praying for you”.

I inserted my key. Surprisingly,the door was not locked. I entered and scanned around the room. I searched thoroughly and sat down. I thought it was ordinary an imagination.

I could vividly remember back in secondary school.

“If you’re seeing or perceiving strange things that can’t happen,stop imagination” my literature teacher would say.

I caught a glimpse of a leg. I stood on my feet swiftly.

Nobody responded


I was strangled by the neck,I felt a textile made with cotton on my face.
I screamed!

Watch out for Episode 3
©Miss Eunice


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Author: Mhiz Oladokun Eunice

I’m Oladokun Eunice.
I’m a young writer.
I’m a poet.
I’m a student.
I’m an accountant.
Had an Higher School Certificate(HSC) in Accounting in Bowen University,Iwo.
Proceeding to the prestigious University of Ilorin.
Welcome to my world!!!

Reach me on Facebook: Mhiz Oladokun Eunice

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