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Story: Mara! ….. Episode 10 | (By Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola)


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Mara! …..


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Episode 10

“These are the clothes I bought for you. They are maternity gowns for you.” He said and I was alarmed

Nightgowns for me!

“You are shocked?” he asked and I nodded so vigorously.

He smiled

“That was how it was meant to be before the devil came, planted the tares among the wheat and went on his way” he said again and I was awestruck

With the little I knew about the bible, I knew that that was quoted from the Word of God and I was really awestruck

That change was so fast.

As he brought the clothes out, I looked on and observed

“But why are they all white?” I asked

He looked dumbfounded

“Because the baby is holy of course” he stammered

I smiled

I thought deep down that I was making him uncomfortable with my questions and comments

“Thanks so much dear” I said as I stretched my hands to collect the clothes with my right hand

He shook his hand

“Use your left hand” he insisted

I looked into his face and he widened his eyes

A cold shiver ran down my spine.

I obeyed

The material was cotton and despite how poor I was then, I really did struggle to buy silk as I react often time to cotton.

He knew this well and why he would buy this material when he knew my condition got me a bit angry.

“That was what I could afford. I am sorry. I know you don’t wear cotton” he said and I nodded

“Thanks” I said as I put the clothes down.

“Wear them” he said and I looked at him strangely

He nodded again and I picked up the clothes

“All of them?” I asked and he nodded

“Why?” I asked and he looked at me sternly.

“You ask too many questions. Its all for your good” he said, almost angrily

“I am sorry if what I said made you angry. Forgive me” I said and he smiled

“Wear them first” he insisted, raising his voice a bit

“ok” I said and I wore the three white gowns

I didn’t want to make him angry

I felt that it was absurd but I obeyed him anyway

…as if I was being controlled.

“Good girl!” he said, smiling and patting my back

I smiled sheepishly too.

“There is something I need to intimate you about now.” he said seriously

“What?” I asked seriously too

“I made a pledge to the Lord when I became born again and we have to fulfill the pledge because then and then only would our glorious dreams come true” he said and I watched on

“Ok. What pledge?” I asked and he interlocked his fingers

“I promised to give the placenta of our baby to the Lord” he said and my eyes widened

“Placenta?” I asked

I was alarmed.

“Yes…the pastor asked for it” he said

Something was not right!

I just felt something fishy!

Exactly what was wrong?

Why couldn’t I think of my own volition again?

Was I being manipulated or something?

There was a battle within me and there and then I looked at him and gave a warm smile

“If it’s a pledge to the Lord, then, so be it! The Lord gives and he takes” I said and he smiled

Just then, there was a bang at the door.

“Noooo…that’s a lie! Never give your consent to such” I heard the voice of my doctor outside the door.

She had been eavesdropping?

Why was she screaming that way?

What was so bad about giving to the Lord?

Didn’t she know about pledges and redemption of pledges?

I didn’t know when I screamed but the pastor was not surprised when I did.

…at least he didn’t look surprised

“Pastor, is this woman under a spell?” I asked loudly.

I didn’t care anymore about anything

Was it a movie or something?

What was wrong?

I had only heard about it happening in the imaginary life but in reality, relaying in my very ears?

It felt really bizarre!

I kept on banging the door and the pastor shook his head as he watched on.

“The door is locked” he said and my eyes widened

“What!” I exclaimed

He nodded

“And you just endangered her life” he said and I held my chest in numbness

“How?” I asked, panting heavily for breath.

He smiled painfully

“The battle line is drawn.” He said and I looked on as the pastor placed his ears close to the door.

I did likewise
As I stood up to go to the door, Adejare pulled me back onto the bed.

“Who is that mad woman?” he asked and I looked at him surprised

Was he not supposed to be born again?

What was that foul language from then?

“That voice is my doctor’s” I said and he looked at me with eyes scorching in danger.

“You are going nowhere” He said firmly and I sat down and fixed my eyes on him

“Why?” I asked awkwardly again

“Because I said so. Ohun taa ba wi fun ogbo lo’gbo a gbo…” he said whispering some words and I became calm.

“Tell the mad woman at the door that everything os alright here and that she should go away” he said

“It’s a lie…nothing is going on well oh…nothing at all. Open this door” My doctor’s voice came with so much conviction that I remained glued to the bed.

“Tell her” he pestered on and I stood up.

“Doctor, all is well here.” I said

“No. that’s a lie from the pit of hell! Don’t swallow that lie. All isn’t well. You are in danger” she cried out the more

Why is her voice with such authority?

“But there isn’t any danger here. My husband has become a Christian. He is born again. He is quoting the scriptures.”

“That’s a lie Madam. Even the devil can transform itself as an angel of light. Its all deception. Please don’t accept that at all” she cried out the more

I looked back at Adejare who was looking so frustrated.

“Come here” he signaled at me and I obeyed.

He pulled me into the bed and checked the polythene bag.

He brought out a small glassy bottle that had liquid inside.

“What’s this?” I asked

“This is holy water for the protection of the baby.” He said and I looked at his lips as they danced

“Protection?” I asked

“Yes. The pastor said that the baby is in a breech position. This would make it alright and easy for delivery.” He said

I collected it.

“Ok. Thanks. But that should be for a later time right? Especially when I am due for childbirth. Right?” I asked and he shook his head

“Now. Take it now” he whispered, opening it for me

“But I am just in my second trimester. The pastor can’t be sure that it is a breech birth yet.” I argued

I was getting my voice again

I wondered where it went before.

“Don’t take in whatever he wants you to take in o” the doctor’s voice became louder.

“The woman outside, shut your mouth up or I shut it up for you. Shut up!” he screamed as he jumped and punched the door.

“You should shut up man!” a masculine voice sounded from outside

I became edgy

What was wrong exactly?

He rushed back to me and collected the bottle from me.

He brought out a knife to my throat.

My heart jumped to my mouth.

“Either take this now or I kill you here” he said and his eyes burned with fire.

“But…” I was saying when he slapped my face with the flat side of the knife.

My heart broke in pieces.

“I command you to take this now…..” he said again and his lips moved fastly as he whispered something.

My heart was in disarray!

“Who saith and it comes to pass when the Lord commandeth it not? I otherwise command that you Mrs. Olowo should not take anything given you by Mr. Olowo , your husband.” The masculine voice said with strong affirmation

“I command…” he started again when the man outside replied again

“The Lord disappoints the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise…I command that all your devices be frustrated and disappointed now in Jesus’ name.”

“Amen!” my doctor answered

My heart was being released.

I felt some loosening- as if my mind had been in knots and that the thread being used had lost its hold

“Take it” he brought the bottle to my mouth and I tightened my jaws

“No…no…no” I said repeatedly

“I am not going to harm you. It’s not going to kill you. It’s for our own good. Take it…this is the last opportunity that we have to be great. Take it…please” he pleaded and my heart wept.

If he wanted me to take it then I should

His pleading was to earnest.

I stretched my hand to collect it

“Don’t take it. Please don’t” the doctor cried more.

“Don’t be ignorant of the device of the enemy please” the pastor cried out strongly

“Take” he stretched at me and I shook my head

“The Lord frustrateth the tokens of the liars and maketh diviners mad. He turneth wise men backwards and maketh their knowledge foolish. All your tokens are brought to nought Mr. Olowo.” The man prayed again

“Amen in Jesus’ name oooo” the doctor cried out the more

Adejare ran like a mad man to the door and banged at the door with a loud cry

The bottle in his hands broke into pieces as the liquid inside splashed to his face.

He screamed loudly.

He came to the corner where I had gone to hide myself and pulled me with a great vigor to the door.

He pushed me to the ground and held my head bowed.

I winced in serious pains as I panted hard

“Lick it” he screamed as he pressed my head towards licking the spilt liquid on the floor.

“No don’t do it” the doctor said.

I was so weak!

“Call the name of Jesus Mrs. Olowo” The doctor said anxiously

“Oh yes say it madam because the Bible says the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and he’s safe. Call his name.”

“Oh yes! And wherefore, God has highly exalted him and has given unto him a name that is above every other name that at the name of Jesus…” the man was saying when Adejare left me alone abruptly, ran to the door, banged it twice, came towards me, kicked me twice on my back before opening the door and running out.

I was so shocked that I remained in the uncomfortable posture.

It felt as if my backbone had been shifted and that I might not be able to walk again.

“Oh my God!” my doctor exclaimed as she ran inside with a man.

That pastor!

They helped me to the bed with a great difficulty.

I was seeing double.

My head ached with great noise exuding from it.

My temperature had risen so greatly.

“Please, let’s put these clothes off right now. They are very demonic. Lets take them off” the pastor said again and my doctor started taking them off my body.

“In the name of Jesus” she chanted as she threw the clothes to the floor.

“Sorry madam. I hope you are okay” the pastor asked and I shook my head.

Many questions ran through my small head and I couldn’t just reason straight anymore.

The door opened again suddenly and we all turned to look at the direction

It was Adejare

His head was decorated with dirt and his neck had a chain made of leaves hanging down it.

“Glory, it was for our good…” He said and beat the door rhythmically as he danced.

I watched on in great amazement.

“Are you mad already?” I asked gently and he burst into laughter.

“Mad ke! Its all of you o… You are crazy. Just to make money and make life easy for us all, you cannot give just one baby… Out of teh many children you have o… Just one of then… You are mad” he started crying as he scurried out of the house again.

I didn’t seem to understand what had transpired?

Could someone with a better understanding explain please?

The pastor and my doctor look too astounded to say a word.

Somebody help!

It Continues Still!

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Author: Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

I am Lizzy but you can call me Lizziefreezie.

Writing stories that would touch you, inspire you, make you cry, laugh and which in summary draw you into their own world is all I crave to do.

I am a graduate of one of the prestigious private universities in Nigeria- Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.

I can act different roles in dramas and you would see me on your screens soon…*smiles* I love to teach and re-model lives of the youths through His grace; I am also good at catering services- for your parties and occasion; I love to present programmes, advertise, sing, write and of course, PRAY!

I would love to meet you all as your lives are being touched for the better.

You are welcome to my world!!!

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