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Mercy Said No!

Mercy Said No

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Episode 17


Lucy dropped the flowers on matt’s grave, it was two years since his death, and she’d gone through hell and back,, but she will forever be grateful to God and the church for not giving up on her. Sighing she stood up from weeding the grass, speaking out loud, ‘matt the kids and I miss you a lot even though we never really saw you all those years, Beth is a frequent face around the house now, as I told you earlier all is forgiven, I hope you’ve found peace wherever you are because I know I have and I know that somewhere in my heart I know loved you, I know I still love you, I believe at some point I must have believed that because I married you. But that’s not why I’m here; I’m here because I can’t do this any longer matt. I’ve come to say goodbye, it’s time for me to move on. I know your parents would like to continue coming and that’s fine by me, maybe even the kids when they are old enough, but for me matt this where it ends. I need to move on with my life, I can’t keep hanging on to the past. I believe you would want this for me too, so this is goodbye you will always be in my heart’. Fighting for composure she shrugged her shoulders turned around and walked away.


Logan watched the bride walk down the aisle, looking beautiful as ever, thanking God for a day like this where the world got to see that truly love really conquers all. Looking at the man next to his right, they both smiled trying to lighten the seriousness of the moment, it was now or never, they’d spoken to each other earlier during their pep-talk.


Naomi knew she looked stunning in her lovely wedding gown, as she walked alone down the aisle holding her bouquet. Trying not to laugh, she stared at the man she was walking up to Shane her dear sweet husband, he’d finally gotten his act together and when he re-proposed to her that they renew their vows to strengthen the bond between them, she’d accepted happy that finally the wait was over, and she could have him back in her life again. Both of them reunited together against the world and those conniving hussies, let’s see them try to pry him away again, she would claw their eyes out without thinking. Standing next to Shane was Logan her dear friend, it was a wonder how they made it through these years, keeping the sanctity of their friendship, even during the brief separation of her marriage, when she once crazily had thought about stirring things up and had even tried to, while they were watching tv on the sofa in his living room. He’d smiled at her reading her thoughts and actions, and told her firmly that he respected the sanctity of marriage and suggested that she did the same. Patting her cheek, he’d smiled at her, turned to the TV and changed the subject as if nothing ever happened.


She’d been humiliated and angry at that time, drumming up a silly excuse to suddenly leave and totally refused to see him or even pick up his calls for almost a week. Eventually she’d allowed him into her apartment on a Friday evening after he’d showed up at her door step refusing to leave. He’d refused to beat around the bush, hitting the nail on the head directly, he told her ‘Naomi you are one of the most beautiful and attractive woman I’ve ever come across on this part of the world but I can’t allow this to ruin what we have together, just because we are lonely. Please let’s stop fighting me for gently rejecting you and focus on getting your marriage back on track, I know in spite of all that Shane has done you still love him and miss him a lot don’t you?’ She’d nodded at him knowing he was right and hating him for it… But now here she was and there he was Shane’s best man and she was truly glad nothing had happened.


Shane felt his heart swell with pride as he watched his gorgeous wife walk towards him. He often wondered how he’d gotten so lucky to have found such a jewel, for she truly was one. He knew now that she was truly perfect for him, even during their brief separation when he’d gone off with another woman, and had truly expected her to do the same. She’d stayed faithful, even with Logan who he’d been jealous of, at the time thinking, there was something going on between them. But now he knew that Logan truly was a better man than he ever was, and now that Naomi had decided to take him back, he was determined to spend the rest of his life being her one true knight in shining amour.


The priest cleared his throat and began the ceremony, thirty minutes later they were done and the couple with a few friends reclined to a nice restaurant for a celebration meal. A few meals and drinks later the couples were already itching to be alone, Logan watched his dear friend Naomi laughing at her husband’s joke with love in her eyes, they were truly happy and he was glad for them. Looking down at his wristwatch, he realized it was time to say his goodbyes, for the meal had ended and the couple looked like they really really needed to be by themselves. So taking a cue he decided to begin the gradual exit of all the guests by being the first to leave. He had a flight to catch the next morning and although most men prefer to pack light, the unpredictable weather of his destination meant that he could not afford the luxury of missing any essential detail of his wardrobe.


Arriving Aberdeen Wednesday evening, he cleared through customs speedily this time, and in no time was holding a conversation with little tim who was now a little man, and sweet Julie who was already wearing braces. Susan was looking radiant as ever Logan noticed she’d lost a couple of pounds which made her look very fit for a mother of two, and Liam was just Liam. Embracing his family they chatted and moved towards the car pack where Liam was packed.


Guys you shouldn’t have bothered to come, I would have been perfectly okay taking a cab Logan stated


What do you mean? Taken a cab, you’re family and family get first class treatment right Susan? Liam asked


Yes! Of course dear Susan replied rolling her eyes at Logan.


Hey mate! What’s happened to your accent, you speak clearer now Logan asked


Yeah Liam replied when you’ve got kids and an English woman for a wife you’ve got to adjust at some point, besides Susan wants the kids to speak clearly so I’ve had to adjust or get sent out of the hoose.


Everyone roared with laughter at his slip when he tried to say house.


Getting into the back seat with the kids Logan asked breezily So what’s new in Aberdeen since the last time I came.


Nothing much Susan replied shrugging her shoulders, oh! We have a new extension now added to the Bon Accord shopping mall. The kids have started music lessons. Logan nodded impressed looking to his side at them, they’d forgotten to mention that bit to told him over the phone.


So what’s new at the church, do you still sing in the choir? He asked Susan


Oh yes I still do, we are getting bigger now, we have new members coming in now and then, mostly students coming to Aberdeen to study.


How’s sister Rachael, is she still very much around? Logan asked fearfully because sister Rachael was the oldest member in the church aging about ninety-nine years the last time he saw her.


Oh! Sister Rachael, she’s still very much around we celebrated her birthday last month. She’s really a living miracle.


The he asked the question that had been burning his mind ‘how’s Lucy doing?’


She’s doing great really, it’s been two years now since matt died and I just admire her strength and determination to move on, she’s so wrapped up with the kids determined not to miss out on any aspects of their life, she’s just amazing you know, being through hell and back as really strengthened her faith in God. Hopefully she should be attending our dinner party tomorrow night, because she missed last year’s’.


That reminds me Liam spoke up how was Naomi’s wedding?


It was nice, those two were made for each other and I’m happy Shane finally got it right, he’s so lucky to have a woman who would wait for him and eagerly take him back with open arms. Shaking his head ‘love is really amazing’


That’s so beautiful, at least he was lucky unlike matt. Susan said just then Liam gave a withering look and said ‘it’s not right to speak ill of the dead suz’


Logan refusing to leave the issue alone asked what you mean.


Sighing Susan began Last year Lucy gave a testimony in church that held everyone spell bound, I’ll tell you when we get inside the house, she said getting out the car as Liam packed the car.


As soon as they settled in, Logan couldn’t wait to hear the rest of Susan’s words so he cornered her in the kitchen as she prepared dinner’. Susan I really need to hear the rest of that story, I need to know every detail. He asked earnestly grabbing a stool for him to sit on.


‘Well Logan all I know is matt was having an affair while they were married, and that night he died, he came home with the divorce papers for Lucy. Poor girl! I could just imagine how she must have felt, she said she pleaded and begged him for a chance but when she found out how long the affair had been on she realized she never stood a chance from the start, and in the end she admitted defeat and signed the papers, said goodbye to him not knowing it would be the last time. Oh! Logan the accident it was in the news, Lucy was on her way to see her mother that night, because the boys were on holidays with matt’s parents.


Logan nodded his head concurring to what she said. Susan looked at him askance wondering how he knew that


Susan continued. The whole town showed up for the funeral at the church, for matt’s story was really touching. Lucy was like a robot all through the service I remember looking at her from the choir stand looking so lovely yet so out of touch with reality. Even when the service ended Alice had to nudge her, then at cemetery something strange happened. After matt had being laid to rest, Lucy suddenly dashed out of the crowd, and walked in the direction of a woman standing at the far side of the cemetery away from everyone, I’d seen her at church a few times and I saw her again earlier at the Church service. It turned out her name Elizabeth Morgan.


She was the one matt was having an affair with, Lucy probably knew her before then because she rushed at her and started hitting her with every ounce of energy within her. I’ve known that woman for a long time, and I tell you Logan, I’ve never seen her display such emotion like she did that day. It was awful, eventually Lucy stopped went home and gradually stopped coming to church again.


Logan looked up shocked at Susan’s last words, but she raised her hand at him determined to finish her story. She never came to church, until a year ago. She shut everyone out including Ibi and even God I know this because she gave a testimony about it all, and then one day she just showed up at the choir rehearsal. That Sunday she was supposed to lead the call to worship and the strangest thing happened, you needed to have been there, the whole church kept talking about it for months. She decided to give an exhortation before singing and before we knew it she started to talk about how matt had died and all the events that happened and oh! did I mention that Beth is now a Born again Christian and now attends our church.


Logan’s eyes widened with surprise, as he heard this, wondering how his Lucy was coping with all these issues. His heart yearned for her wishing he hadn’t decided to give her time to heal when he’d heard the news and to think it all happened that night, that night! God she must have been so emotionally traumatized. He realized Susan was still talking ‘…now they are very good friends, can you believe it, God truly works in mysterious ways. Sometimes I see them chatting together and I just shake my head at the story that brought them together. God took a bad situation and turned it around for His own glory, only He could have done that don’t you agree? She asked Logan, looking up at him as she finished chopping the potatoes.


Logan stood up, and walked to the window side, staring at nothing. His thoughts were everywhere, he struggled to untangle his anger and pain from the joy and praise that comes from a true testimony like this, if only he did not know more than he was letting on, he would truly be able to raise his hands and say halleluiah! Praise the Lord. He turned around and saw Susan watching him closely, she was waiting for him he realized to speak. Suddenly he felt the need to unburden his heart…


I’m angry at a lot of things right now Susan.


Why? Susan asked is it because you’re in love Lucy?


Yes! Logan nodded and then he felt as if cold water had been dashed on him, surprised he looked up at Susan abruptly and asked, you knew?


Susan smiled in a motherly way, wiped her hands on her apron and walked up to him, of course I knew, both of you are very special to me, besides it was hard not to miss the chemistry going off around you guys, I always wondered why… never mind she looked at him, tell me everything please just trust me hm!


Logan nodded his head sat down next to Susan and began his story ‘I’m angry with matt not just because he married the woman I loved but that he had the nerve to disrespect her, I know I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but I can’t believe he was having an affair, after being married Lucy, what more could you want in a woman?


Susan nodded her head understandingly encouraging him to continue.


‘Yes! I was in love with Lucy, but she wanted to be with matt then, and she asked me not to be a  distraction to her and leave her alone, those were her actual words, I was so hurt, confused and definitely stupid now that I can look back, I decided to move back to the states without making an effort to win her heart. Susan can you believe that? I just up and left when I knew better, I’ve been married before so its not out of place to say that most women sometimes don’t know what they really want…


‘That’s very true’ Susan confirmed


But it didn’t really dawn on me then as opposed to now and so all those years I stayed away from her, determined to keep her out of my head, I didn’t succeed, I realized then that I was truly in love with her. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t pinning for her I tried to be interested in other women, then I met Naomi who by the way is the only woman I allowed to get that close after Lucy. Something almost happened there too, even though she was separated from Shane but I realized that in spite of it all, I believed in God and in the sacred vows of marriage after all I was once married, still I couldn’t get Lucy out of my mind and that was why I came down to Scotland then, I wanted to see for myself that she was truly happy so I could move on..


Was she? Susan asked knowing the answer


You know Lucy, once she’s determined to be in a certain state of mind, she devotes all her energy to it. But surprising we were finally able to talk, that night we went back to the states; it was a very emotional moment for both of us.


What happened? Susan asked suddenly suspicious


Nothing like that happened, he said reading her thoughts. Relieving that day he spoke ‘I went over to her house and when she came to the door I saw that she’d been crying, God! Every fiber in me was screaming for me to hold her but I couldn’t, we hadn’t gotten that far yet and besides she still thought I was married to Naomi. Remember?


Susan nodded again, realizing now the true reason Naomi had said what she’d said that night. Eventually we talked and talked Logan continued, and in time Lucy admitted the fact that she felt more than just feelings for me then before she married matt and she believed she still did. Shaking his head as he reminiscence, we cried together knowing we could never risk God’s wrath by taking our fate in our hands, I wanted to hold her, to touch her, to claim her as mine, she really was mine and I let her slip away because she was just confused. And now when she needed me most I still wasn’t there for her oh! God this is all a mess. Logan fervently spoke, evidently upset


Composing himself ‘matt came in and we managed to compose ourselves to greet him even though he was eyeing us suspiciously, Lucy told him I came home to catch up on old times with her because I was leaving that night. He excused himself and Lucy saw me out and waited with me for the cab to take me home.


There’s nothing you could have done Logan that would have changed the course of events Susan spoke softly, don’t you see that it’s a new season for you both.


How do you mean? Logan looked up


I know it’s not my place to say this, but you’re single and she’s single well a single mother with kids which I’m sure you don’t mind. Shrugging her shoulders she asked ‘What are you waiting for again? Surely you can see what God is trying to do here especially now that you came back here in Aberdeen, I mean I know it sounds strange but now the both of you can start over together and fulfill destiny. You finally get to be happy again!. Logan what are you waiting for? Susan asked a twinkle in her eyes.


Logan went still ‘I don’t know if she’s ready, you know she’s got the twins to raise’.


Susan smiled knowingly ‘in answer to your questions yes! She’s doing good, her business is quite successful and expanding now too, Liam helped with that, she’s also got her own product range as well. The twins are growing up too and she seems quite happy I believe. Alice told me she’d stopped going to matt’s graveside, because she’s decided to move on. And in answer to your unspoken question Logan you’ll never know if she still loves you if you don’t ask her yourself, so get off your high horse and do what you should have done in the first place hm!’.


That same day, Logan decided that there was some truth in Susan’s words but realized he wasn’t sure how to go about approaching the love of his life. After careful prayer and intercession he eventually decided that he would take advantage of Susan’s dinner party and he prayed that Lucy would be attending too, perhaps that would be a sign from God.

It Continues Still….


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