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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 4 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 4:

Matthew 10:22


Romans 8:38-39 “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Getting out of bed I was still shaking from the dream that I just had, I brushed my teeth and changed into the dress that my mom made me wear. I slightly curled my long brown hair letting the loose curls fall freely, I put on clear lip gloss and grabbed my black converse shoes (she can’t take that away from me). Lastly i grabbed my blue jansport bag that matched my dress and sprinted down stares, I found my mom in the kitchen actually cooking!

“hey mom waz up” I asked making conversation . My mom looked at me upset “you need to go” I yawned “wait!” she handed me a stack of papers, “uhh thanks” I murmured trying to handle the stack of papers but of course fumbling it two minutes later.


I walked out trying to find NRS secondary school, “open the eyes of my heart Lord open the eyes of my heart” I sang softly to myself so no one could hear. It wasn’t that difficult to find the school it was the only Catholic school that this small city had. I walked and walked, I have to admit I have no patience for walking so to calm my self I started singing. Usually when people are around I sing softly but as I looked around and saw nobody there I sang full-out, I started singing “Fearless” by Olivia Holt “I’m stuck in your head coming back from the dead I’M FEARLESS”.

“Wow you have a great voice” I grabbed the nameless figure by the wrist and twisted it, only it was Zoey.

“Angie it me”


I saw Zoe’s scared face and I released her “your voice is really good do ….do you sing”, I can’t believe she thought I actually sang in public that is so not my thing.  Not because I’m scared because that would be totally not true psshh

“no” I admitted, she shrugged “you really should you just have to get out there”. Zoey and I walked to school till we finally reached NRS. “Well here we are ” she beamed looking at her school

“wow” I breathed staring at the biggest school I have ever seen, this school took up the whole street.  “Come on” Zoe lead me to the front stares where two guys were leaning against the railing talking, as I looked at them I realized one of them looked a little bit familiar actually too familiar.  “So here is the f-“. Zoe” I interrupted her “yes” “is that” I pointed to the familiar guy, she nodded , we continued walking and she lead me to the principals office.


A young women sat hunched over her computer typing away, as Zoe walked in she instantly smiled “hello Zoey how are you this fine morning?” I watched as she smiled at Zoey like she really knew who she was.  “Actually I’m really good, anyways this is Angel” I smiled and waved at her, she held out her small frail hand and I shook it politely, “oh yes this is our new student from Canada I’m Mrs. Blasmack nice to meet you”.  “Zoey you seem to now here why don’t you show her around our beautiful school” she nodded in agreement and we stepped out of the office. “Ok Angie” she looked at me straight faced “since I’m your friend and your guide I’m going to give you a few pointers” i looked at her confused, what more could I know, I’m a strait, A student, i was in the honour roll, and I’m a preachers daughter.


Zoe pointed to girls talking “that’s Carol Thomson” she pointed to a tall blonde girl, she wore tight short-shorts and a tank top, her face was caked with makeup, and she didn’t look that appealing, but as I watched the guys stare at her I thought differently.  Carol looked UN-modest skinny, clown like , and fake “so whats so bad about Carol” I wondered looking at Carol talking to a guy , Zoey snorted obviously laughing at my question.  “What’s so bad about her hmm let’s see” she pretended to think “she is a rude, self-centered, two-faced clown”, I felt like Zoe was not giving Carol a chance.  So maybe she does look like a clown but I have never talked to her so how can i know “and that” she pointed to the girl beside Carol plying a far bit of foundation on ” is Lindsey Loom her double”.  I have to admit she looked almost exactly like Carol clothes and all, I think the only difference is she was a little bit shorter than her.  “Listen Zoe  I have never talked to her so I cannot judge or make accusations in the bible it say ” if you judge others I will judge you the same” I spoke proudly remembering the time my dad drilled that into my head.  She rolled her eyes and continued walking , I noticed that she was at the two boys that where outside before but where now talking to two girls.


“That’s Derek Hunter” she pointed to a boy, he had short black hair, big blue eyes, he wore skinny jeans, and a tight black shirt that showed the rippled from his abs.  Derek was very handsome , his smile was daunting and he looked so perfect for a minute he made me forget that I actually have a boyfriend.

“Don’t even” she caught me staring and I blushed “he is an atheist” as she spoke those words a little bit of me died, but I have no idea why? “have you ever told him about Christ” I peeled my eyes away from his face.

“Nope” she shook her head and pointed to that familiar boy “that’s coffee shop guy” I laughed at the memory, “if you haven’t noticed he is sooooo religious” she rolled her eyes sarcastically “his name is Jonathan Saul”.  I laughed but quickly hid it knowing it was rude “Saul really?” I laughed UN-sure of the last name, she smirked and nodded “and trust me he stays true to his last name he was Christian then he turned hungry for power”.

Finally she finished cautioning me and she actually helped me with my courses, I looked at my time-table:




9:00 to 9:30= Homeroom (English) room 101


9:30-10:00=Math Room 210


10:00- 10:30= Art Room 301


———————–Lunch Period—————————————————


1:00- 1:30= free period


1:30-2:00= Science Room P10


2:00-2:30= Geography Rm 111


3:00= End of the school day


I looked at my time-table there was absolutely no time to get books “what kind of high school is this” i murmured, Zoe looked at my time-table and started squealing “OMG OMG we have practically all the same classes.  I was ecstatic not only had I made friend’s my closet friend was going to be in most of my classes.

“Here is your locker”I opened my locker and stuffed all my things in there except my bag, phone, pencil-case. English and math text-book.  “Wow your really fast” i shrugged “back home we only got 1 minute to grab our stuff and head to class” I complained thinking about St.Lucia “well her we have like five minuets the time tables are a little messed up tho'” I breathed a sigh of relief and put away some books.

Zoey and I walked to English class, this school is very religious I can now see why my Dad wanted me to be here, they had beautiful crosses everywhere , I probably zoned out because the next thing I know I bumped into non other than Carol Thomson.

“Uhh help me I’m, on the floor dirty…… and I think I broke a heel” she put her hand over her face, so maybe i can’t say anything about her looks but she is a drama queen. For God’s sake’s she fell on ME!!! ” here you go” i pulled her up with one hand.


“Uhh she touched me; a new girl touched me she, might have rabbis” I clenched my fists, OK now I was annoyed. I was ready to punch this barbie doll when my dad’s words echoed in my head “those who judge others will be judged thusly” i put down my fist and put on a fake smile. “Hi my name is Angel Storm nice to meet you, you must be Carol Thomson”.


It continues still….


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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