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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 5 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 5: Facing Temptation

When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all he created.


“So you think you can just walk on in here and talk to me like I’m nothing” she accused, I was stunned.  I have no idea what is wrong with this girl obviously she is hallucinating because the way I see it was being completely kind.

Really I was just being kind “I was just trying to me friendly” I managed to spit out, “friendly ha ok”.  She began looking at me her gaze was hurting me I looked at the floor, she began examining me inside out, and she stared at me clothes, hair, face, and my shoes.  Basically I was getting the 3 degree from a 15-year-old fashionista,

“Well your dress is so hot…. it would look so hot on me” Lindsey nodded in agreement.  Look I know I’m not supposed to judge people but come on if you where in my shoes you would have been judging her five ways till Sunday.

“You’re hair is way better than Lindsey’s” Lydnsie crossed her arms and frowned obviously not agreeing with Carol’s statement. I really felt bead for her there she is a beautiful girl capable of wonderful things, instead she became a soccer ball and she is being kicked around by Carol.  Here i am standing her paralyzed trying to wrap my head around this whole crazy situation; Carol frowned and turned her face “you’re face needs a little work”.


Okay now I’m annoyed, she is being completely rude to me I was trying to be as pleasant as possible.  I felt like I was being really nice, I am right? You know what God always tells us to turn the other cheek and be the bigger person, so I put on a fake smile.

“Your shoes are bold but sweet pea you’re doing it all wrong” she puppy dog pouted and touched my brown bangs slightly.  She touched my hair! She touched my hair! Who does that? And what do you mean doing it all wrong.  I have been here for at least 5 minutes and it took her two minutes to completely insult who I am.

As I was inhaling and exhaling she continued talking “what do you mean doing it all wrong?” I grinded my teeth as she began to insult my style.  “You’re not supposed to wear crappy converse” she pointed to my black converse that I had just bought, “you’re supposed to wear styling stilettos”. She paused and cheerfully pointed to her 8 inch high heels, the only thing I was concerned about was her actually walking in those. “You know what I’m feeling kind today” I rolled my eyes “I’m scared to see her on her un-kind days” I mumbled.


“Ok new girl I’ll let you hand with us” “you’re so lucky” Zoe clapped sarcastically, “all you have to do is dye your hair blonde” she wiped her blonde hair.  “Change your wardrobe” she pointed to me and made a “I’m going to gage” face “and lastly change your face”.

Was she serious? I’m perfect just the way I am “I recommend a nose job, an ear job, and a face job”, why did it have to be me why? It could have been anybody else why ME? AS you can see I was very much trying.

“Carol do you believe in God” I burst out eager to tell her about God.  Usually when this people laugh, insult, or mock I call it the “LIM”.  Surprisingly she didn’t “LIM” she nodded happily.

“Really” I questioned, she nodded again “yah I’m catholic”

Is this how Catholics act like? I was pretty positive the answer was “no”.  Obviously she didn’t understand so it was my duty to shine the light on her dark side.

“So if you die right now you are 100% sure that you wouldn’t go to hell” i challenged she realized what was going on “YOU’RE STUPID you’re just like the other Christ losers” she then looked at me.


Carol looked at my cross that I proudly wore around my neck, she didn’t move her gaze. Her gaze was very much vacated on my cross; I realized that it was a good time to tell her more about Christ.  “Carol do you still have your birth parents”, I asked this question because when my dad would talk to troubled kids he would ask this question. My dad asked this because he realized that the root problem was that the kids did not have their birth parents any more. Either because they were left in an orphanage or their parents died in some fatal accident

“Of course I do” she snorted like i was the stupid one.  My patience was wearing thin, you can now see how hard it is to keep my cool with this girl.

“Carol where are your parents” i said as calm and slow as possible.  “Well Daddy is in NYC shooting the latest Sex In the City….and i haven’t seen mommy…….in…..3 years” her voice cracked and her eyes became watery.   Those where obvious signs that she had sad memories of her mother, i realized that God was touching her heart.


Carol from 1 minute ago would not have opened up to me like this , now I could read her like a book but it wasn’t one of those mean books it was a depressing one.  I felt bad for her the only reason she is like this, is because of her past she is hiding under a mask all she needs is real love. When I mean real love, I mean love that doesn’t come from sex, guys, or popularity I’m talking about love that could only come from the on true God. That moment quickly faded away when her best friend stopped storing at Jonathan and actually realized what was going on.

“Carol….why….are you telling……y-our-re life’s story to a f-reack” she stammered clearly confused.  Carol snapped back into reality her icy-blue eyes where full of hate and anger I’m so dead!!

“YOU ARE AN IDIOT I MAY BE CATHOLIC BUT I DON’T BELIEVE IN STUPID AFTER LIFE”.  I felt my confidence shatter into a thousand pieces on the floor; i looked at my small wooden cross that hung around my neck.  I gained confidence and trusted in God “Carol I just want to help you, you’re lost and you can be found” she grabbed my long brown hair and she pulled my face close to hers.


The halls became dead silent as bystanders waited for my reaction; I focused on her hand her fake finger nails where digging into my skull.

“You’re stupid you’re a loser and God can’t save you from that you’re wasting your time, she let go of me and i fell on the floor and she left with her posse.

Just like my dream people burst out pointing and laughing at me, a tear rolled down my cheek i rolled my eyes and got up.

“Are you okay” i ignored her question and began to walk rapidly through the hallways.

“so what are you going to do” she tried making conversation while trying to also catch up to me.

“Simple i will use my secret weapon” she nodded in agreement “you have no idea what it is” she shook her head then beamed “IS IT ME”.  “Let me think” i fake thought “nope” she frowned “fine Mrs. Cocky what are you going to do” “simple i will pray” she nodded in agreement and i started walking thinking this conversation was over.

“Angie wait” i stopped again “Angie what you just did was crazy you can’t keep doing that to people you don’t understand, this were lowest of the low” she ranted on “you of little faith why do you doubt? Trust in the lord and he will provide” she rolled her eyes and we walked into English class.


It Continues.. Hope this story is making any sense to you atall?

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Author: Faith H. Collins

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