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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 6 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 6: Annoyance

Matthew 5:39    

But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.


“Hey guys” Mandy greeted causally “YOLO” Suzie put in being her crazy self.  Zoe and I have just walked into the class and few students began to arrive Suzie, Mandy, Zoe, and me were there with a few un-named students quickly doing there un-finished homework.  I hugged them both and they went to the front of the class to start their own little conversation. Zoe moved to the back of the class and sat down on top of one desk.

“Sit girl” she insisted, I don’t normally do these kinds of things because I was raised better than that.  Zoe looked at me with puppy dog eyes so I complied; I sat down on the seat right beside her.

“so is Carol is all of my classes”. I really didn’t want the answer although I haven’t given’ up on the God thing I don’t like her personality “yah she is in all of them sorry to tell you that”.  I was afraid of what might happen in art class, if we are using paint I might become the canvas.  “Is Derek in all of our classes” I wondered , she looked at me with sorry eyes “stop right now” she shook her head, I was confused on why she wanted me to stop something I didn’t do.

“What do you mean stop” she sighed “look I don’t think you should get involved with Derek, he is a bad news” here she goes again judging people.


“Have you talked to him” she shook her head “look I don’t have to talk to him to know this: he is a player he goes out with at least 8 girls every week” I shrugged “maybe he just likes being consistent”

“Girl if you go out with him he will make out with you, have sex, and dump you, he does it with everybody. I really don’t know why I was thinking about him, I have Tristan I really missed him.

“Is Carol into him” she snorted.

“she is all over him” my heart feel.

“Hey Zoe are you free tonight?” she looked at me straight faced

“girl you are not my type”

“no that’s not what i mean” i laughed

“i meant to hang”.

“Nah I’d much rather hang out with Carol” we burst out laughing, as if on cue she came into the classroom.

“Hey Zoë’s”I whispered “it’s like beetle juice we said her name to many times” she tried not to laugh as Carol walked in. She came in waddling in with her posse and texting away “Lol this classroom is so” she read aloud “BORING” she smirked and looked at us “#Loser”.  She then waddled over to me “opps i can’t type that God might get offended and i wouldn’t want that” she fake pouted and her friends laughed.  Just as she was about to speak all the girls (except Zoe and me) gasped, Derek and Jonathan had just walked in.


Carol eagerly greeted them……well Derek at least; she shoved Jonathan away and pecked Derek on the lips. Derek shoved her away, she reluctantly sat down and they started walking towards us, I put my hands together and began to pray.  “God please let rapture take me up please Lord” I prayed and I looked over my shoulder to find Zoe doing the exact same thing.  Obviously the prayer didn’t work because they came beside us and sat with us like it was nothing. Jonathan sat with Zoe and Derek sat with me.

“We meet again mamcita” Jonathan greeted; i rolled my eyes and said nothing to him as he began to annoy Zoe.  Derek looked at me and smiled cockily, i had to admit his perfect white teeth gave me chills he moved closer to me.

“Hey dear pretty brown eyes watcha doin’ later tonight” he sang softly, was that supposed to be a pick up line he stole that from Cody Simpson. At least if you’re trying to please me, make up your own little pick up line, i wonder  if that’s under the commandment “thou shall not steal”.

“So that’s your pick up line you stole that from Cody Simpson” i glared as he made fun of one of the hottest Australian singers.


“Your feisty that is so hot” he cooed and he looked at me, I stared into his big blue eyes and he stared back at me it felt so perfect.  I wanted this moment to last forever, so maybe he isn’t that bad maybe he just went on the wrong path.  That was my thinking……until he opened his mouth,

“so do you wanna go out with me I’ll show you a night God will never forgive you for” he offered.

OK, i have no idea where he gets his God information he probably got it from those Jehovah Witnesses.  Also what he was indicating was something my mom said “to save for after marriage” so I’m guessing that’s what he was talking about, i scrunched my nose disgusted.

“Um thanks but no thanks I’m a virgin and i kinda wanna keep it that way” his jaw dropped clearly not expecting my answer. “So you don’t wanna go out with me” he asked again confused as ever, wow this guy would not let it go.


“You…..seem…….interesting…..maybe….we can be friends” I stammered as people watched me reject the hottest guy in the school.

“Leave me alone Johnny” Zoe pleaded “come on babe just one date” “stop calling me babe” she warned “please we can double with Derek and what’s your name”.

The guys realized they didn’t know my name and devoted all their attention towards me “so baby what’s your name”.  I didn’t say anything because my mom always taught me “if you have nothing spiritual or nice to say it’s best to not say anything at all”.  “Come on gorgeous just tell us your name and we will stop bothering you” he pleaded I can tell he wasn’t the type of guy to keep promises.  Derek began to run his fingers though my long brown hair, I’m ashamed to say it felt good, “you know you have beautiful hair why don’t you tell me your name and I can do something”.  I kind figured the doing something was not a nice bible study, i looked at Zoe she was clearly annoyed and i could tell she was about to burst.


“What it she doesn’t what do… huh this is a free country she doesn’t have to do anything” she waved her hands in the air dramatically.  “You’re sexy when you’re upset” she slapped him hard and he eagerly took a seat, but Derek didn’t.  “

You religious girls are Sexy un touched so innocent “he rubbed my cheek softly and it shot tingles down my spine.  I felt like the teacher would never get here, for two minutes Derek did this “hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello” he was whispering this in my ear while I was trying to come up with a clever scheme to kill him.  I kindof of course but I’m not ashamed to say I thought about it.

Then he did this: “knock-knock-knock Penny knock-knock-knock Penny knock-knock-knock Penny”. He would not shut up he spent five minutes trying to get me to say my name “hey we could do it at church that would be fun”

I LOST It “MY NAME IS ANGEL OK ANGEL ANGEL ANGEL” I yelled at the top of my lungs.  “Now was that so hard” he grinned cockily, he turned around and I desperately tried to squish his head in between my fingers. It felt like forever but the teacher finally arrived, time passed slowly Derek was sitting behind me. He: kicked my chair, threw paper at me, and kept asking me out and talking dirty. I can officially say I know how Jesus felt or somewhat how he felt when he was in the desert. If Derek accepted Christ he would probably be much nicer hmm i have an idea……..


To Be Continued…


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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