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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 7 (By Faith H. Collins)

 The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 7: Annoyance

Rom 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

“PRAISE JESUS” I threw my hands up in the air happy that my first day was actually over.  I walked out with Suzie as she was the only person that was in my last class, don’t get me wrong she is very nice girl and we are becoming great friends.

“Wow girl this is your first day and you already hate it that’s a new record” she took the things out of here locker and we began to walk to mine. “No it’s not that”I shook my head thinking about the crazy events of today, “then what is?” she challenged putting her hands on her hips.  “Hmm” I fake thought “well there is that thing that happened with Carol Tomison” she nodded her head and I slammed my locker.  “You know you were really confident and it looked like people where actually listening to what you where saying” “really?” asked hoping that I could evangelize to a few people.  “Whatever you need to hear champ” she patted my back and I frowned, “so what else?”

we began to walk outside to meet Mandy and Zoe.  “Well it was the thing with Derek he asked me out like 100 times” I smiled as I acknowledged his persistence  “I can’t believe that you’re complaining about that”.  I looked at her with wide eyes “what, he is really hot” I shrugged not wanting to admit it to myself “well he is a little cute” she looked at me with wide eyes. “But i have a boyfriend plus he is just trying to get in my pants” I sighed, ” he could get in my pants any day”. I looked at her with wide eyes.


” But back to what you said: a little cute? are you kidding me! he is hotter than LEO HOWARD” she emphasized the guys name “and I didn’t think that was possible.  It was really confusing how she got all hyped up by this “hot” boy and yet I had no idea who he was.  “Who’s Leo Howard” I exclaimed, she gasped and fainted into my arms “Carol isn’t the only drama queen” I snickered.  “You don’t know Leo Howard” I shook my head once again not understanding who this “Leo Howard was.  “He is the  lead character on Disney XD” I had no idea what Disney XD was so I continued walking trying to avoid another heart attack from Suzie.  We walked up to Mandy and Zoe and Suzie was still rambling about Leo Howard and she was one day going to be Mrs.Howard.  “Come on we are going to all watch kickin’it” i shook my head fiercely “sorry I can’t, me and Zoe have to go” I waved good-bye and quickly walked away.  “Hey why are you walking so fast” she tried to catch up to me “two words Leo Howard” she nodded an understanding.


“So ZOe” She began to walk in the same direction as me “what street to you live on”, she shrugged “Guardian Ave” i squealed “me too”. She was elated she and I are becoming great friends “yeah” she squealed hugging me.  “Hey what number are you” she wondered “77” I shrugged wanting to be the person who shrugs “hey I’m 78” I gasped .  “WHE ARE NEIGHBOURS” we shouted and the people walking by us gave us weird looks but I didn’t care I was being happy with my neighbour.  We began to walk and talk, I realized that when we where half way to my house she constantly looked back, obviously being scared of who ever or what ever was behind us. I couldn’t take it anymore I was trying to tell her about my singing but she kept looking the other way “Zoe who or what are you looking at” i whispered i turned my head and got my answer.  I saw Derek’s smiling face he quickly walked up to us and walked beside me.


“I was wondering when you were going to notice” he smiled cockily, “whatever” I snapped annoyed  “why are you stalking us” he laughed and I looked at him confused.  “If I was stalking you, you wouldn’t even know” that was creepy but OK? “so that’s why are you here” I wondered pointing to the street sign.  “I live here” we all looked at each other “what number” I gulped not wanting to know the answer.  “78” he shrugged, what is it with these people and shrugging! GREAT we are neighbours so every time I get the wrong mail or have to get the newspaper he will ask me out . “I’m 77” he smiled probably happy that, a religious hot girl is living next door “and she is 76” she smiled again. “OH DAM” she shouted thrusting her hands up, know I don’t swear I’m not allowed to swear but I have heard swearing but Zoe caught me off guard. “Sorry” she rolled her eyes “hey neighbours” he hugged me and Zoe and I surprisingly hugged back, I put my hands around his body and i felt the warmth of his stomach we stood there as Zoe looked at us confused as ever.


“Ok you listen here” she pointed to Derek “you hit on her, you go out with her, I kill you understand” he smiled cockily “so I’m not allowed to talk to him?” she nods keeping an Army stance. “Hey Angel you wanna walk” I nod happily smile at Zoe “I’m forbidding this” so I and Derek were talking and Zoe was trailing behind “forbidding” our conversation.

As we were by my house he looked at me “so I was thinking maybe I could pick you up and we can see a movie” I sighed here we go again. “Like I said before you seem really nice maybe we can be friends also I kinda have a boyfriend so yah” I finished as I realized how awkward this was.  He spoke so gently when we talked, why didn’t he talk like that at school? “you have a boyfriend” he grind-ed his teeth and clenched his fists. “Yah he lives in Canada” he then looked at me with helpless and sorry eyes, he unclenched his fists and went to his door.  “So does this mean your going to stop asking me out” I burst out “what do you think?” he grinned.  “Oh dam” I mumbled , “we’ll see you at school” I waved he waved back and went into his house.


This guy was really growing on me I don’t know why but I feel like we could develop a great friendship if and when he stops asking me out. My thought were interrupted by a friend talking to me and looking at me sternly “what?” I turned the key “you’re falling for him” I shook my head laughing at what she said. “I’m not falling for him” I opened the door thinking about him. I’m not falling for him I just feel bad for him right? yep that’s the problem.  “I’m not falling for him I have a boyfriend” she smirked, she looked at me as to say “I don’t believe one word that is coming out of your mouth”.

“Wow you actually fell for your own lie” she laughed, i walked in “so you don’t believe me?” she shook her head. How could she not believe me? I don’t make false rumors, i do have a boyfriend, maybe if we face time him she will believe me.

My thoughts were stopped as we walked into the kitchen and Zoe screamed with excitement, “YOUR DAD IS A PREACHER” she burst out.  My dad plugged his ears as did my mom “Angel who is this” he pointed to Zoe who was literally jumping with excitement “this is my new friend Zoey, Zoey this is….” “PASTOR STORM ” she yelled and my dad looked at me with concerned eyes.


She looked at me” your dad is a preacher you’re so lucky” I was so tempted to roll my eyes but in my house if your caught rolling your eyes you have to read the whole bible by Sunday, “yep so lucky” i tried not to sound sarcastic. “I loved your message that your shared last Sunday truly remarkable” he beamed clearly excited that she payed attention “thank you Zoey God bless you”.

I dragged her away and we went up to my room “wow your room is huge” I gave her a quick tour of the room and she sat down on my bed.  “Ok” I exclaimed taking out my iPad “we’re going to face time Tristan” she folded her arms and grinned “this I gatta see”. I pressed his contact number and he picked up instantly, his face showed up and I looked at Zoe’s reaction.


“Holy crap you’re HOT” she covered her mouth and stared at him “hey babe” I saw the background he was in his room and his shirt was off.

“Hey Tristan wanted to introduce you to my friend Zoey” i motioned at her “your boyfriend, how did you land him”  we laughed and I explained how we met.  We all talked for a while and 1 question was really bothering me

“hey Tris” he nodded “why is your shirt off” and then I heard a girl’s voice “oh Tris you’re so good at this”.  Zoe and I looked at each other cautiously “well my shirt is off…cuz…umm…ummm…umm I wanted to give you a show…….. and well……I didn’t know……she was going to be here”.  Something didn’t seem right his shirt was off and I heard a teenage girl moaning in the background

“ok but why did I hear a girl moaning” she scratched the back of his neck and continued his umm’s stumbling for an explanation.  “Oh Cathie was over and I gave her my math answers so she said i was so good at this” “Cathie was over” he nodded “we both miss you so we were spending time looking at the photos.  “MMM do it again” he looked at me “i have to go” we waved good-bye and looked at each other once more.


“He looked nervous but he is REALLY HOT” she gushed ” hey that’s my boyfriend” I blushed. I got a text alert I looked at my phone it was Derek “I see you” I bit my lip “you’re going to be one of those neighbours” he replied “only for you baby”.  “I know you’re texting him” she didn’t even have to look at me to know “psssh I’m not” “Derek” she simply said and I blushed “see you blushed!!” she exclaimed triumphantly.

What have I got myself into?.


It Continues Still….


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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