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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 10 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 10

1 John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.




“Derek how the hell are you going to get gospel freak to go to a PARTY” Johnny grinned amused, “first of all her name is Angel” I corrected “and honestly I have no idea”. We walked toward our usual table “hey what if you go with her friend Zoey” I suggested, “hmm maybe I could get with her” he laughed wickedly. Two familiar guys came beside us “s’up bro” HI bro-hugged Robert and his brother Matt, “so are you guys going to Carol’s Halloween party?” I wondered.

“Dude it’s Carol Tomison she’s a fuckin’ sex goddess” Robert laughed with the rest of them like it was so funny. “You know you guys should really think about actually GETTING into a relationship” I looked around the lunchroom to find Angel and her friends reading what looked like a bible. “Look who’s talking’ you have destroyed more girls that Johnny has been called stupid”

Robert and Matt laughed while Johnny sat there silent looking at me as if I grew another head. “Guys come on don’t you get tired of treating girls like things to be tossed around” now it wasn’t just Johnny that was staring at me like that all the guys were. “Later dudes Derek and I are going out for a smoke later” he gripped my wrist clearly annoyed and whatever I did.


“Johnny I’m not smoking” he gripped my wrist harder, “guys he is so high right now obviously he spent his weekend sniffing paint” he laughed and pushed me out of the lunchroom and into the empty hallway. “What the hell is wrong with you?” he whispered while I shrugged “listen here you idiot Angie and girls are good for one thing sex so you snap out of it”. Normally I would knock myself out of this “IN LOVE” phase but Angie is different, “she’s not like the other air-heads here she is…..different” I confessed. “Yah sure cuz’ she is into that so-called “GOD” my mother believed in” he huffed. “Johnny your mother loved you” he punched me forcefully in the stomach; I held it trying not to show I was in pain. “NEVER mention her EVER again” he paused “and you better not screw up your life for that girl”. “Dude she’s different” he laughed “you still don’t get it you aren’t religious she would never date you” my heart broke “later bro” he hugged me and left.


“WHY GOD WHY” I yelled to the ceiling hoping from an answer from the magical God that I’ve never seen “of course” I muttered. The bell rang signalling free period, I watched as Suzie, Mandy, Zoe and finally Angie came out “hey girls” I walked up to them winking at Angie.


“Hey Der” Angie hugged me, God I loved hugging her it felt perfect. She pulled away still smiling “hey Der Bear” Suzie hugged me tightly. I swear this girl has some obsession over me, and that’s not my ego talking I’ve heard she compared me to Leo Howard who is some actor at least I think. She was hugging me so tightly I started losing air “C….an’t……B…..re……ath” I managed to choke out. They quickly pulled her away from me, ok now what I came here to do.


“So….uh…I was…..wondering if you wanted to go to a party with me” I said as fast as I could, God that was harder than I remember she is changing me. She looked at the girls who had very mixed expressions: Zoe hates me so I’m sure you can guess her expression, Suzie had the same reaction, but Mandy seemed the only normal one. Ok so when I mean normal I mean normal expression obviously a normal girl wouldn’t wear a Star Trek necklace.

“Can we talk over there” I pointed to the stares just below the huge cross the school had “sure” I tried to hide my excitement. “Catch you later girls” they waved “bye girl have fun” Mandy hugged her “but not too much fun” Zoe warned Angie. We sat down and she began “Der you do realize I just got out of a relationship literally two weeks ago?” I nodded. “Actually I wanted to go as friends” I lied, “so what time is it?” I stood up with her “tomorrow on Halloween around 10 o’clock” she frowned. “Well my curfew is 10 o’clock and yeah….that’s it” she bit her lip I knew she wasn’t telling the truth. “The truth Angie”I arched my eyebrows “well the truth is….I’ve never celebrated Halloween” I looked at her shocked “why?” I moved closer to her. “Well when I was born my dad was already religious”, I felt bad for her she never had the chance to experience all Halloween had to offer. Dressing up in crazy costumes, getting candy for free from random strangers and getting sugar high man those days were amazing.

“So what if you dressed up like something non-evil like” she laughed in a confused manner “like what” I thought. “How about a sexy cop?” she rolled her eyes “NEXT” hmm let’s see oh I know “how about a sexy teacher?” I smiled imagining her in a mini-skirt, and tight low hanging tank top. “Derek” she looked annoyed “ok let me put it this way anything with the word sexy in it is a definite no” this is going to be harder than I thought.


“Oh I know you could be the girl version of HARRY POTTER” man I’m full of great ideas “that’s black magic it’s against Christianity”. “But they fight for good” she grabbed her stuff and began to walk away “wait” I pleaded “bye Derek thanks for the invite see you later”. I watched as she turned the corner and no longer in view God Johnny was right I’m not HOLY, I’m not religious she won’t even go to the party with me. I began to walk to the next class when I heard the most annoying screech; I turned around and realized it was my ex-girlfriend Carol.


“Hey baby” she pecked me on the cheek, “listen Carol things between us-” I was cut off by her pressing me against the locker “so I was thinking we could skip class” she moved her hands up and down my body. I moved away from her, and she tensed up “Carol I’ve tried to make it painfully clear but obviously your blind so let me talk slowly”. “I don’t like you, I should have never gone out with you I moved on and maybe you should to”. Her jaw dropped and she looked red with anger, she stomped up to me “listen here Hunter I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but stop fooling around this isn’t funny”. She poked me with her fake nails that I swear drew blood “I’m in love” she beamed “but not with you” I quickly finished, trying to get her off my back not on.

“It’s that freak you’re always talking to you isn’t it?” she huffed, how is Angie a freak. At least she is real, Carol was fake her hair looked like it was dyed and re-dyed, she put so much makeup on she looked like a clown. “She’s a freak have you looked at yourself lately” I paused “and by the way congrats on your acceptance into clown college”. I went to class feeling very proud of myself, I sat at the back of my geography class not paying attention to Mr. Yaker instead I stared at Angie. I watched as she answered questions, took notes, and bit her lip while thinking, by the end of class I was drooling.


I picked up my things and walked out of class, I walked up to Johnny and he looked pissed. “YO” a bunch of my guys looked at their phones and back at me “CLOWN COLLEGE really Der?” I looked at my phone and saw a list of re-tweets and comments on Twitter and Facebook. “Hey Der” I turned around to see Angie right in front of me, “hey Angie” all the guys hooted.


“Hey girl are you religious cuz you’re the answer to all my prayers” he slicked his brown hair back, she frowned “really? That’s your pick up line where did you get that from?”. Robert stared at me”ok who told” he rolled my eyes and looked at her “so Angie did you decide”, “yes I will go with you” i smiled “see you tomorrow” I walked off to class happy that I was actually going somewhere.


********************THE NEXT DAY*********************************


DING-DONG-DING-DONG I rang her door bell; while I was waiting I decided to practice my welcome line. “Hey Angie you ready girl” “S’up girl let’s go” “hey sexy let’s get our party on” “hey girl come here”. I can’t find the right line a girl as beautiful as Angie probably heard these lines like thousands of times. “You look beautiful” “hey hot stuff”

“I want to kiss you” “playing’ hard to get ok”. “DEREK” I heard a familiar voice and turned around to see Angie looking at me amused. Angie was dressed up like an actual ANGEL, now I could proudly admit that she was an Angel and not just to me. “How long have you been standing there?” she shrugged “the whole time now let’s go”, we started walking and about half an hour later we came upon Carol’s house.


Carol’s house didn’t even look like a house, it was literally a mall I sighed and stared at it once more. The last time I was here we were having a “sleep over” add that to another list of my stupid mistakes. “Why did you have to dress up like that” she interrupted my thoughts, I looked down at my costume offended. “Come on he’s a classic” she laughed “but you’re white, wasn’t he black” I sighed, how could she now so little “he was black when he was little, GOD you know nothing, plus I got the dance moves”. I began to do the moon walk, but failed she smirked and did it perfectly. “Wow you can dance, think, act, and you’re beautiful WHAT CAN’T YOU DO!!!” she blushed “tolerate Carol”.


“Yah about that…….it’s her party” she punched my arm and smiled “ok let’s do this”. I held her hand and we walked in full of excitement. Immediately I knew this wasn’t just a regular Halloween party like she usually had she went full-out. People looked high passed out on the floor, people were also drunk passing various bottles to each other; everybody looked like they were doing something illegal. The music was pounding and everything looked so intense all I knew was that I had to get Angie out of here.


I grabbed her hand and realized that she wasn’t there “DEREK” she yelled, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I scanned the crowd looking for her; I walked though the hallway and began yelling her name “ANGEL ANGEL” suddenly a hand pulled me into one of the rooms.


I looked at my surroundings and I knew I was screwed; this was CAROL’S ROOM there where pink fluffy things, pink walls, the whole pinkness was suffocating me. I swear she added more pink since the last time I was here “hey there” I turned around to see Carol……and Robert. Robert was holding her tight by her wrist; while his hand was over her mouth “so big boy” she grabbed me by the collar and pulled me close.


“You’re mine now”, I pulled away from Carol “that’s nice and all but we have to go you and Robert should date and I’m just going to go” I grabbed Angie but Robert grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to him. “Dude I’m sorry to do this but if you don’t get back together with Carol I’ll expose your deepest secret” Robert was my best friend so I told him one of my secrets. It was one of my deepest secrets one that I didn’t want Angie to find out. “Please anything but that” I pleaded why did it have to come to this? I don’t want to tell her “not unless you want to tell her” he responded. Maybe she will understand? Religious people don’t judge people right? I sighed “ok the truth is a while back when things were going on in my life I stole things and I was in jail for one night”. Her expression was different, instead of looking, shocked, scared and judgemental like people usually were she looked upset.


“Derek you could have told me that, you’re different now and I will never judge you I love you” she shocked me. “You love me?” I gulped, the noise from the party disappeared all I was focused on was her words. She shoved Robert away from her and pulled me into a hug, I never wanted to let go “I’m so glad you’re my best friend”. My heart sank she only said she loved me because we’re friends, why can’t we be more? I turned to Carol “ok I told you now leave her alone”. She snickered amused “Oh baby I’m more important that her” Angel fumed and I knew she was going be ruthless “hey Carol I love your tan” she pretended to act girly. “What’s your race a carrot” “ouch” Robert and I laughed, “Carrot really Der’ bear do something” she pouted.


“For once your right” I turned to Angie “Angie don’t listen to her and STD cost more than her”. I was laughing but Angie wasn’t “come on Der show her some mercy”, I hated to admit it, but she was right. We walked out and Angel grabbed my hand “wait” she said softly “this day has been a total loss but come on let’s have one dance”.


I smiled and grabbed her hand leading her towards the dance floor; I held her waist as she put her hands on my shoulders. “I’m sorry” I blurted, she moved closer to my ear “why?”, “I thought this would be fun b-“Derek this is fun” she cut in. I pulled her closer and whispered in her ear “I love you…as a friend” I finished quickly. “So does this mean we can hang out more often” I wondered “maybe”, “Angie thanks for not judging me” she smiled.


“I don’t judge others, if God judged others I wouldn’t be like this” Angie could always say the nicest things about God it almost made me forget how he took away my grandmother . “The way you talk about God doesn’t make him seem so bad” she smiled again “that’s because he isn’t he loves you just like I do”. We danced the night away and for once it felt perfect.

It Continues….


OK guys do me a favor if you didn’t like Derek’s point of view please tell me, I liked it, I think it helps to see why Derek doesn’t believe in GOD (I’ve dropped some hints) GOD BLESS


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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