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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 13 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 13

Leviticus 19:18

You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.


“Are you sure you can’t walk with us? I will never see you anymore” I held my phone up to my ear while trying to eat breakfast, “sorry Angie between Johnny’s bible study, gospel glee club, and homework my mom has to drop me.

Of course my dad is no help probably because he hasn’t shown up in five years, WAIT A MINUTE what do you mean us?” I sighed “Derek”. She burst out in laughter “you just don’t want to walk with him ALONE” she teased, was it really that obvious? “Psssh NO, how about lunch?” “Ok fine bye” I rolled my eyes and put my plate away “K bye” I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. I closed the door and turned around to find an annoyed Derek “you’re late” he acknowledge as I stepped down the stairs and began to walk.

“There’s the sunshine of my life” I exclaimed with a great deal of sarcasm “awe thanks” he gave me a side hug “so how’s Johnny?” I asked considering I haven’t seen him since last week. “OH you know the usual he is completely in love with God and Zoe” I sighed “I wonder what it’s like?” I wondered aloud. I know that I’m completely in love with Derek but I wonder what it would feel like if he felt the same way. “It’s amazing…” he took me by complete surprise, “so you are in love?” I said trying to fight back tears; I bet its Carol I would have a big ego like her if I got Derek’s un-divided attention. “Well yah……..I mean before………..I’m not in love now….yah” he looked in the other direction trying to avoid the awkwardness of the situation.


NRS (Northern Rise Secondary) came into view Derek looked at me “It’s amazing isn’t it?” he spoke softly and gently something right out of a romantic movie. “What is?” “How much love can change somebody so quickly it’s true what they say true love is blind” he leaned in “the right person could be right here and you wouldn’t even know”.

The bell rang and he disappeared into the crowd of students, I walked off to math class and completely zoned out what did he mean by that? Does he like me? Why can’t guys be easier to read? Before I knew it class was over. Suzie looked at me concerned as ever, she snapped her fingers in my face “sorry” she nodded and we walked out of class. Can you tell Mandy to come at lunch” she shook her head sadly “Mandy is dating somebody so I don’t really see her that often”. It’s sad how much dating can change somebody, it can be wonderful, amazing make you feel like you walking on cloud nine, but it can ruin relationships one person can be replaced by another one more reason why I can’t go out with Derek.

The bell rang and I quickly grabbed my music book, honestly I hated music class, it was the one time where I felt completely helpless because of my stage fright. I sat down in my classroom and waited for class to start, as usual I drifted off into dream land.


I looked around the classroom, and to my amazement Carol Thompson and Lindsey Loom sat beside me smiling like we were all BFF’S. “Hey bestie” Carol greeted me “hey girl” Lindsey smiled brightly, wow I must be on Mars they are actually being nice to me “um…bestie….your feeling alright” I tried not to sound as concerned as I felt.


“Wow how about that Lindsey, our BFF is so caring I’m alright but I was just wondering if you were repelled by this” her and Lindsey instantly pulled out a necklace that had the Satanist symbol. It was a regular chain and on the chain hung a bug black sun also known as one of the Satanist symbols, her BFF act quickly vanished. Carol’s were no longer filled with joy, instead I saw something I could only imagine as I watched her grin wickedly her expression changed dramatically revealing her real self.

“Listen here you stupid God freak, I’m onto you stupid Christian people, you guys act all nice like you guys actually want to help people. All you want is to drag more people to your hell whole, into your “church” then you brain wash people into being changed by Jesus PUH-LEASE”.

YOUR WRONG, you’re lecturing me on HELL WHOLE your worshipping the devil for CHRIST’S SAKE, we don’t brain wash people God does not brain wash people. I feel so helpless in matter of minutes, I felt more helpless that ever, her words were like venom piercing my soul. How come all this stuff happens when the teacher isn’t here, as if on cue the teacher walked in happy as ever.

“Sorry class but maybe you will pardon my lateness when you hear my exciting news” clipboard in hand she made her way to the center of the class she smoothed out her dress and cleared her throat. “We will be having a talent show!”

Wow what a wonderful opportunity, I’m going to try out because I’m so fearless *Note the sarcasm*. Carol raised her hand her smile was as innocent as before, say what you want about Carol that girl can act “yes Carol” the teacher motioned her to talk. “I think my BFF Angel should try out for the talent show she is such a great singer” my bubbly music teacher cheered with agreement. “Why that is an excellent idea, don’t you think Miss. Storm” I opened my mouth but nothing came out I can’t speak OMG I’m completely frozen. “I think I speak for Angel when I say: she would love to” I’m screwed somebody mark this date, because today is the day I die STAGE FRIGHT WILL KILL ME I know it!


The bells rang and praise God because I was so thankful, I raced out of the classroom and ran to the girls bathroom, tears began to fall violently down my face. I’m not crying because I’m being bullied, I’m crying because I’m bullied by a Satanist. No matter how much I tried and prayed to save her soul her decision would take awake her soul, she gave her soul to the devil and there is nothing God and I can do about it. I got down on my knees looked up to the heavens with my hand in the air “Jesus please save her, she needs you IN JESUS NAME AMEN!” I got up and dusted myself off. Just as I was walking out, Carol and Lindsey came in wearing their necklaces proudly around their necks,

“hey freak” they snickered. “WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!?!?!” I yelled un-able to control my emotions tears still falling down at a violent pace. “Look at you playing dumb, well I’ll tell you since you can’t remember, the moment you stepped foot in here you took away the only guy that has given’ me his un-divided attention. You honestly think he likes you puh-lease he is using you he wants your body, and once he’s done he will come back to me. Until then I will make your next two years here a living hell” she left and I just had to pick myself up like nothing was wrong, I put on a fake smile and walked to the cafeteria.


Ok Angie you’re doing great! All I had to do is pass the janitor’s closet and I was into the cafeteria, as I passed the janitor’s closet by one swift movement a strong hand pulled me in. JUST GREAT! It’s probably Carol coming back to finish what she started. The closet was dark but just as I was about to scream I felt a warm embrace, I melted into the inviting hug I smelt a faint waft of cologne and I knew it was Derek. “Der” he turned on the light and saw him smirking, “took you long enough” I looked down at the floor still upset by the whole situation.


“What happened” he noticed my red eyes “are you ok Angie I saw Carol going into the girls bathroom are you ok?” I couldn’t say anything I was in shock by two things. 1) Derek was actually caring about my feeling 2) he was having a really good hair day I couldn’t hold this in any longer. “She’s Satanic” I cried, I can’t be fierce just admit everything to him, “Angie it’s ok” he ran his fingers though my hair. “Shh listen you did what you could, you can’t save everybody God knows that, Angie it doesn’t matter what she says you are more important to me then her”.

The bell rang and I had no choice but to leave “tell me the truth about us do you….never mind bye Angie” I walked to class annoyed with myself. YOU LOVE HIM why can’t you tell him, why can’t you be like God; he was fearless, this is so confusing! I guess that why it’s called the test of faith.


Freedom! School is over and I can’t wait to go under the covers and cry about my love life or my life all together “YOU!!”I heard a familiar girly voice. I saw Zoe furiously stomping down the hallway in my direction, if you seea girlygirl looking as angry a Zoe you would be as frightened as I was.


“Hey Zoe” I said calmly “Oh don’t hey Zoe me; where in God’s name have you been Suzie and I were patiently waiting, even Mandy came”. “Sorry……” I trailed off not wanting to explain, “did you blow us off just so you could make out with DEREK” she teased amused no longer upset. “No no no i didn’t kiss him we just talked and hugged plus I took a while I the bathroom” I explained, a smirk played on her face probably not believing me. “Ok well Johnny was wondering if you wanted to have a bible study after school” she bit her lip at the mention of her boyfriend “yeah sure how about 4:30 we can all walk home together” I suggested. “Go round up your boy” I joked “I always forget that he is actually mine” wow she is such a romantic nut “go round up your boy” she joked back. “He isn’t my boy” I yelled though the crowd of people leaving “YET” she yelled back. I walked through the maze of people trying to find Derek; finally I spotted him talking to Lindsey OK POSTIVE THOUGHTS!

Nope can’t do it I furiously walked up to him. He looked upset he saw me and his frown turned into a smile “hey you ready?” “I was wondering the same about you, I’ll until you’re done talking to copy cat Carol” I blurted. “Come on Zoe and Johnny are waiting for us” I saw Derek frown “I thought it was just going to be us” I heard slight disappointment in his voice. “Come on don’t be an idiot let’s go” and we began to walk with our friends.


The whole walk has been very awkward, mostly because the walk has really just been Derek and I considering the two love birds decide not to pay attention to us. “So Johnny why are you walking this way, your house is in the other direction” Derek asked looking at Johnny, I wouldn’t blame Johnny for not answering. They were in their own little world completely oblivious to the world around them, down the road Zoe bumped into a kid and she just kept on walking.

“Hey Johnny” I snapped my fingers in his face “sorry Der and to answer your question we are going to have a bible study”. “Do you want to join” I asked seeing Derek’s hurt expression “no you guys go I get it you give Johnny the light of day leaving me out to dry not telling me how you feel I get it well, bye” he quickly walked to his house.

“DER WA-“Johnny grabbed my waist so I wouldn’t go after him “let him cool off, let’s have the bible study”. Honestly this is just what I need time to talk to other believers about my problems, we walked into my house and I led them up stares. “Wow Angie I’m honored, I heard that you didn’t even let Derek into your room” Johnny smirked, it’s funny how guys talk about girls gossiping yet word travels fast with guys. Johnny sat down and so did I “hey baby sit down” Johnny smiled sweetly, it’s nice that they’re taking their relationship to the next level but this is going to get very annoying.


We pulled out our bibles and started our session “so what chapters of the bible have you guys been reading” I asked trying to start the conversation. “Well when I went up to the stage this very nice pastor told me that the best chapter for people beginning in the faith was actually John” he explained opening his bible. “I’m reading Genesis I figured it was best to start in the beginning so I can figure that stuff out” she beamed being overly bubbly just like usual. “I’m reading Psalms, honestly I have really started to like the book because it really helps me with all the stuff that has been going on” I looked down at my bible not wanting to explain any further.


“Angie what’s been going on” Johnny said in a caring tone “yah girl you know you can tell me anything we are BFF’S. I began to cry letting everything out a second time “Carol is satanic she has the symbol” they gave me a group hug but it still didn’t help. “I’m sorry Angie I know how much you wanted to save her” he gave me a knowing look “God knows you prayed for her, he knows you tired”.

Wow I never thought I would hear those words coming out of his mouth unfortunately what he was saying did make a lot of sense. “So what did she do to you tell me the truth” Johnny looked worried as did Zoe so I had to tell him. “She said that Christians take people into the church and brainwash them” I thought about what she said “she ambushed me in the bathroom and she said something about Derek not really loving me just my body”. They gave each other knowing looks “she called me a freak Johnny it really hurt” I wailed. “Angie we need to do something thing this is bullying” he whispered something to Zoe “if it happened in school we can track it this school is wired we will get justice”. JUSTICE! This is beyond what I wanted “I don’t want justice I just want her to open her eyes and find God” I sniffled “maybe that’s what she needs to get kicked of her high horse and then she will find God”.


That makes sense but I can’t help feeling like this is wrong, he sat closer to me “your friend Mandy is a whiz with computers right” I nodded remembering the time she took of the fire wall that my dad put up for YouTube. “Why don’t we set up a little show for everybody showing the footage of everything that went on” this was a very tempting offer is this right, my conscience was telling me this is wrong. “Ok let’s do this” I smiled “who came up with this plan” asked “Zoe” Johnny replied sadly I swear my bff was evil she came up with the most vengeful plans.


************The NEXT DAY (The big announcement) ************


I looked around the hallway as everybody paid no intention to me, most people were own their phones, talking to friends, kissing people, and doing various inappropriate things. It’s funny how people say that catholic school is better than public from what I’ve seen they’re about the same, I looked at Carol. She was currently pointing and laughing at some poor chubby girl, why does she have to be like that? I looked down at Mandy “is it ready?” I asked while pacing up and down nervous to the core. She typed a few things on the computer and looked at me “ready” I gave Johnny, Zoe, and Suzie the thumbs up who smiled at me. I turned to Derek who was looking at me confused “are you sure you want to see this” I asked unsure if he was going to be mad “I need to know what she did to you” he said determination in his voice. Ok show time! “Excuse me guys may I have your attention” I exclaimed as loud as I could, they all looked at me and continued ignoring me.


“Step back girl I got this” he smirked and winked in my direction, my heart began to flutter “YO!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. Everybody looked at him and I felt like all the confidence I had just shattered, God give me the strength! I took a deep breath “please direct you guys to the video” I looked at Carol on her phone probably texting somebody. “And Carol you may want to look at this instead of tapping away at your phone” Mandy pressed enter and the video played on the two monitors.


The first video was when Carol talked to me in the Music room, I was lucky that the school had just installed new camera’s that detected voices. I saw each video and it was like a little memory of how strong I can be, Carol’s expression was hilarious it’s like she had been caught for the crime of the century. The next video was when she came into the bathroom that hurt more than anything she has ever done to me.

The video stopped and I looked at Derek, he was in complete shock and so were everybody else, I walked up to embarrass Carol “did you like the movie, did you like the ending because I didn’t yeah that girl ended up crying the whole night because of you”. Carol crossed her arms and a smirk was plastered on her face “you’re just proving my point seeking attention are we?” I’m going to PUNCH HER! I restrained myself and continued. “You still don’t get it you mocked my religion you mocked your CREATOR , news flash I believe in Jesus Christ the only person that listens to be GET OVER IT . I didn’t sell my soul to the devil just so I can torment people NO I willingly gave my life to Christ and look at me now. You called me a Jesus freak well bring it on because I am and I’m not ashamed”. The hallway erupted with cheers and claps all going towards me “you treated me like garbage nobody deserves to be treated like that not me, not her” I pointed to the chubby girl “not anybody”.


A tear rolled down her cheek “you’re a bully” she whispered “I’m not the bully you are you need to open your eyes and realize the truth”. “You took away Derek” she exclaimed Derek came closer to us, “CAROL I knew you were mean but look what you DID! I will never go out with somebody like you I DON’T LOVE YOU MOVE ON” he yelled. I felt like he was going too far, then he sympathetically grabbed my hand. My heart beating faster and faster I felt like I was going to lose conscience , Carol ran through the halls screaming and crying I DIDN’T WANT THIS but I guess this is to help her. Everybody started shouting my name “AN-EK AN-EK AN-EK AN-EK AN-EK” they chanted. That’s not my name! That’s Angel and Derek put together. “Is tha-“yep” I cut him off “it may help if you let go of my hand” he smiled, I blushed embarrassed. “Actually I like it like this” he exclaimed gripping my hand.


Hey guys just wanted to remind you to not take vengeance unto people who are bullying you, seek help. Tell you parents and friends trust me I know from experience. I also would like to point out that Angel was not taking vengeance she was just stating the truth to kick her off her high horse and lead her to God.


The story continues….


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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