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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 18 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 18

Matthew 7

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


“Yes Friday” Mandy pumped her fists in the air, I have never seen a nerd so happy that it was Friday “TGIF am I right” Suzie agreed. “Hey any day’s good without Cathie” Zoe commented while not so secretly holding Johnny’s hand underneath the table “Angie are you ok?” what a dumb question. NO I’M NOT OK!  Since yesterday’s events my expression was stone cold could you blame me! I feel so broken inside. You know people always say that when you admit your feelings it’s like a weight being lifted off your shoulder. Yeah it’s not.  Seeing his face every minute is completely gut ranching thing I have ever experienced, you’re watching the guy you love getting ogled by other girls that are way prettier than you! That’s how much it hurts.

“Angel” I was shaken from my thoughts at the sound of Johnny “Angie come on let’s get you something to eat” across the cafeteria where Derek is NO! “Not hungry” I mumbled. God he is such a good friend see he is the kind of person that deserves to be happy, “Angie” Suzie huffed holding her stomach. “You are not starving yourself for some guy, a guy that doesn’t even deserve your love now Johnny” she looked at him sternly “go get her some pizza”. She snapped her fingers and he stood up and went to the lunch line as Zoe’s mouth hung open “teach me how to do that” she pleaded.


As they were babbling on about how to control boys I couldn’t help but whisper “I’m such an idiot” “Angie you are not an idiot” Zoe and Mandy nodded their heads in agreement. I buried my head in my hands “he loves somebody else…not me” I wanted to cry but as broken as I felt tears wouldn’t come out “well how do you know it’s not you?” Mandy adjusted her glasses and leaned against me for support. “Mandy nobody likes me” “that’s where you’re wrong” Johnny plopped down the tray dramatically and sat beside Zoe. “What are you talking about” they all smiled at each other like I wasn’t in the room “there right! You know what they say true love is blind” he smiled holding Zoe handing and fondly looking into her eyes.


“Derek loves you” I huffed and folded my arms “puh-lease Johnny he doesn’t like me he likes Cathie” I replied. “Then explain  why Derek is scowling at Cathie” I turned around to see Derek shoving her away as she twirled her girly blonde hair is a flirty fashion, I blinked twice but as his eyes met mine became breathless.  Johnny suddenly marched up to Derek, now I’m no mind reader but Johnny did look pretty upset I mean he was throwing his hands up in the air and he only does that when he is really upset. What happened next amazed me, Derek got up on his chair and looked at everybody including me! All eyes were on him.

“Since the beginning of Grade 8 you guys all knew me as the player the bad boy” he paused as all the girls batted their eyelashes at him. “I was raised with the mentality that love was not a real thing love only existed in cheesy romance books” all the guys nodded in agreement. “But that’s not true” he looked at me and spoke softly “I have recently fallen for an amazing girl-“I love you too Derek”. Cathie stood up as everybody clapped, CATHIE! HERE! OK I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! I stood up on my chair and glared at Cathie and Derek.


“So this is what you do to me, I thought you actually cared about me have fun with Cathie I bet you will really like girls who goes out with cheaters” I paused and everybody gasped at my accusation “and Cathie be out by the time I go home your no longer welcome EVER!”.  I ran out of the cafeteria as I heard Cathie yell “FINE! I DONT EVEN LIKE YOUR SHITTY HOUSE” well at least I don’t have to see her ever again.

I ran out of the school. Broken. God why? Why would you do this? You did this, God you don’t care you care about everybody except me! You hypocrite. I ran across the street to the park, as the tears began to flow I raced to a shaded area right under a tree, good thing schools over I never have to see anybody ever again!


I stared down at my chest then at my small wooden cross, “you stupid girl” a taunting voice echoed in my head, “you honestly think he would ever love you”. The voice was right.


No guy will ever like me and it’s all because of this worthless cross “so take it off” the voice replied. I pulled off my cross breaking the chain.  I squeezed my eyes shut trying to stop the flow of water, just as I was about to throw it a firm hand grabbed a hold of my wrist “don’t blame God for my stupidity” a calm voice whispered in my ear. This voice un-like the other one was of a guy I knew in my heart I loved “Derek” I gasped as he sat beside me.

“Angie I’m sorry”, I looked away from him I couldn’t deal with him anymore. “Angie you know we never talked about that day that we kissed…” he trailed off, I never wanted to talk about that day in fear of rejection which I’m pretty sure is going to happen. “I like you” he blurted and my eyes went as big as soccer balls. “You l-like m-m” I stuttered, he simply nodded and looked at me “I can’t stand to lie about my feelings I want to tell you the truth”. OH GOD! OH JESUS! Don’t blush don’t blush.


“The truth is…” he grabbed a hold of my hands and looked me straight on the eyes, I looked into his blue dreamy eyes that I knew I was getting lost in. “I love you Angel Storm” he pulled me into a love filled kiss after we pulled back I sighed and whispered in his ear “I love you too Derek Hunter” his smiled faded as he looked at my broken cross.  He then tied the two broken pieces together and pulled back my hair, I watched as my cross fell back into its original place “beautiful”.


My head rested on his chest as he put his arm around me, this felt like something right out of a movie…perfect.  “Angie will you go out with me” he looked at me hopeful, SAY SOMETHING YOU IDIOT, instead I kissed him “does that answer your question” I smirked “can we not talk and do that” I laughed. “You’re funny” “you know I was serious right” he said in a mock serious tone, I held onto my stomach to stop from laughing until I remembered what God said.

“I have a condition” he rolled his eyes as he stood up with me “you’re those kinds of girls” he joked “we have to go to church first then go out for dinner”.  “Angie” his voice softened “can’t we just go on a date this whole dating thing is new to me” he admitted “yes after church”. “Fine” he rolled his eyes dramatically “see you tomorrow cutie” he winked and I felt like dying.




I placed my bag down and walked into the kitchen where my mom was watching Joyce Meyer “you kicked Cathie out didn’t you” I nodded and she cheered “FINALLY!”. She sat back down and continued watching TV

“so how was”-“ahh” I couldn’t keep it in any longer I have to tell her. “Derek asked me out” I did a happy dance as did my mom “yeah Angel so when’s the date” she sat back down “tomorrow”.  “You’re going on a date?” my dad walked in, ugh rookie mistake “hey daddy” good job play the ‘daddy card’. As he sat down he didn’t look impressed with my mom or me so of course so went to the kitchen “LOVE YOU TOO MOM” I felt like yelling.


“Who’s this boy?” “Derek Hunter” I managed to choke out “from the Hunters?” NO DAD! The Hunters from family dance off! I nodded trying not to let out a sarcastic comment “you not going out with him”. Anger raced through faster than a speeding bullet “AND WHY NOT!”  I out bursted, my father was taken back, he should be, he is being un-reasonable.

“Angel Catherine Storm you do not raise your voice to you parents its dis-respectful and disobedient you are going against God”.

“Why?” I challenged “you’re not going out with that guy he is disrespectful, arrogant, rude ATHIEST!” his voice rose “he rides a motorcycle and God dammit you’re not going out with him”.  We gasped my father held his mouth agape “you lecture me about going against God when you just said Gods name in vain.  Dad I’m sick of you ruling over me living a perfect life, where you tell me right from wrong shutting me out from the rest of the world because ‘God said so’” “HE DID!”.


“NO HE didn’t” I pointed to the heavens “you did” I pointed t him “in this house you’re the God, you tell me never to judge others but yet here you are judging Derek. You don’t know who he is, I know him and I know he loves me and you know what? I love him too”. I paused “you know what you are?” I began walking away “a hypocrite” I spat venom rushing into my words. I ran upstairs and slammed the door. In one day I’ve gone from not believing to believing, I’ve gone from hating to loving. I am a God-fearing girl but not dad fearing.


To Be Continued…

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*Sorry for any spelling mistakes God didn’t make me prefect*


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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  1. Wow!! Too much love dis story… Dere wil alwyz b a tym where we av tu stand 4 wot we believed in.. Lovin ur mistakes it makes it mur interesting.. Nxxxt plzzz

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