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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 20 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 20

Romans 12:9

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.


“Summer finally” Zoe triumphantly threw her books in the trash “goodbye books” I even got into it and threw my book in the trash “hello summer” Suzie exclaimed grabbing her shades out of her purse. “Come on guys it’s Angie’s first summer here let’s show her all that Florida has to offer” we all agreed with Mandy and approached Johnny and of course my boyfriend. OH GOD I LOVE THE WAY THAT SOUNDS!


“So what are we going to do first?” we walked out of the school as Derek and I playfully swung our hands back and forth. “How about we go to the beach?” Derek said a bit too excitedly “puh-lease Derek you only want to go to the beach to show off your six pack” Johnny snorted. “Come on Jonathan” ohh full name “let’s just admit the truth: that your jealous that I have a six pack and you have what…a 3 pack”.


“No you didn’t” Zoe wagged her finger in a zig zag motion “come on guys please don’t start, we literally just got away from drama do you really want to bring it back” well I tired! But Suzie looked like she was going to strangle both of them. “GUYS!” She yelled they stopped glaring and looked at her “OK I’m pregnant and I have more control then the two of you boys PUT TOGETHER. I’m going to tell you how this is going down you guys are going to get your swimsuits and we are going to have fun” in amazement they all scrambled toward their houses.




“Derek can you move away from the sun I’m trying to read” I lifted my bible up but not so much so he wouldn’t be able to see my exposed skin. “God your are freak, you are wearing a bikini and I can’t see you in it I have been waiting for this” he huffed sitting on the arm of the chair. “I’m getting a tan” I defended “you’re reading the BIBLE! AT A BEACH!”. “Well if you wanted a normal girlfriend you fell for the wrong girl now move I’m trying to read Genesis” .I went back to my reading until i remembered what my father told me that morning, “I want to make a menses with your…Derek”.


I placed my bible down got up while quickly putting my towel around my waist, sorry my motto is: modest is hottest.  He rolled his eyes dramatically pulling me closer to him and dropping the towel from my waist, of course I didn’t notice this because I was starring at his…body. “Finally now come here….” he grabbed me and hulled me over his shoulder “Derek put me down we need to talk”, obviously he couldn’t hear because the next thing I know he threw me in the water. I came up for air and glared at Derek “D-e-r-e-k” I whined “you got my hair wet” I began throwing water every where people started looking at me giving my very childish tantrum.


“Wow babe calm down” I walked up to him or as fast as I could seeing as I was in the water I trudged over to him splashing him and pushing him down in the water I felt like the playing field was now fair. I sat beside him and cleared my throat “Derek we need to talk” I said as sternly as possible when I finally was ready of course he kisses my forehead leaving me breathless TYPICAL!


“Angie please don’t do this I love you” he held on to my hand and said it so pleadingly I felt like I was actually breaking up with him  “Der” I chuckled “I’m not breaking up with you, you dofus”.


He breathed a sigh of relief and then went back to his usual smirk “my dad wants to make a ‘mense’ with you over dinner” he sighed dramatically “are you sure about this?” he asked as I was questioning myself already.  “Don’t worry it’s just my dad I’ll be there the whole time plus its pizza” GREAT! PIZZA! My mom’s going to kill me but at least I appealed to his carnivorous side.  “OK” he got up and looked down at me “now come on cupcake the fun starts here” he pointed to his lips and I couldn’t help but push him into the water and with that we started our first day of freedom.


OK I’ll be honest getting up and 9:00 does have its advantages for example take today, I got up BY MYSELF (I know right), no father to scream to me about being lazy.  I even woke up to the fresh smell of bacon and eggs, and right at this moment I was lazily walking down the stairs to my perky as ever mother. “Morning sweet heart I trust that you had a pleasant sleep” I sat down as she flipped some bacon and eggs on my plate, she sat beside and I knew she was about to talk to me.


“So Derek’s coming over to meet your father that’s a big step in your relationship” I tried to not roll my eyes but come on she cannot be having this conversation with me. “Yeah considering we’ve been dating for a month and a half” we ate in silence and it was time for me to address the elephant in the room. “Do you think dad’s going to do the ‘test’ hmm?”  I was at grade 8 when I started dating Tristan, he had to meet my parents and well pass the test. The only problem was it was a series of answers in a scientific sequence to make sure my boyfriend not only screwed up but went home crying.


The first time Tristan met my father, he folded his arms looked at him crossly and asked “what’s your name?” the poor guy couldn’t even speak properly and after a few minutes of stuttering he managed to get out ‘Trissy’.  My father started warming up to him so hopefully this will also happen to Derek “you know honey behind your dad’s twisted method of scaring young men there is some truth behind it, he loves you and his intentions are the best his method may be twisted but he is trying. MY MOM WAS RIGHT.


After finishing break feast I rushed up stares to find Derek making my bed “can’t use a door” I joked wrapping in a hug “nice jamies” I ignored his comment and proceeded to grab some clothes. I grabbed two dresses and pressed a white dress against my body “how about this?” I grabbed my red strapless dress and pressed it against my body “or this?”.  Derek stroked his imaginary beard a squinted “well which one is more modest?” hmm that’s hard “that one” I pointed to the white one on the hanger “good now pick the red”. UGH! He is no help “Derek the dinner is in 6 hours we’ve got work to do “good its 1 we have a movie to see….”


“OK 6:00 we got this” I whispered turning to Derek “Der remember no dirty comments, no swearing, no using the word ‘dude’ or ‘yo’,  no middle fingers and most of all NO RUDE OR SARCASTIC COMMENTS!” I paused as he looked at me oh so shocked. “Remember use your manners” he fumbled with his tie and flipped his short black hair “Angie it’s pizza! Do i really have to wear this?” he pointed to his tie. “Yes my father likes well dressed people” I smoothened out my dress and fixed his tie, he looked so annoyed I had to say something. “Come on Derek please just do this for me” and here comes the smirk (predictable) “anything for you” OH GOD I ALMOST FORGOT! He was too far away to grab his hand so I held onto his tie and gave it a tug.


“Wow babe if you wanted me you could just wait ten minutes” he actually gave a genuine smile, that’s a first! “1 more thing never mention the time we made out cuz I—–“so wait you enjoyed that”. There is no stopping this guy. “Just go” I pointed toward the dining room “seal it with a kiss” I kissed my hand and playfully slapped him on the cheek “there let’s go” he grunted and walked into the dining room.


My dad and mom were already sitting down waiting for Derek and I, my mom smiled warmly giving him the invitation to sit down, while my dad wore a stone cold expression and basically gave the expression “I don’t like you”.  “Please sit down” my mom guided us to two seats and we all sat down for a few minutes of very very awkward silence. “What’s your name boy?” and it begins now! “Derek Hunter” his voice was clear and cut it made me ‘ohh’ in appreciation well that settles it he beats out Tristan.  Derek held my hand underneath the table and finally moved our hands onto the table “awww you guys are sooo cute” my mom squealed like a little girl.


My dad looked at my mom like she just said she was wanted for murder “I do apologize for my wife” he sent my mom a death glare “she is really interested in this ‘teen love’ ness”.  “And she should be, love is important without love you couldn’t live your life, without happiness there is no joy which is true because now my life is full of joy”. My dad’s jaw dropped, I think it’s fair to say my dad had just got punched in the face by his awesomeness. “Do you love my daughter?” his big blue eyes looked into mine and with a smile he whispered “more than you will ever know” we couldn’t help but stare into each other’s eyes…until the pizza came.


Everything was going really well everybody was laughing having a good time and dad seemed to really enjoy Derek’s company. Until Derek decided to feed himself and grab another piece of pizza spilling the drinks and yelled “Oh shit ugh fuck you stupid basterd” everybody dropped what they were doing and looked at my dad and then Derek. I was now watching my father turn fire engine red “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”My dad yelled at the top of his lungs scaring myself and Derek. “Dad” I stood up “he is my boyfriend you can’t just tell him to get out, yes he swore but you can’t deny that we all slip out that occasional word or two. Derek’s intentions were there, it’s my fault for telling him not to do certain things he shouldn’t have to change” I grabbed Derek’s hand and my dad cleared his throat.


“Stop” he stated calmly “you’re right I can’t tell him to get out but I can tell him to get out of your life and that’s what I shall do” he declared I wanted to cry but all I could do is whisper “just give us two minutes”. My dad waved us off giving us the ok, I lead him into the corner beside the entrance of the house “I don’t want to say bye I love you” In the darkness I could even tell how sad he was. “Derek I love you but I can’t just disobey my father it’s just too much” he nodded but sighed holding both of my hands, “Angie what am I going to do? With you everything’s better school, life, my hair, and every day, without you I can’t bear to lose you please”. He pulled me into a hug and I never wanted to let go, yes I’m being dramatic but wouldn’t you be in this situation.


“You know for the first time in…Well forever could actually imagine myself with a girl not a one night stand” suddenly I felt determined to fix this “come on”. As we walked into the living room my mom stopped giving heck to my father and stared at me “Dad, Derek was the only guy that I could count on when I needed my father, you weren’t there. When I wanted help, I wanted my dad Church came first”.


“I’m always here for you-“NO, when Tristan was here you weren’t Dad! He almost raped me if it wasn’t for Derek I would have been gone, I don’t even know where I would be”. My dad had actual tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry you were right! Angel I un-fairly judged Derek I see now that he is a nice, loving, caring-“wow dad he is my boyfriend remember that” my dad held back a laugh and I felt like this is what God wanted to happen.

“I’m sorry Derek I have opened my eyes to the truth” surprisingly he walked over to us and pulled us into an extremely awkward hug “son you have my blessing you’re to treat her with respect but Angel”. He turned to me and I got nervous what? I fold under pressure “about his tongue tame it” I knew what he meant but Derek looked like he was getting ideas as Derek left I got a text.


“Well how b’out dat i got ya fathers blessing and you gets to tame my tongue i <3 the way he thinks up in your room”






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