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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 22 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 22

Jeremiah 29:11 –

‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.


Jesus I need your guidance and your strength to get through this difficult trial even though it’s small, I know I will somehow overcome In Jesus name I pray amen” I opened my eyes and un-clasped my hands. “Derek are you sure this is the right thing to do I mean people are going to find out eventually” he nodded and slung his Jansport backpack on his back. “Everybody needs to know you’re mine” he went close to my ear his cool breath sending my systems on high alert “I don’t share” I shuttered at his bold words. It can’t be that bad it’s just the beginning of Grade 11, showing off the fact that you’re dating the coolest guy in school DON’T FLIP! I grabbed a hold of Derek’s hand.  Derek pushed open the door and I had time to marvel at what my boyfriend was wearing, blue v-neck, vans, and ripped skinny jeans, GOD I’M OBESSED!


Just as we stepped into the lobby all eyes were on us and when I mean ALL EYES even teachers that were in the hallway were rudely staring.  Probably because it’s such a weird scene, rarely do you see a Jesus freak and a bad boy dating un-less you include Johnny and Zoe.

“Why are the all starring at us?” I opened my locker and grabbed my new books “maybe because you’re dating the hottest guy in the school” he replied in a duh-tone. “OH! I didn’t know I was going out with Johnny” ZINGA! POINT ANGEL! “I know you think you got some sort of victory but I’m the only one with the big ego plus: Carol’s back”. I froze firstly because of the ego comment and secondly because of Carol “s-s-she’s b-b-back” I stammered already fearing the blonde high heel wearing girly girl. “Calm down babe I got you!”


He wrapped me in a hug, I tried to pretend nobody was talking about me but come on if you’re going to talk about me at least whisper.  “I heard he just feels bad for her” “ugh what a charity hips” “did you see her boobs ugh so fake what a fake girl” “I heard that God told him to do this” “2 moths tops”.  I pulled away and I saw the hurt in his but i walked off anyways he couldn’t even go after me because the bell rang.  I firmly held onto my math text book and kept repeating the same words “ignore, ignore, ignore” I walked into class and saw Mandy and Zoe of course they’re always here on time.


“Hey hey hey” Zoe greeted “greetings” I sat beside them trying to ignore the rude glares from half of the cheerleaders.


“Loved your red carpet walk, I could see some people really digging AN-EK” Mandy nodded in agreement and looked away. She looked less social than usual; something’s going on

“how’s everything going with your boyfriend” she shrugged and looked out the window “we broke up”. She acted like it was no big deal and I knew from experience that it was.


“What happened?” she shrugged once more “apparently you can’t have an opinion on how the world was created, apparently God had nothing to do with the creation of the earth”. Now that’s stupidity this man was not right for her! “Well good thing you made like an Adam and spilt” and that concludes everything that I know about science. That witty comment is about it. Finally the teacher came in and I spent the class passing notes to Derek and getting glares from about all the popular girls in the school.


The bell rang and we all had a spare, our group huddled together trying to figure out what we should do.  “I think we should visit Suzie and Robbie” “no movies” “Derek nobody wants to see Zombie Land” “I do” “shut up Johnny un-less Zoe is breaking up with you right?” Zoe finished zoning out and blurted “wait! What?”.  Where was I in this conversation? Oh you know rubbing my temples annoyed!

“Guys the spare is over, we spent our whole time trying to figure out what were going to do…I’m hungry we’re eating” I marched to the lunchroom and everybody followed.  Finally everybody got their food and was sitting down while I had to wait for my salad, I hate to admit it but sometimes eating healthy doesn’t pay. I grabbed my salad and have a quick thank you when I was suddenly blocked by reaching my destination. All because of Lindsey and Carol let the insult game begin. “Hey freak” she sneered ohh and she only has one point let’s see how Lindsey does “hey loser #charity case” ok I’ll admit that’s a 2. Somebody wants to tell her she lost against her best friend, “Hey Carol how are you?” “Cut the crap girl I’m back and now you can back off Derek”.


I felt like screaming at somebody to hold my earrings, I felt a huge lump in my throat and my voice suddenly became horse. “Please just leave me alone” and just like a knight in shining armour should Derek came to my rescue “hey cutie everything ok?” he grabbed my tray and very protectively put his arm over my shoulder.  “Thanks” I sighed sitting down beside him “no problem just happy to be your dark night” as everybody around the table started their conversation I laughed my head off.  “You now because I’m dark and mysterious while fighting crime with me hotness” I didn’t have time to speak because of course I blushed.


“So…we have been dating for 3 months or so and I was wondering if we could take it to the next level” my friends suddenly became silent…ok not just my friends the entire student body. I dropped my fork into my salad preparing for this “Der I love you but I can’t do this before marriage” he smirked “I would never put you though that I just want you to meet my sister”. Johnny dropped his fork “dude you sure?” I spoke up “well it’s not like she’s a criminal or anything” I laughed nervously.


“So Zoe you want to walk home” she shook her head closing her locker “I was promised a large sum of money if I didn’t walk with you plus I’m going to visit Suzie”. Sometimes we never see her but I knew she had to leave because of the baby, all I know is we’re connected by the Holy Spirit. She walked away before winking as Derek approached me, “hey beautiful” I rolled my eyes beginning to walk. “So you walking” he looked at me amused “and not hold your hand not a chance” God! He is so cute, “you’re cute”.


“Hey that’s what my other girlfriend tells me” Please tell me he is joking right now “relax I’m joking” I sighed in relief as we reached our street. “So…what day do you want me to meet your sister?” he looked panicked but quickly hid it “uh…yeah…how about tomorrow”. He sounded like he was hiding something but I can’t be sure “Der we have school tomorrow”, don’t get me wrong I would love to meet his sister but I want an education too. “Tomorrow is ditch day everybody does it” seemed pretty weird but I can be bad every once in a while. “Ok” I unlocked my door “Angie” he leaned against the door and pecked my cheek “pick you up at 3”


-The Next Day-


Ditch day was AMAZING! I have never felt so bad and religious at the same time. I literally just say on the couch watching the bible while listening to gospel music I was living’ the rebel life.


At 3 Derek picked me up and we walked to an old run down elementary school why? You tell me because mister cool guy over there is leaning against a tree his hands in pockets. Smirking.  “Der why are we here?” he smirked “you know you’re cute when you’re angry” I was fuming he better have a good reason for this.


“Well than I must be hotter than Angelina Jolie because by God I’m annoyed” he shook his head coming closer to me “you’re way hotter than any girl out there”. Ugh! His compliments make it so hard to be mad at him, I was shaken from my thoughts by and ear piercing bell. As soon as the bell rang little kids came out like the gates had just been opened, out came what looked like grade 1’s. After all the little girls came out all the boys came out and they seemed to be all crowding around a little girl. She had long black pig tails, piercing blue eyes, and a devious but mysterious smirk; one smirk I knew way too well. Derek’s sister was popular yeah that makes sense.


Eventually all the little girls and boy’s scurried away and left was Derek’s little sister and a young boy that looked almost like Johnny. He rushed away as he saw Derek, she on the other hand went flying into her arms, he picked her up and twirled her around she stopped and starred at me. I was now starring at the same little girl tugging at the hem of his shirt repeating “she’s pweatty can we keep her”.  We burst out in laughter and settled down “Bre this is Angie my girlfriend” she hugged me but because she was small ended up hugging my legs. “I hears so many tings about you” Derek’s cheeks went red “you talk about me?” “Maybe once or twice” “or twee times”.  She held onto my hand and I held onto Derek’s as we walked to this park they were talking about, we started talking. “So today Josh kissed me again and I wet him” yeah they are defiantly related, we arrived in this so called amazing park and I had to admit it looked fun.


“Derek hold on to my backpack” the only time she was fluent was to hold onto her My Little Pony backpack. As she slid down the slide we made our way to the swings “Dweck push me” he smiled and pushed me slightly. A couple of people passing ohhed and awed that he was pushing me “HIGHER HIGHER” I yelled in a childish tone. “ANGIE! Dweck! HELP!” I rushed off the swings to a crying little girl.


“Bre what happened?” I knelt down to wipe away her tears “dey wont wet me pway on de swlide” Derek grunted but I stopped him from beating up a 5 year old over this. “Why don’t we play on the swings I’ll push” “rwelly” “rwelly” I smiled childishly, Derek and I began to take turns pushing Bre on the swing. “So…I was thinking…there is this movie called God’s not dead and I…uh…was…wondering if you wanna go?” Isn’t just your luck when you want to see a movie but you have other plans.


“I would love to believe me but I have this kids group thing at church-“I WANNA GO!” yelled Bre jumping off the swing and started tugging at the hem of his shirt. “Sure Bre” but Derek shook his head “why? Are your parents going to say no?” he huffed holding back his emotions. “Sure if you can even call them that” I pushed aside the little tide-bit of pity and began to plead with Bre “pwease Dweck pwease” we said in unison. A smile tugged at his lips and he nodded “I’ll pick you up at 8” I pecked Derek on the lips and high five Bre. “GIRL POWER” I laughed at her comment “bye Bre and for the record you the coolest little girl ever” she leaped onto me and hugged me.


I have a feeling this girl is going to get away with a lot of stuff using that irresistible little girl voice…..



TO BE CONTINUED (Please Leave a Comment)


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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