Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 25 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 25

John 14:1-4

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.


The hardest and most stupidest thing you could do to someone you love: Ignore them. If you do then you’re in for a rude awakening I’m takin’ a whole long lecture from your friend. Same dumb lecture I’m receiving right now.


“Angel Storm you are ignoring him and I will stand by and watch you throw your life away like that” I shook my head behold my dramatic friend. “Don’t lie to me young lady you stopped talking to him on Monday and what day is it?” “Friday” I mumbled looking away from Zoe. I then turned to the back to see Johnny nodding in agreement.


They didn’t get it!


“He asked me to meet his parent’s” Johnny’s eyes flashed dark and remained silent, Zoe not understanding shook her head while rolling her eyes.


“That’s a girl thing shish” I parked the car and she slid out “LATE TO ART” I guess somebody didn’t have a spare.


“You understand me right” I whispered walking up the steps of the school, he shrugged walking into the school and towards his locker. “Johnny I can’t meet the parents that made his life a living nightmare” he grabbed his books out if his locker and turned to me.


“So tell him ‘NO’!” because it’s just as simple as saying no “no Derek I can’t meet your parents” I gave him a ‘are you mad’ look “I can’t just tell him no-“tell who no” Derek slammed Johnny’s locker shut.


Causing everybody to pay more attention to me than they already were, “Angie please just talk to me I need to hear your voice” I looked around the room and I froze.


“Look Derek, I just can’t I’m not ready please just wait for me” he grabbed my hand and whispered “always”.


Am I the only person that feels like that has a double meaning to it? “Thanks for being honest with me…could you maybe come somewhere with me on Saturday” aww he is adorable being all shy and all.


“Yeah it’s Saturday, I have nothing as long as it doesn’t go for the whole day” he shook his head and the bell rang he grabbed my hand and we walked off to class ignoring the glares from most of the girl population of the school.


Of course as soon as I plopped myself into the chair the teacher announced that we are going to have a pop quiz, and as usual I got a B.


“I got an A and you didn’t” he sang dancing around me in victory “shut up” I grumbled tossing my waste of my brain power test. “Um…where exactly do you think you’re going mister” I put my hands on my hips while he attempted to walk into the cafeteria.


“Well you may not know this but I can’t get all hot and sexy by myself I need food” he flexed his muscles and I blushed.


“Der come on, it’s a half day of school we promised everybody that we’re meeting them at St. Annes Cafe” he groaned and stomped his way over to me. “I don’t wanna go” he whined, “come on Derek” I hissed “I’ll buy you a cookie-“with extra cross” he pouted now everybody was staring “yes” “ok”.  He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the school just as he yelled “cookie” in a cookie monster voice.

I couldn’t help but laugh..


Half way through the walk my thoughts were spiralling out of control I had to speak “so anyway I was thinking-“Derek stop” I stopped walking and looked at him. “I need to talk to you I know you won’t get it but I need you to listen” I didn’t care,  something was happening to me; something I had to change.


He cupped my cheek “babe I don’t care what’s going on I’m all ears just cancel the Saint Cafe thing” I laughed lightly at his attempt to get it right.


I grabbed my phone to text Zoe when I saw a text:


Dad: Come home please


I sighed and showed Derek the text, he looked at me dumb founded “who the fu…” I shot him a glare “edge what the fudge puh-lease girl what did you think I was going to say”.


We all knew what he was going to say. “I don’t know but I have to go me and my dad just started having a good relationship” he nodded in understanding “It’s ok babe I steal you away too much” I pecked his lips before walking away screaming “LOVE YOU”.


“LOVE YOU MORE” he shouted back, beginning to walk I thought about Derek. The guy was like a big teddy bear so soft and able to cuddle with of course I should know, but he is also trying to keep his bad boy rep. And failing.


I can’t tell him that it will ruin his big bad boy ego he has worked too hard to maintain, I rang the front door and my dad opened the door smiling like joker.


“Hey princess” WHAT! Ok that was what he used to call me he only brought it up when somebody-oh my gosh-oh no “ok who died?” he laughed a little then his smile faded “well to what God has told me apparently you”.


That was the awful truth. “Daddy” I whimpered running into his lap like the scared little girl I am “shh honey it’s ok, sweetie just tell me what happened and for once you talk and I listen”.  I sniffled and looked at my dad; I took a breath and began to tell my dad what Derek had told me the week before.


“So yeah that’s Derek” he looked at me with utter shock “so…um…what’s the problem” CAN HE NOT SEE THE PROBLEM! “Dad I’m a complete wreck I haven’t picked up a bible in a week, I’ve been ignoring God and Derek”. I paused “I haven’t told God anything but daddy I’m scared” I buried my face in his chest he ran his fingers though my hair before giving me a hug.


“Angel I know you are scared that you are one of those girls but if you were Derek would not make an effort to meet your mother and I. You have to respect him and do the same, Derek loves you sweetie even I can see it. As for the bibles just get back into it, I know how much you are glued to your bible but don’t despair.


Reading the bible is not an easy task, but you will get through it. Just repent and pray to God all you need to do is re-open your closed heart, all God wants is to talk to you, all Derek wants is to be with you”.  I gave him a huge hug and we stayed that way for a good five minutes “Dad when did you become so smart”. “When I realised what and amazing girl my daughter has turned into”.


“I got this” I muttered to myself getting on my knees “look God, you know how much I’m scared I’ve tried ignoring this but I’m done, so whatever happens I put at your feet” I crawled under the covers and hoped for the best.


“Ok I’m up” I grumbled “morning sweetie” my mom greeted “hey can you make me break fast, Derek going to be here soon” “about that” her voice went an octave higher. She knew something. “Hey gorg-“ahh” I screeched putting the covers over my head “come on babe you’re beautiful” I laughed “I don’t care get out”. There is no way he is seeing my bed hair, I heard footsteps and scrambled out of bed “you’re so gullible” I leaped in shock  Derek was right by my closet where my dress was.


“Move” I put on my most threatening face “or what, you won’t have sex with me …wow I’m really missing out” he teased. “Fine I’ll just wear shorts” I mumbled grabbing shorts and a t-shirt, I ran into the bathroom to change and quickly put on some mascara.


I walked out and I was stopped “take it off” Derek mumbled into my shirt “your too pretty for makeup” I blushed leaning in to him. That’s when my mom came in “sorry I didn’t know you were getting frisky” she shielded her eyes.


After that wonderful moment with my mother, we or rather Derek started driving to some un-known destination. “So how was the talk with your dad?” he attempted conversation “uh…good” I smiled trying not to upset him “we talked about God and stuff”, he stiffened at the near mention of God. “That’s good” he kept his eyes on the road and I mentally groaned, why can’t he love God just as much as me!


The awkward air in the car was indescribable, but was even more awkward was finding out your date was in the cemetery. He parked the car and I was getting even more scared, I got out and grabbed a hold of his hand “why are we here” I whispered. He looked at me his eyes glazed over “I want you to meet someone”.


Who this someone was, I had no clue.  I continued to hold his hand as we walked though rows and rows of tombs. It had a sense of peace and calmness, finally moving past what felt like thousands of tombs we stopped at one black marble tomb stone. “Hi Grandma” he whispered running his fingers though the engraving, in white boxy letters it said “R.I.P Michelle Hunter Loving mother, grandmother, and friend”.


The date was missing “where’s the-“I know I couldn’t afford it” my mouth dropped open “you paid for the funeral and the burial and you couldn’t even go”.


He nodded.  “Ma’ I miss you so much I know I have broken the promise more times than I can count but I want you to meet my official girlfriend Angel Storm”. The women’s probably in heaven and yet I’m nervous, I was most likely just talking to ground.

“Hey…there…well Derek is the perfect guy just how you wanted him to be I couldn’t ask for a better guy” “bye I have to go I’m taking my girl to church”.


Church! He never wants to willingly go to church “I can suffer through church one more time for you”


At that moment I knew I needed to meet his parents I mean they can’t be that bad…right?





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