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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 26 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 26

James 1:12-13

12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.



“Ok let’s do this”, I grabbed my bible, my hands shaking and trembling as my hands came close to the book. “Pick up the book” my mind taunted what am I so afraid of! It’s a bible; I ran my fingers along the leather cover before opening it and gasping with relief. I ran fingers along the last known page I read and smiled.


“Psalm 86.12-13: The Lord will give what is good and our land will increase. Righteous will go before him and will make a pain for his steps” part of the verse I didn’t understand but the first sentence spoke to me loud and clearly “The Lord will give what is good and our land will increase”. Which means anything that happens today It will be for good which really strengthened me for the even scarier thing I’m doing today.


“Honey Derek’s here, you ready” my dad smiled softly I closed my bible and placed on the couch, I spun around twirling in my new red sweetheart dress. “Like a princess” I smiled walking out of the door to Derek, “Derek I’m nervous” he laughed putting his arm around me and another in his pocket “don’t worry they probably won’t care”.


I saw a glimmer of sadness but it was hidden by my fear. I carefully opened the door and he walked in “hey I’m home” no response. I walked in and the smell of alcohol and cigars burned my nose, now I was scared.  I walked in and saw the worst.


A tall scruffy man sat lazily in a sofa tapping his ashes off his cigar and tossing a beer can in the trash next to him while watching a football game. The man was like an older version of Derek with more of a five o’clock shadow. How does he live? Next to him was a blonde older than she thinks women twirling her hair while wearing little to no clothing. She looked almost like Derek although I couldn’t tell, she was wearing more makeup than Carol and even I didn’t think that was possible.


I walked in front of Derek determined to make a decent impression. “Hi I’m Angel Storm” they both looked at each other and busted in laughter. “Puh-lease sweet cheeks if you’re one of those whores our son plays with just keep walking as long as you don’t moan too loudly I don’t give a crap”. I believe that was his mom but I’m not sure a mom wouldn’t act like that!


Why do all Hunters have to swear! Let’s try this again “um…actually …I was trying to-“ask for some condoms got you covered girlfriend we don’t want you both to ruin your life because of some dumb baby”.


OH NO YOU DIDN’T! My mouth hung open in shock, dumb baby an innocent child of God is dumb, never mind the fact she called me a slut. “Mom this is my girlfriend Angel Storm…you know our neighbours” she smirked as did the dad; I guess that is the mom.

Both his parents smirked like they were amused! Great they have the same smirk too, it runs in the family I guess…..


“Oh she’s those clean people that dress all neon and such, I kind of like the mom she’s gorgeous” they both nodded in agreement “no that’s Angie’s friend Zoe”. Suddenly she looked at me squinting in confusion “oh she’s those nicely dressed people” she snickered rudely. “Let me go and dress into something more respectable” she rushed upstairs and I was now sitting remarkably close to Mr. Hunter.


“My my my what a pretty young girl” he purred “any chance you’d like to share son” I looked away disgusted as he began to check me out. DUDE I HAVE PEPER SPRAY! AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT! His mom came in and I quickly moved to Derek’s side.


Needless to say, her respectable clothing was not something I would wear to church….or school….or anywhere. It was around dinner time and Derek being lovely as ever pre-told his parents to cook dinner apparently she didn’t get the memo and decided to order pizza.


I didn’t object, it’s pizza after all so it was strongly encouraged.


We ate silently for about ten minutes and after Mr. Hunter drowned about 2 beers he looked at Derek, “so son are you getting laid tonight” I did a spit take, of course I take this time to take a huge gulp of my water.


“Son can you even call me that? Can’t you just act like my dad for once” he seethed, his mom poured some wine and he took a big sip. “Well SON what do you want me to ask HER?” you know you don’t have to ask me anything “I don’t know ask her about her grades or if she has a job”.


“FINE!” He turned to me “how are your grades? Do you have a job” I took a deep breath while repeating I will have strength in the Lord in my head.


“Well I’ve been getting straight A’s well except for math” I shot a death glare at Derek “well job…umm well considering my dad is a preacher I have to do things around the church. I usually don’t get paid but this year we’re having a play and since I’m doing the sets I’m getting paid”.


I believe that was a sufficient answer considering Derek was smiling proudly at me, but his parents where fuming. “You’re one of those church freaks always so perfect, all perfectly modest, covering themselves up and believing in a man you’ve never seen. Well my son is not dating one of those people he doesn’t need a perfect girl like you”.


I’m not perfect, never was, never will be. Feeling more un-wanted than ever, I picked up my purse and slid out of my seat I then began to walk to the entrance, “stop” he looked at both of his parents alarmingly annoyed.  “How would you know what I need or want” he threw down his napkin and marched his way over to me putting his hand protectively on my waist.


“You wouldn’t know what your SON wanted because you are either nose deep in beer” he stared at his dad “or nose deep in other guys” now his dad was fuming at his mother. “I love her and unlike you guys who don’t care about me she wouldn’t stop caring about my well-being, so maybe she is a church girl but I don’t care.  So go ahead tell me I can’t see her in two months. I’ll be seventeen and I can get my own place, so tell me I can’t see her it’s just one more restriction I won’t follow”.


He did one daring move and kissed me, his mom, dad, and I stood there in complete shock. “Now If you will excuse me we have a date” Oh no no no we are standing right here and talking about this we are working this out as a family.


Derek grabbed my hand and dragged me out, man I’m weak guess the family thing is not happening. “Derek” I grabbed his wrist pulling it off my hand “what just happened?” “Well that’s my parents” he rolled his eyes waving his hand in the air “you love them or hate them I’d take’em and leave’em come on”.


He began walking away I grabbed his hand forcing his to turn around facing me, his eyes become yet again dark, lifeless, with no trace of emotion.


“Angel this isn’t your fight it’s mine, I’ll survive”.


“Derek I don’t want you to survive life is not about surviving it’s about living not waiting to die” he smirked placing his hands on my waist making me move closer. “You should stay somewhere t’ill the whole thing with your parents blows over at least for a night” “where amI  supposed to g-“my place at least for one night”. He shook his head “I don’t want you to get involved in this-It’s my fight you’re not ready”.


“Derek wither you like it or not I’m stronger than you think I signed up to be your girlfriend, I said yes to you, so I’m saying yes to your whole life”. Wow that took gut’s “you just want me to hold you tonight” I laughed “yeah…no plus my dad will even let you enter my bedroom but nice try”.


God, you promised to do this all for good but how? Derek’s parents are not the parents or the year, or month, or week, or day especially not hour…ok you get the point. I know I can’t question you it’s not right all I can do is trust you, Lord knows how much I care for him…well you no. In Jesus Name Amen.





Sorry for the shortness! I guess it’s short but sweet! Ok not sweet it was actually pretty sad..any ways sorry for the grammar mistake..LEAVE A COMMENT BEHIND


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Author: Faith H. Collins

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