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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 30 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 30

For I know the plans I have for you. declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. — Jeremiah 29:11


1 Hour Ago


I looked over at the crowd tapping my foot nervously, “where is he?” I mumbled leaning against my mother “I’m sure everything’s fine” she smiled pushing a few brown strands out of my face.


What seemed like forever my dad finally approached the stage, a heart-broken smile plastered on his face.


“There has been a fatal car crash right in front of the church, this means church will be delayed an hour as the traffic is horrific” oh my Moses.


“There was a young boy of 17 years old and an even younger girl the age of 7 our pra-


I didn’t care what he said because the moment I walked outside I knew who was in that car crash.


Derek and Bre.


Tears spilling out of my eyes I ran though the parking lot.  Usually in these situations I always thought positive, but right now no positive thoughts where coming out.


Paramedics, Firefighters, and Police cars arrived at the scene blocking any one from entering. I stared at the horrific scene in front of me, his parent’s car was damaged and was beyond repair…but that was just a piece of junk.


Derek and Bre weren’t.


Suddenly I saw a small little girl hunched over crying on the ground “BRE! BRE! BREANNA HUNTER!” I yelled. She turned around and her face let up “Angie! Angie!” she cried running up to me, I grabbed a hold of her, holding her as if she was MY sister.


Present Time!


A tall paramedic approached us, I stood up somewhat trying to be strong. Suddenly he smiled and gave us a silent hug, “thank you” I sniffled “no problem sometimes a little compassion is all we need. So you must be Angel Storm correct?”  I nodded.


“The guy in the car has been saying your name for the past hour” I then saw two paramedics hall a hospital gurney by the car on the road and beside the damaged car.


“W-what are they doing” I suddenly scrambled to get him dropping Bre beside the kind paramedic; I was pulled aside by a very strong police officer.


I desperately tried and tried to get away from the police officer but after several attempts on the floor on top of some broken glass. I didn’t care, my minor scratches where nothing compared to what happened to Derek.


“Please just let me pass, please that’s my boyfriend”, I watched in horror as 4 guys pulled my bloody and bruised boyfriend out of the car. My anger rose, how dare he?

“Do you have a wife” he nodded confused “what happened if you saw YOUR wife in that car over there” he sighed dramatically and removed the line.


“You only have ten-“don’t you dare finish that sentence” I finally snapped “but-“no shut the hell up and go in your dam car”. I just swore.


“Not the biggest issue right now” I reminded myself, I ran up to the people putting him into the ambulance.


A nurse stepped in front, women don’t get in my way I’m so angry right now you’d be riding on a gurney if you stop me.


“Darling I’m sorry but you can’t-“I’m his girlfriend” I stepped into the crammed car/ ambulance and he was awake!


His face was beyond recognition, the blood had dried and the bruises on his face had turned into a deep shade of purple.


The scars made me sad and I didn’t know how much anger I could hold in, he just looked so vulnerable.


I sat beside him as they began to drive “holy crap Derek!” I gasped, he smiled slightly “you never swear….you k”.


It came out horse and very hard to understand but I smiled at his sweetness while he cups my cheek. “Me…Ok….are you crazy?” he began to cough making the nurse very fearful, “If I don’t-“no stop” I snapped.


“You are not allowed to think like that NO!” he smiled and kissed me on the lips, suddenly he fell back and his eyes were closed.


“He has slipped into an un-conscious state” she started braking orders and the doctors but never left my eyes. They steadied his breathing and the blonde nurse smiled at me “you really love him don’t you?” I nodded trying to cover my tears.


“He really loves you to” I know he loves me. That’s not what I’m worried about, I’m worried about him not coming back, I’m worried he won’t come back.


He should have done it in the mental hospital, what was he thinking? That he had plenty of time, God why did he have to wait so long? You never know what will happen and now he is lying in a hospital bed unconscious.


I sat back in my chair looking at him, looking that’s all I’ve been doing since the morning.


His black hair fell loosely over his eyes, his lips pursed and his muscles tense, just looking at him he looked like the closest thing to perfection.


I leaned closer to him dismissing the idea of him being perfection.


“Hey I don’t think you can hear me b-bu-but” I choked “please come back puh-please not just for me but for Bre to” I looked out the door to see Bre still in tears.


I cried and cried t’ill I couldn’t hear his heart beat anymore, and drift into a nightmare.


“Miss. Storm, excuse me, Miss” I woke up groggy and felt something warm against my face I shot up scanning the room. So this wasn’t just one dream, this is reality.  The same nurse stood in front of me with the same polite smile spread across her face.


It made me sick. How can she so happy at a time like this? “Excuse me Miss. Storm I’m going to have to ask you to move” I nodded moving away.


She then walked up to one of the many wires that were attached to him and refreshed the fluid,


“Would you like me to tell you a story?” I nodded.


“My husband was once in this bed so I do know what you are going though, but you know what you never really no how much you miss something or someone until they’re gone.


That was more than true, “Doctor-“Doctor Baker” I nodded “Doctor Baker do you…do you think…well is he alright?”She folded over a doctor’s note before speaking.


“Well he has a broken rib and wrist and a huge cut coming down from his lower back to his neck other than that he is fine.


Although it was reported that he must have hit his head resulting in a massive amount blood loss of he has slipped into coma”.


A COMA! People sometimes don’t wake up from that “how long is a coma” she shrugged “sometimes years, months, weeks or even days…but the way he has been reacting he should be ok”.


“He may wake up soon…piece of advice IF he wakes up tell him the miracle that is his life” she smiled slightly and left the room.


“Honey” my dad exclaimed peeking through the door, I motioned him to come in.


He sat on the chair next to me, “how are you doing?” he asked “ok…I guess I just want him to wake up…and you?” he sighed.


“Honestly….It’s tearing me up inside” I laughed “it’s breaking my heart to see my daughter crying” he said truthfully “Dad it’s Derek I’ve never been this in love before” he nodded.


“As much as I want you to not have a future with any guy for the matter I love you and this guy…he treats you like a princess”.


Suddenly Zoe burst through the doors, “sorry I’m so late I had to change, fix my hair and THEN I had to get everybody and I’m not going to tell you how long it took to get Suzie out of my car” Zoe rambled.


They ran towards me showering me with hugs, “how long has he been out?” Suzie asked “about days” Suzie nodded sitting down with Robbie.


“Did they say how long…or if” Johnny sputtered “John-Johnny they said he might not wake up” I hugged Johnny and then Mandy and Zoe piled on.


“I can’t lost my best friend” I could hear him mutter, and then he smiled hiding his true feelings. “Angie I’m sure he is fine…I mean the guys a trooper”.


I smiled walking out side to be with my family giving them time to speak to Derek.


“Angel would you like to pray?” I grabbed my parent’s hands and Bre’s as we bowed our heads my dad spoke.


“Lord in this time of trial we ask for your strength and your hope so we don’t lose it.


We don’t lose hope because that’s not what you taught us to do. We pray that he will return and have a second chance at life.”


He turned to Bre “would you like to do the honors?” She nodded “In Jesus name Amen” we released our hands and I turned away from them.


Is it weird I feel even worse.


I silently crept into the room and people where sadly staring at the floor, they began to go outside Robbie helped Suzie up. She came to me and rubbed my shoulder in a friendly way.


“He’ll make it, besides my baby really wants to see the coolest uncle” Johnny gasped “I thought that was me” he said trying to brighten up the mood.


Robbie and Suzie went outside the only people left in Derek’s room was Mandy, “hey” she said gently.


“I’m not going to give you one of those looks that’s everybody has been giving you and tell you he is going to make it, because I don’t know but if you want to go to the cafe get your mind off this a little bit I will be welcome to go with you”.


I shook my head politely “it’s almost 9: 00 Mandy go get some rest” she nodded “I’m not going anywhere but I suppose it won’t hurt to close my eyes and sit on a chair”.


She closed the door and I once again sat next to Derek, the slow beep of the monitor and the ever slight breathing made me tear up.


“It’s been two days” I whispered “you’re not coming back…”  I hugged his stomach causing me to stain his t-shirt with my tears.


“I need you back…I need you…please” I broke into more tears bearing my head in his chest, “please Jesus please…please” my voice faltered closing my eyes and beginning to drift off into sleep.


I opened my eyes to see Derek no longer on the bed “DEREK! DEREK!” I yelled running though the halls, i fell to the floor crying to the Lord “YOU DID THIS YOU KILLED HIM!!”


I wept bitter tears until I saw a light. I directed my eyes to it moving closer “why would you say that it is I that has killed my son, do you not see what he has done?” my mouth open in shock.


“Jesus?” The light came closer “what has he done Jesus?” the light came even closure this time only a meter away.


“I come but as a thief in the night, no one knows when I come.


Derek I’m afraid he did not know this and his time may be out” I glared at the light.


“NO NO NO I love him and so do you, you don’t get it….ok he was stupid…no argument there but how could he know any better.


He is new to this…please give him another chance”.


The light seemed to move away I chased after it thinking that if I didn’t I would never see him again.


“I have made a decision” I smiled “ok what is it?” Suddenly everything seemed to fade “no no no” suddenly I felt a strong hand shaking me with dear life.


“Angie Angie wake up” I looked over my shoulder to see Johnny looking at me “oh sorry what time is it?” “8:00, hey go take a shower or something?” he laughed.


“I can’t….what if he wakes up?” he nodded “well they have public showers so go take one”.


I guess that was a slight indication I didn’t smell to fresh.


So I quickly took a shower and raced back to his room, I saw Zoe looking at Johnny then at Derek,


“Angie, we need to tell you something” I nodded “the doctors just said Derek should have woken up by now I mean his injuries weren’t that bad…but he isn’t…he isn’t  doing well with the medication his body is rejecting it.


The doctors told us to face facts maybe we should put him down considering his parents don’t care and has no known older family the decision goes to you”.


My blood boiled “put him down! What is he…SOME DOG” they looked at me with a pained expression “your only hurting yourself Angie, really he isn’t alive those machines are keeping him breathing it’s most likely he won’t wake up”.


I glared at them “he is your best friend Johnny how can you just sit here and watch this happen, we still have hope…if we have God we have hope”.


They nodded un-able to convince me and left the room, “If I have God I have hope, If I have you I have hope” I repeated leaning onto Derek.


I began to cry once more and more tears than ever, my tears ran like a stream never-ending suddenly as if I was dreaming I felt a familiar warmth come across me as two protective hands went around me.


“Angie stop crying your way to beautiful to cry” I shot up to see Derek grinning at me wildly, his eyes where open and nose was twitching he looked like he just one a thousand dollars.


“Derek” I gasped kissing him to dear life before ripping open the doors and shouting…


“MY BOYFRIENDS AWAKE YES JESUS HE’S AWAKE” I got called a crazy woman by several different people but I couldn’t help but smile…guess his decision wasn’t so bad after all.




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Author: Faith H. Collins

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