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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 31 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 31

1 John 1:9: 9  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


Derek’s P.O.V


3 days, I was asleep for three bloody days and I couldn’t be any happier. I was given a second chance something many people don’t have; I was given a second chance at life.


I realised I took life for advantage, life can be gone in the blink of the eye and you only realise it when it’s too late. You realise that in the blink of an eye all the things you have judged your life upon…mean absolutely nothing, you judged your life too quickly.


I was currently lying on my bed helpless as ever, when my friends began to grill me with very stupid questions. “What did it feel like to die? Was it like in R.I.P.D how everything was moving so slowly and you just seeing everybody while you were dying?


I shook my head at Johnny “well I couldn’t move but I could hear everything and as for the R.I.P.D. No I did not work for the rest in peace department and dude that was a movie”. He left the room embarrassed.


Probably because I heard him talking to me yesterday about all his desires let’s just say if I was able to have night mares I would have.


“So how does it feel to know your sister is ok?” I hugged Zoe as she sat beside me “honestly I shouldn’t have put her in that situation…of course we wouldn’t be in that situation if Frozen didn’t exist”.


Then a thought came to me, I would have never got into the car accident if I just let her play the dumb CD. “Well brighten up sport” teased Zoe patting my back while waving goodbye to Angie, great my friends are dropping like flies.


“Hey Suzie” exclaimed Angie noticing Robbie trying to open the door for her, she attempted to sit down in the seat beside me but couldn’t.


“Sorry babe just stand” I felt like a 14-year-old girl when I smiled at how cute they were, “boldly go Derek Hunter boldly go where no man has gone before” she winked at Angie and started moving to the door.

Angie locked the door behind them signally she wanted to talk, “Derek” she sighed running up to me. I pulled her close and ran my fingers though her brown hair.


“How do you feel?” I smiled into her hair “alive” I pulled her into a much needed kiss then I surprisingly let go. She looked taken a back, most likely because I was the type of guy that always wanted more but not today.


I missed her.


“I need to accept Christ” she stared at me with even more disbelief and stopped snuggling into me “what? Der why?” “I was going to church to accept him and thanks to God I see no reason to take this moment and accept him plus there is no time like the present”.


She smiled and held out her hand “ok but you need to mean it” I nodded reassuring myself and her that this is what I want. I grabbed her outstretched hand “ok repeat after me”


Here I go, from this point on my life changes forever.


“Truly Lord I am nothing but a sinner, I know and accept that I come short to your glory and your name, oh God (Rom 3:23). I’m willing and able to turn away from sin although I lose faith from time to time keep me on the narrow path so I will not lose faith .


In myself and in you.


You died for me and me alone on that cross you bled for me and on the third day your rose again. You are and will always be the begotten son of God, that he willing gave so whoever believes in him may not perish but have eternal life.


Though this prayer I invite you into my life as my personal savior, for who so ever believes in you will have salvation. I ask you to make me a new creature of Christ, as my old things pass away I will forever put my trust in you. I will read your word preach it and receive it.




After repeating the prayer we both said:


“IN Jesus name Amen”


Suddenly leaning against my pillow I felt a huge wave of happiness; It may sound a little girly but my eyes were watery. Heck I felt like bawling.


I’m a new child of God, suddenly I moved and usually when I moved a certain way it hurt…but this time I felt healed.


Like all my aches and pains have gone away “I love you” A voice echoed in my head I smiled “I love you” suddenly Angie perked up “aww I love you t0o Derek”.


“HAHA yep I was talking to you…r-i-g-h-t… defiantly not God” I lied.


Ignoring what I said she watched as I moved my body back and forth in amazement.


“ANGIE, ANGIE! I’M HEALED” I excitedly threw my covers off myself preparing to get up, “wow calm down big guy there is no-“


She stopped mid sentence when I got up and hugged her.


“Oh my holy Jesus…you’re healed…..holy…holy” she leapt on me and I grabbed onto her bridal style.


“Babe I’m a changed man I’m officially a Jesus freak” my happiness suddenly faded “…I’m not a bad boy any more… I’m not a bad boy anymore.


I sat down letting it sink in; everything I’ve worked up to has just gone down the drain.


No more bad boy.


She leaped off my lap and cupped my cheek “hey the title meant nothing to me, it’s just a stupid title people used…it means nothing to God”. She pressed her forehead against mine.


“You know I kind of like the new title” he smiled looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully “Derek Hunter the Jesus freak it has a nice ring to it”.


I dropped my voice and looked into her eyes “It’s kind of sexy” her face dropped.


Way to kill the mood Derek.


Suddenly the nurse came in and Angie’s parents suddenly fell to the ground. Kind of like they were eaves dropping.


“Were you eaves dropping?” Screeched Angie, Mrs.Storm blushed as Pastor Storm helped her up “well you see we weren’t eaves dropping we just care so much about you-“YOUR MOTHER MADE ME DO IT!” Pastor Storm blurted.


Mrs. Storm and Pastor Storm suddenly enveloped me in a hug a very tight one I might add “guys” whined Angie “your crushing my boyfriend”.


*** 1 Hour Later***


“I just don’t know how it’s possible” the doctor scratched his head looking back at the x-rays and then at the doctors notes.


For the tenth time.


“It’s amazing, It’s incredible, this is just stupendous no-no-no this is not human it’s-“in human” I finished looking up from my phone. “Yes-yes it is” he scribbled something down “who did this to you?” Angie looked up waiting patiently to answer.


“Actually God did this to me…he saved me” all blood was drained from the doctors face. As you can see most of us were bored. I was playing piano tiles; Angie was playing flappy bird and both of Angie’s parents where reading the bible on their phones.


I can’t blame everybody from being bored, the doctor just could not give up we all wished he would just call it a day and we can go home.


“Oh my God he’s gone mad” the doctor began to type faster and faster on his computer, we all took the opportunity to army crawl our way to freedom.


“MOVE MOVE MOVE” whispered/ yelled Pastor Storm sounding like a drill sergeant, we made our way to the lobby and we all sighed in relief.


“Free” I sighed.


I may no longer be a bad boy but sure as hell can army crawl my way to freedom.


Angie’s going to kill me for swearing in my thoughts again……






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Author: Faith H. Collins

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