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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 32 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 32

Psalm 139:13


13 For you created my inmost being;

you knit me together in my mother’s womb.


“I’m walkin on sunshine wow-oh-oh and don’t it feel good, yeah all right now”.


Let’s picture the scene shall we? A beautiful young girl let’s call her Angie, so Angie is trying to focus on the road but can’t.




You may ask well Angie is driving a loud little girl… let’s call her Bre and three annoying friends let’s call them Johnny, Mandy, and Zoe and one very very annoying boyfriend let’s call him Derek.


Yes that is exactly what I’m dealing with. I gripped the stirring wheel as they made their way to the chorus, “ok THAT’S ENOUGH!” I yelled turning down the radio. I focused back on the road and looked over at Derek “hey cutie calm down” he smiled softly I sighed, do you know how hard it is to be annoyed at him.


It’s hard. It’s really hard.


I relaxed a little still looking at the road “sorry I’m just a bit nervous when it comes to driving” because the last person that drove this car ended up in an accident.


He snorted looking at me “right because you the one getting baptised today” he said with heavy sarcasm.


We came upon some traffic and he took the moment to hold my chin so I could look him directly into those eyes that seem to put me in some trance.


“I love you” he smiled capturing my lips “I love you too” “eww gross” came a voice from the back “I’m with Zoe on this one” gagged Johnny “is this really what where like?”


“Yes” exclaimed Derek, Bre and I. After the mild traffic I entered the parking lot, I turned the key and pushed it towards me making sure the engine was off I hopped out of the car.


“Wet’s get baptised” Bre beamed grabbing Mandy’s hand and dragging her into the church, Derek and I entered the church and were immedialty stopped.


“There he is, the man of the hour, we’ve been waiting for you oh Angie why did you have to stall him” he shook his head at me leading Derek into his office.




“Why hello to you too dad” I mumbled going into the first pew with Bre, Mandy, Zoe and Johnny I sat beside Zoe until I saw a sight that blew my mind.


It was amazing I watched as the blonde girly girl known as Carol walked up to us, I stared at her as a small smile crept on her lips.


“Hi” she choked out I smiled weakly and walked up to her pulling her into a hug “sorry” she murmured into my tear-stained shirt “I forgive you now come on; there are a few extra seats”.


We sat in silence until my dad came onto the stage. Why was she here? Was she crying? Did she really mean it when she said Sorry? Isn’t it kind of weird how she came when Derek would be the center of attention? Before I knew it Carol nudged me.


“Derek’s on stage” I nodded and watched as he approached the stage dressed fully in white and into the tub where my father was waiting.


“Derek Kyle Hunter today you stand before me telling me you want to be baptised but I ask you: why is it you want to be baptised?” Derek looked at the crowd.

Then at Carol…. then at me…. then back to Carol, I nodded shrugging shoulders at him he shook his head and continued.


“Well sir recently I learned the life is not to be taken lightly, not for advantage” he confessed “your daughter taught me that, she taught me that life though Jesus is way more worth living than my past life. In the bible it says “as my old things pass away my laws and I will never fail” so I have to show others that I believe in his laws. I want to be baptised to show everybody as my old things pass away I have become a new creature of Christ made in his image because his image never changes”


I was speechless, and so was everyone else in the church I don’t think anybody has heard anything that true come out of his mouth.


He went into the tub and everybody clapped and cheered then I started thinking about myself, I have that much of an impact on others? I change the way people think.


“Angel Angel” I shook my thoughts to see Carol’s worried expression, well that’s a first.


“Suzan’s boyfriend called Amanda her water broke and she is in the hospital” all color drained from my face.


“Zoey, Johnny, and uhh the nerd…oh right Amanda took that little girl to hospital with them oh and Derek left to. They said for me to drop you off”.


Isn’t this just a victim’s worst nightmare: to be in a small S.U.V with your bully. It’s like you have a ‘free to kill’ sign on your forehead.


I silently looked at the passing cars keeping my gaze away from Carol…you know so she wouldn’t kill me or anything. “Angie can we talk?” She finally spoke “ye-yes” I stammered finally looking up at her, she cleared her throat and sighed.


“Look Angie I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have been rude to you” I nodded my head, shifting uncomfortably in my seat. THAT’S IT! That’s all I get for all the rude and pointless things you’ve done for me! “I accept you apology” LIAR! “But what I really want to know is why you did it?”


She pulled back her hair with one hand still focusing on the road. “This may come to as a shock but I Carol Thompson was very threatened by you. I mean the all you had to do is show up and then Derek Hunter the complete bad boy was all kind of sides of him, he chased you around like a puppy”.


That’s not true!


“To say I was crazy jealous was an understatement I mean come on the whole school was jealous but-but I actually loved him. Well half of me did. Ok maybe a quarter. Maybe a little less….anyway when my dad found out I was a Satanist he sent me to ‘spiritual rehab’ center where they tried to force me to change. I spent nine months there and nothing happened, so when I came back hoping you backed off I find out you guys where the cutest couple in that school it broke my heart”.


She looked at me not breaking her stare she continued “but I’m over it…is there any way we could possibly be friends”.


I stared at her amazed by the actions that she displayed, she was jealous of me!


When I was jealous of her…while I spent day in and day out trying to figure out how Derek never paid attention to me. Turns out he always did,


I was just too blind to see it, but we can’t be friends.


“Carol I accept your apology but I’m afraid I cannot take that chance and be friends with you, I’ve given you many opportunities and you rejected them all. Just now I’m always here if you ever need some help find me”.


She gave me a half-smile and patted my shoulder “It’s ok I can’t blame you, especially for all the things I’ve done to you” I smiled at her and hugged her.  “This is your stop” she motioned to the entrance of the hospital “oh and she is in room 418 marked Suzan Summers” I waved good-bye and walked ok ran into the hospital.


“416…..417…418” I quickly pushed open the doors and saw what seemed like a different universe. Suzie was in the middle of the room crying out in pain as doctors and others scrambled around her.


That made sense.


Johnny was to the left passed out on the bed, now that does not make sense. Derek was on the right also passed out, in what universe are the strongest guys I know bed stricken and passed out.


Apparently this one.


While I was trying to figure out how in God’s name this went on I found Mandy trying to comfort Bre.


“Bre I promise Johnny and Derek are not going to heaven to meet Jesus they just…fell asleep” she turned to me and smiled. “Oh thank my lucky stars you’re here” an older doctor started barking commands at Mandy “FOR CHRIST SAKE JUST SHUT UP AND REBOOT” I turned to her clueless.


“It’s a nerd thing” she replied simply.


“OK nerd why in God’s name happened here?” she laughed settling Bre down “actually if you were here it would have been hilarious…so Johnny fainted because the doctor opened Suzie’s robe. Derek fainted because the doctor told Suzie to hold onto Derek’s wrist. I guess she had a contraction and squeezed Derek’s hand to tight cutting off the blood circulation”.


Oh poor guy I meant Derek, Johnny seriously just lost his man card. “We need you to deliver the baby” suddenly said a doctor. “What” my voice rose due to panic “she’s having trouble getting the baby out your hands the smallest one to you know pull out”.


Mandy nodded in confirmation with the doctor.


“Mandy I can’t I mean firstly I don’t think I’m qualified…..and don’t you think it’s something a best friend should not do” “to bad” she pushed me towards Suzie bed.


I grumbled and rolled up my sleeves, you know when I picture the gift of life I always imagined myself on the other side you know actually giving birth not being the receiver.


“What do I do?” I turned towards the doctor “well you going to catch it like a football when she pops it out you grab it…kind of like a receiver”.


Great I know nothing about football.


“Ok Suzie PUSH!” she shook her head violently as Robbie held her down. “I CAN’T I CAN’T”  she yelled “THIS IS GOD’S CHILD ARE YOU DENYING GOD SOMETHIN” she shook her head “GOOD NOW PUSH WOMEN!”


After one final push I grabbed the baby and wrapped a pink towel around her, i handed her over to the proud mother and father. “It’s a girl…it’s a girl” cried Robbie, “hi baby girl” cooed Suzie “or should I say Laura Olivia Summers”


I delivered a child! “I DELIVERED A BABY” I cheered “I have to go tell my dad I helped birth a baby” “no Angie don-“


I ignored them and called my dad “hey daddy guess what I delivered a baby” “you did what! Oh my gosh I knew it…I knew you were getting bigger” I gasped in horror “it’s ok we will figure this out and it’s ok everybody get’s fat…now tell me where Derek is so I can kill that no good piece of-“DAD!” I yelled.


“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU CALLED ME FAT! I DELIVERED SUZIE’S BABY” he sighed in relief “I was joking” he chuckled nervously. “Sure dad call you back” I hung up and looked at everybody.


“Ha-ha I can’t wait until Derek is awake… he is in for a treat”.




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Author: Faith H. Collins

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