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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 33 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 33

“Please for the love of all things, stop talking about IT I get it” Johnny exclaimed groaning while I walked out of the church amused. “Yeah I’m with Johnny on this one” Derek glared at Zoe who was in a fit of giggles and grabbed my hand, “I mean come on guys cut Derek some slack” Johnny continued.


“You can’t blame him for fainting he’s only human” we stared at Johnny in disbelief; Derek wasn’t the one who fainted because he saw lady parts.


“Well I’m not the one who fainted because the doctor lifted up her hospital robe un-like you” he shot daggers towards Johnny “I took the gift of life like a man, but lack of blood flow prevented me from showing you up”.


I could not believe my ears it has been a whole week since i witnessed the precious gift of life and they took that gift and turned it into some guy contest.




Suzie looked at the floor blushing; she’s having trouble coping with the fact that not only Robbie saw the whole body that is Suzie Summers. “Hey” I defended Suzie “did you guys carry a baby for nine months’? Did you guys have to deal with contractions? Do you boys have to deal with Mother Nature in the middle of the month”.


Now they were shaking their heads blushing “aww look” cried Suzie “you made them blush while talking about period’s awww” squealed Suzie.


I think I made my point.


We walked along the warm streets of Miami Florida as we passed many shops my eyes wandered to each store, patiently waiting for the ice-cream shop I’ve heard so much about. I miss ice cream.


You know Ben Franklin said that ‘Ice cream is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy


Or was that beer? Still ice-cream screams happiness right now.


Finally hearing the familiar chime as you enter the warm air-conditioned…..did I say air conditioned ice cream shop I decided to finally tune into the conversation.


“Well un-like Johnny I didn’t faint like a girl” snickered Derek sliding into the same booth as Suzie and I.


“You faint once and you never hear the end of it” Johnny murmured from the other side of the booth, Suzie stood up ignoring his comment.


“Ok since I’m no longer bloated like a balloon….thank you Laura….. I will order everybody ice cream in hopes you all forget the fact that you saw my bikini zone” she smiled brightly looking back and forth at everybody.


“I’ll have a chocolate chip babe” replied Robbie, “two mint chocolate chips for Zoe and I” commanded Johnny.


Derek looked up at the menu and smiled “Angie and I will have the fudge Sunday” Suzie smiled and left me with my thoughts. I’m sharing a sundae with Derek. Who is a guy. Also known as my boyfriend.


When I was 7, I saw Cathie (ex bestie) sharing a ice-cream with Tristan (man who is officially dead to me), I promised myself that when I was going to get serious with a guy I would share an ice-cream with him.



“Der I can’t share a Sunday with you” I blurted he raised an eyebrow “and why is that…oh wait don’t tell me….your already sharing one with another guy” he gasped holding his heart as if it hurt him.


“Well…I mean….what if we swap spit?” I said quickly un-able to come up with anything else, my friends laughed as they heard my lame excuse.


“I think it’s a little late for that” he whispered his cool breath fanning my ear, Johnny pinched my cheeks “aww remember when I was as naive than her….you guys are so adorable” he cooed.


“I know right” smiled Zoe as Suzie handed out the ice cream and sat back down, “I knew they would get together the whole time I just knew they would live to be AN-EK”.




“Ex-cu-se me” I stretched my words trying to sound like Carol when she snapped her fingers in a z formation.


“If I recall when I met Derek you forbid from going out with him….no wait even talking to him” she blushed “wha…psh no” I nodded “when I told you I kissed him you more than freaked out”.


“Wait you told her?” Laughed Derek “yeah” I admitted shyly “wait hold one” stopped Robbie “hey hold on how did it happen”


I laughed “well it all started on the first day……”


“Is Derek in all of our classes” I wondered , she looked at me with sorry eyes “stop right now” she shook her head, i was confused on why she wanted me to stop something i didn’t do. “What do you mean stop?” she sighed “look i don’t think you should get involved with Derek he is bad news” here she goes again judging people.


“Have you talked to him” she shook her head “look i don’t have to talk to him to know this: he is a player he goes out with at least 8 girls every week” i shrugged “maybe he just likes being consistent” “girl if you go out with him he will make out with you, have sex, and dump you he does it with everybody”.


“Omg I remember that” Squealed Suzie I nodded “so then Derek walked up to me…..”


Derek looked at me and smiled cockily, I had to admit his perfect white teeth gave me chills he moved closer to me. “Hey there pretty brown eyes watcha doin’ later tonight” he sang softly, was that supposed to be a pick up line he stole that from Cody Simpson. At least if you’re trying to please me make up your own little pick up line, i wonder if that’s under the commandment “thall shall not steal”. “So that’s your pick up line you stole that from Cody Simpson” i glared as he made fun of one of the hottest Australian singers


“Aww dude you gave her chills” laughed Johnny as Derek smirked cockily “go ahead Angie I want to hear how I gave you chills”. I glared but continued “So then Zoe and I were walking home…….”


“Ok you listen here” she pointed to Derek “you hit on her, you go out with her, I kill you understand” he smiled cockily “so I’m not allowed to talk to him?” she nods keeping an Army stance. “Hey Angel you wanna walk” I nod happily smile at Zoe “i’m forbidding this” so me a Derek where talking and Zoe was trailing behind “forbidding” our conversation


“I can’t believe she actually forbid your conversation” laughed Johnny slapping his knee “laugh it up boy I ain’t kissing you tonight” she smirked. I smiled “so then when we kissed….”


“I JUST KISSED DEREK HUNTER I JUST KISSED DEREK HUNTER EEEEEEP”. Then I just realized my lips were no longer virgins “I JUST HAD MY FIRST Kiss’s squealed I then realized what this means “I like Derek” I finally admitted it to myself. I had a crush on the hottest guy in the school am I proud of it………..a little but Zoey won’t be happy. “Zoey is going to hate me” I said “yes I am” I heard I turned around to see Zoey fuming with anger.


As I finished that piece of the story I realised I just told them that I had a two-minute girly moment “so let me get this straight” laughed Robbie holding on to his stomach trying to control himself. “You had a girly moment about kissing this noob” Robbie chuckled pointing toward Derek “ok ok just let me get to lecture part” I blushed trying to make sure they didn’t laugh at me once more.


YOU DID WHAT” she yelled giving me the lecture on Derek, while I sat on my bed sighing and thinking about him. “I TOLD YOU THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN did you listen? Of course not” she huffed “I’m sorry it just happened God it was amazing it felt so-“um gross” she groaned.


“Wow she did spaze” agreed Suzie “holy” exclaimed Johnny “that is way off from what Derek told us what happened” Johnny stared at Derek suspiciously. “Because she’s wrong this is how I remember it….”


Angie had just walked into her house with Tristan, now I’m a very observant person and I realised that her parents car was not in the driveway….so using inferring skills I realised that Tristan was just trying to take away her virginity. I couldn’t let that happen. SO I started running towards her house I heard her muffle cries calling me “DEREK DEREK COME SAVE ME YOU NIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR”.


“Yeah right” I laughed “that is not what-“bu bu bu let DEREK finish the story…”


So I broke down the door and saw that she was all tied up I swooped down grabbed her in my arms and kissed her…and then she rejected me”.


I stared at him in disbelief “firstly I was not longing for you…secondly you did not save me…I could have saved myself” Johnny laughed along with Robbie. “That’s not what you told us” said Johnny




“Derek has just finished putting on his tuxedo which he was wearing to this very rich ball he was invited to…suddenly hearing the muffled screams of a lady in distress he grabbed a hold of his gun. He made a superhuman leap out of his house straight to your entrance, bursting through the door, he opened the basement stores and saw the evil Tristan plotting to kill Angel. “Who are you?” Tristan asked “Hunter….Derek Hunter” suddenly he grabbed Angel gave her a long patient kiss and sent Tristan away to his doom.


Now everybody was laughing at Derek “Liar” I sing songed pointing towards Zoe. “Well…uh the evidence does support that.


“Guys we were wild back then”  sighed Zoe taking a huge spoonful of mint choco and placing it in her mouth “yeah well I’m glad all those stupid days of hitting on girls are done” Johnny said staring at Zoe.


“Oh remember when Johnny hit on you in the cafe” everybody stared at Suzie, I looked at Johnny ashamed….but he looked even more ashamed.


“HE WHAT!” roared Derek looking at Johnny as if he wanted to murder him “hey he dude calm down you knew what I was like back then….I was in love with Zoe and she didn’t love me I had to get a rebound” “yo rebound is sitting right beside you” I mumbled. “Plus technically it was your fault since I wanted to invite you that day to invite girls but you decided to have one more summer fling with Carol Thompson”


I felt like giving Johnny a shovel for the amount of things that where just digging himself deeper and deeper, see if we were talking about an actual hole it would have been more than 6 feet.


“You thought Angie was cute” whispered Zoe looking more broken than ever “yes but I also stomped on a bible….I wasn’t thinking” she smiled hugging him.




Finally having enough of this mushy junk my mind was set on ice cream but when I went to put some on my spoon I realised my half wasn’t even there…..that no good ice cream stealer ate half of the ice cream and was now placing another big spoonful into his mouth.


“Can I have some pwease” he shook his head, what? So when Bre talks like that she get’s to see Frozen and get’s a huge thing of popcorn. What do I get? BUBKISS, NADA!


“If you’re going to act like Bre I must feed you life Bre” I shook my head furiously “NO DEREK I can feed myself don’t-“ and he placed the spoon in my mouth.  “Good girl” he coed “now if you finish all your food I’ll get you a doll” I pouted at Derek “but I no want a doll” Zoe’s eyes traveled to me and Derek with disbelief.


That seems to be the similar emotion here….disbelief. Maybe it’s like alcohol give us ice-cream and the secrets just begin to come out, “you guys have to be the weirdest couple I’ve ever seen”.


I stood up towering over him “says the guy dating a highlighter” I huffed standing up with Zoe to examine her neon green jeans.


Everybody began to clean the mess that we had created when I saw Derek dangling a cherry in front of my eyes “ eat it” he commanded “uhh…no” “oh come on this may be the best tasting cherry in the world but you wouldn’t know because you’re not going to eat it”.


I rolled my eyes and leaned against him biting onto the cherry, k it was pretty good. “You where right” I mumbled into his shirt.


“Oh my gosh you guys are like high school musical three” squealed Suzie “yeah I saw that scene, awe Troy and Gabriella” agreed Zoe. “No Troy  was  a basketball player Derek is more football” this time we all turned to Johnny “ummm..Bre wanted to watch it” tried Johnny.


Ignoring them I looked at Derek “you will always be my Troy” “and you will always be my beast”


WAY TO KILL THE MOMENT! “Wait that’s the wrong movie isn’t it” he groaned “Disney these days” he muttered


“Fine your my beauty because you saved me from being a beast” he leaned closer to me our noses touching “your turned me into a Prince” “NO” I said capturing his lips. “You where always a prince in my eyes” my hands slid around his neck as our lips moved in sync he leaned toward my neck and kissed my all the way to my chest.


“Derek” I whined staring at everybody staring at us “sorry” he whispered “still fresh to this whole Christian thing but I will say this…..” his lips moved toward my ear “Angel Storm you are quite the temptation”.


“Ugh you guys are sooo cliché” groaned Zoe




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