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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 34 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 34

Romans 8:18


For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.


“So everything is going back to normal I guess” Angie smiled lacing her fingers with mine, she stared at the floor I sighed while shaking my head. Angie if you only knew. “N-not really” I stuttered mentally preparing myself for something I had been keeping a secret since I was I was 15.


“Der…What’s going on” she said slowly then her eyes went wide and her hand moved to her mouth “oh my god, you’re taking drugs…”.


That’s my girl constantly jumping to conclusions “no…I’m moving” her head dropped.


I probably should have worded that better.


“Let me explain…hopefully I’ll do this right” hopefully I talk a lot because then I’m bound to say something smart. God don’t fail me now!


“So before I went to the hospital my dad and I had a…very” I coughed “healthy discussion” Angie gave me the look saying ‘not even God is buying that’ I sighed falling helpless to her death glare.


“Ok we had a fight and since I was in the mental hospital, and then I stayed at your place, after the hospital thing happened one thing led to another and Bre and I haven’t been home in like 5 weeks”.


“And now you can’t face him… so you’re moving quite a cowardly UN-manly move if you ask me” she yelled, yeah she’s upset.


“Not finished” I interrupted she huffed crossing her arms and mumbling some un Christian words, I sat down trying to get her to calm down.


“Well then I might as well sit down, it’s going to take forever to explain yourself” I patted the seat beside me she huffed and scooted closer to me.


“Hey” I lifted my hands up in surrender “I’m a very mysterious guy I have many layers within me” she laughed “mhmm I’m sure” I took a deep breath and continued.


“A year ago around the time that you came I went to court and was given a legal court order, which basically made me the legal guardian of Bre. I was her legal parent, and considering I had managed to get two jobs, manage to go to school and pay the bills I could have left at any time….but I waited”.


How could I do this? How could I just dump all this on her? How is she still here and not running for the hills by now? “Why did you wait” she finally spoke making me question that myself.


Why did I wait? Why did I endure all those painful things they did to me and said to me?


Was it because I love them? Or was it because I’m a gigantic idiot?


“I thought if I stayed” my voice cracked “I-I thought maybe they would change” she nodded. Hearing those words a loud it made me realise how stupid I had been before coming to Christ. Now that has to be the best thing I’ve done so far.


“And how did that turn out?” she questioned with an amused look on her face “well if I hadn’t stayed here I would have met you…or Jesus…but mostly Jesus” she laughed punching my arm lightly.

Finally as we settled down she grabbed my hand “you need to do it…you need to leave” a tear rolled down her cheek she looked away not wanting me to see her cry.


“Hey” I whispered turning her head and wiping the small tear from her face “I’m not going anywhere I’m only going to be 5 minutes away…..” I trailed off putting my arm around her.


I put my hand in my pocket looking for my other secret I’d been keeping ‘tell her tell her’ my gut told me but my heart said to wait.


“Bre and I already packed everything” I faced her “now all we have to do is face my parents-“we” she interrupted doing air quotes. “Did you say ‘we’…because we isn’t even seven years old-“but I just thought” she closed my mouth for me and continued to speak.


“NO haven’t you already harmed Bre enough with your sexual innuendos and all the intercourse you used to have by her virgin ears” she ranted throwing her hands up in the air. While I, I sat in amusement listening to her rant on and on about Bre and sexual things.


I bursted into laughter which made her even more hysterical “you think I’m joking, I already spent a year and a half beside you house and now…” she pulled a disgusting face “I’m your girlfriend and in love with you”.


“I didn’t know loving me was such a bad thing” I chuckled; she grabbed my hand as we watched the passing cars. I started thinking about all the possible things that could happen, I began to think about all the bad possibilities and all the good possibilities. Realising what I was doing I stopped mid thought; here I am worry about all the things that could go wrong when I have no control over it.


If God wills whatever is to happen I have no choice but to say the same thing God said before he died “my father if this is your will then let you will be done” translation “dude if this is what you want then….bring it”.


“Bring it” I whispered standing up “wish me luck I’m going on” I hugged her she hugged back ” I don’t believe in luck but for your sake I’m gonna pray for you” I smiled slightly a put on a serious face. I walked away my stare lingering before I turned around and opened the door.


Angel Storm you better be praying for me.


Instantly as I opened the door the intoxicating smell of my dad’s smoke burned my nostrils, maybe If I just walk by them silently and plug my nose they won’t even notice?


So to test out my theory I tiptoed out of the hallway and into the kitchen of course dumb me….they were in the kitchen. “Rookie” I muttered standing up “oh look who it is” snarled my mother as they both stepped closer to me.


“Oh Kayla look it’s or son” he then covered his mouth and gasped flakily “or am I not allowed to call you that?”


My mind instantly flashed to the last time I talked to him…


“SON WAIT!” he yelled actually getting up from his seat, aww he got up for me I feel so very special (sarcasm).


“Don’t call me that” I snapped grabbing my bike and helmet. How could I say that to him? How? He’s my dad? Before hopping on my bike I nervously grabbed the note out of my pocket…….


So much pent-up rage and yet somehow I had forgiven him “Dad” you may say whatever you want about me I’ve stopped caring I’m only here to do one thing” they laughed together holding their stomach’s.


“BIG words son, where did you get that from…what happened did she turn you into one of those freaks” my dad wiped an imaginary tear from his eye.


I smiled nodding my head “actually yes and I’m not just a freak….I’m a Jesus freak and proud” they both looked at each other shocked.


“He’s a Christian….I have officially failed as a mother” she wailed leaping into my dad’s arms, geez she needs a Grammy. Ignoring her desperate wails I stomped up the stairs to retrieve Bre, WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING” my dad yelled sending spit in various directions.


All of a sudden I turned around and faced my father with the same amount of calmness I had the moment I stepped through that door.


I only came here to finish this.


“Look father I love and I forgive you for all the times you failed to see for who I truly I am, but this is a done deal. I’m not going to live here anymore and that is final it’s what I want, what God wants and what Angie –


“Oh so now she’s making you decision I didn’t understand she was ruling you” I shook my head “Dad this is what I want and God is my ruler nobody else, I’m not leaving for good just for now. I’m still going to remember the times you taught me how to read, write… and pick up girls” I paused thinking back to how happy my dad was.


Before the alcohol.


“Dad you have a problem, you know God has saved me from a lot of things he has even blessed with a gift and I can-


“STOP” he yelled pressing his hands against his ears, making my mother stare at him in confusion. “I don’t need your help” he walked closer to me “or your God’s help” he walked closer and closer and each step he took made every word louder and louder. “Son I used to believe you where just like me…like you were made in my image” I patted my dad’s shoulder.


“But that’s something you never got…I was never made in your image I was made in God’s” he dropped his beer can and hugged me…he actually hugged me. “I finally understand and I accept you but good luck trying to convince your mother.


For once my father was right, and for once I hated the fact that he was right.


I dramatically sighed and walked over to my mother, “mom I forg-“oh don’t give me that forgiveness crap…I raised you”.


Hey! Everybody gathers round’ my mom’s doing stand up.


Honestly I’m furious I mean come on she can’t be that blind. She didn’t raise me at all her mother raised me!


“Mom your wrong and like I said to dad I forgive you I love you after all but you need to face the facts” she crossed her arms trying to size me up. “And what would that be?” “The fact is you didn’t raise Bre or me, Grandma is gone and now Bre is my responsibility”.


Her jaw dropped “w-what are you saying?” “Bre and I are leaving that is my decision” I turned around and started walking up stares my mother grabbed my wrist and pulled me down stairs.


“You can’t just take away my daughter…that’s kidnapping of course you wouldn’t know that because they would never teach you something good at church” she sneered.


She insulted my religion and yet I couldn’t feel it.


“Mom say what you will about my religion but I’m not kidnapping, I have legal permit” I took out my wallet and took it out, there it was hidden under a picture.


It was taken at the church Bre and Angie both wore goofy faces as they sat beside on the floor a cross hanging above them.


Those are my girls, the girls that mean everything to me.


I unfolded the permit and they both stared at it frozen in fear “when the hell did you get our signatures” I smiled thoughtfully. Now that I was very proud of “do you guys remember the great hangover of 98′.


It wasn’t in 98 but it had such a good ring to it.


The both shook their heads as I pointed to each one of the messily scripted name on the sheet, “well I got mom’s when I caught her with your beer and smokes apparently she was ‘checking if it was safe’ I made her sign what she thought was a confidentiality agreement”.


I turned to my father and smiled who then glared at my mother “dad gave me the signature when he attempted to kill a bee with your curling iron destroying your vogue magazine and you $500 dollar iron”.


If we were in a cartoon with bug’s bunny and tweety bird smoke would be coming out of her ears, she was that upset. She turned to my father and pointed at him not speaking a word but turning redder and redder by the minute.


“YOU DID WHAT!” she howled causing my huge ass of a father to jump up in surprise “you said Bre did, oh you are so not getting laid tonight” she hissed. My father waved her off ignoring her and turning to me “take her you’re a way better future than I will ever be” I nodded slightly and sprinted up stares.


I opened the door to find Bre sitting on the bed crying her eyes out “Bre” she opened her eyes and ran up to me hugging me with dear life. “I taught you won’t gunna come for me” “I’ll always come for you” “promwise?” “Promise” I clarified grabbing her suitcase and toy chest.


“Are we kweepin de furniture?” I smiled rolling my eyes “what you think I’m made of money?”


She waved her bed room goodbye and skipped down stairs, mid skip my mom grabbed her wrist and began to drag her away. Dropping the suitcase and chest I proceeded into bad boy brother mode and grabbed a hold of Bre putting her on my side.


My mother tried desperately to grab her “no no no” she shouted “you are not taking away my daughter” she grabbed Bre so forcefully that she was dragging her on the floor. “NO! NO! DWECK HELP! NO YOU PWOMISED NO! I NO WANT TO LIVE WIF A PERSON WHO LOCKED ME IN MY CWOSET”.


She locked Bre in the closet, it made my blood boil. My father broke what he said………..


” I started walking away and then turned back to my dad “I’m coming back for Bre one day if I find out you somehow lay a finger on Bre I’ll kill you” he laughed evilly.


“You SAID you didn’t touch her” he shook his head “I-I didn’t know, your-your mother did this ON HER OWN”.


I heard my mom huff, “well she wouldn’t take off her cross so I did would any reasonable person would do” REASONABLE! She should have gone to a mental hospital INSTEAD OF ME!


I silently dialed 9-1-1, and put my phone behind my back.


“So you stuffed you own daughter in the closet just because she wore a cross” “yes” “for how long” she shrugged tapping her chin thinking back. “About a week or two…with no food” “so no food” “nope” “no water” “nope”. I saw the sheriff in the window and give him a silent nod.


Suddenly 3 police officers burst through the doors holding their small yet terrifying guns up in the air.


“EVERYBODY FREEZE” the sheriff cried, he pointed to the floor “ON THE FLOOR NOW” he barked. Angie came through looking as terrified as ever.


I went down on my back putting my hands on my back; it’s not the first time I’ve done this before. I searched my dad’s face for some sort of emotion but he was calm…almost to calm. “I’m sorry” I mouthed to him he shook his head while they hand cuffed them.


“It’s ok. I understand” he mouthed back, I looked over at my mom and her expression was more than evident she looked like she had just been well defeated. She looked angry, fearful and very confused the two remaining officers picked my parents up and dragged them to Bre, Angie and I.


“Derek did you call 9-1-1” I nodded smiling proudly “well this has to be the first time you called the police…usually people call for you” he chuckled patting me on the back. “Wait you know this guy?” she pointed to the Sheriff “yeah this is my Uncle Mark, Mark meet my girlfriend” he looked at me confused.


“Yes my actual girlfriend Angie” she shook his hand politely “how? What?” she titled her head trying to put everything together. “Angie your smart you had to realise there was a reason I had never been arrested” I smirked hugging my uncle “well I’m just glad somebody is finally able to tame this hooligan”.


The man holding my father cleared his throat directing our attention to my parents. “Kayla and Kyle Hunter you both are arrested for child abuse. Kayla Hunter you are also under arrest for assaulting an officer”.


She tried lunging towards me but the strength of the man holding her was more than her “SHE’S MY CHILD MINE!” she yelled “OH FOR GOD’S SAKE GIVE A REST WOMAN” my dad finally snapped. “Mom I know you don’t understand but this is honestly for your own good”.


“You little…ugh I hate Christianity” she wailed. The officers having enough of her stupidity dragged her away. “Bye Derek if you need anything don’t hesitate to call” he bent down to Bre’s level “do you wanna build a snowman?” I groaned.


Behold the man the fuels Bre’s obsession, I waved my Uncle and my parents off and finally turned to Angie. “Looks like I have no choice but to move out!” I chuckled attempting to get to the humor side of things “yeah I guess” she whispered placing her head on my shoulders.


“You know I’m just a phone call away” she sniffled and opened the door “come on Bre where finally getting out of here what do you have to say that?” she smiled thrusting her hands up in the air.


“PRWAISE JESUS!” she yelled, we walked out of the house and I finally closed the door…that door was shut…no going back. “As my old life passes away you alone can confront me” I whispered stepping away from my house, I had always imagined what it would be like to get away from this place.


And yet I couldn’t. If it wasn’t for this house and my huge mouth of course Angel and I would have never ended up together. “Come on Der” she said tugging on my sleeve “the moving guys are ready” she slowly dragged me away from the place that once brought me pain and happiness.


I guess that’s how you know you have lived. That’s right I’m almost in Grade 12 and I’VE LIVED.


1 Hour Later!


“THIS IS AMAZING” laughed Angie marvelling at something I can almost not afford “you like it?” she nodded. “Wook a window” Bre exclaimed pointing to her small window, “hey Angie I even got you a room” she stepped back and fell on Bre’s mattress.


“What do you mean?” she sighed “I can’t live with you until marriage” I shrugged, I may have forgotten about that part in the bible. “I understand…seal it with a kiss” “gladly” she leaned in closing her eyes I could just feel her breath when Bre said “ugh get a room” I chuckled. “Gladly” I hopped of the bed shoved her out and closed the door.


She bit her lip as I hovered over her, she ran her fingers though my hair so as I placed my hand on her cheek running my thumb over her left cheek I whispered “mine” my lips then moved to her ear. “No I’m not” she whimpered I slammed my lips against her’s pulling her closer by the waist, I think did a risky move and pulled her on top of me.


“Mine” I whispered once more my breath fanning her face “yours” she whispered finally, “one day Angie….one day you will be mine forever” she looked and me shocked and moved to the other side of the bed. I pulled out the secret I’ve been keeping; I really am a man of mystery. It’s a promise ring “Angie in a few more weeks were going to be in grade 12…I know where young and all” I said rolling my eyes “but one day someday far far far away…I’m talkin’ like mid 20’s”.


She laughed slapping my arm playfully “I may be drunk enough to actually marry you” “Derek” she gasped “ok ok” I coughed trying to get to the sappy part of my long rehearsed speech. “Ok honestly I have nothing to offer you but this ring but Angie right now I believe you are it, you’re the girl”.


She grabbed my collar and kissed me, hard I’ve never seen this kind of Angie before. This girl is NOT acting like an Angel; she moved her right lip so that she could bite my lip.


Well somebody’s feeling daring today.


“Yes” she blushed as she held out her hand; I hugged her and put the ring on her. “My dad’s going to flip” she gasped trying to take the ring off “oh my God it’s stuck” she panicked fumbling to get the ring off.


“Why would your dad…” the it dawned on me, that man is going to have my head “take it off” I shrieked grabbing her hand and trying to yank it off. I gave up that sucker was going to be on for a while “Angie I’m sure he will be ok with it” I tried assuring me.


“Fine your funeral” she shrugged lopping her hand in mine “so about dad’s how are you doing with the whole parent in jail thing”. I chuckled “man I have been wanting to see their sorry ass’s in jail since forever” “MR.HUNTER” she hissed, “hey” I defended “ass is in the bible so it’s ok” she rolled her eyes.


“So is David who spied on a naked woman and then had sex with set women does that mean you can go watch porn and watch naked girls” she yelled throwing her arms up in the air. “The only girl I wanna see is…you” I replied honestly she glared as me which made me throw my hands up in surrender.


You try to be romantic and that’s what I get…girls these days just make everything difficult


“Well excuse me…I didn’t know it was a crime to want to see your girl naked” I stopped mid sentence realising how demented i just sounded “but not today” I added quickly.


Just as she was about to open her mouth to answer Bre’s voice echoed though the apartment, “why do you wanna see Angie nakwed and whats pworn?”


“NOT IT” yelled Angie “I had to explain what a make out session was last time” she shuttered. I got up and playfully stared at her not speaking a word but just staring at her in annoyance.


“Love you” she offered


“I can already feel like that ring is a mistake” I grumbled

God that women is going to test my faith.






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Author: Faith H. Collins

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