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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 35 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 35

1 Corinthians 6:9-11


9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous[a] will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,[b] 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified



*1 year later*


“He’s going to ask you! I mean how could he not” laughed Suzie “yes I would agree it is theoretically impossible for him not to ask you” here we go again “trust me” Mandy reassured, “girl she’s done the math, math don’t lie”.


Oh good grief, thank you friends for giving me false hope.


“I don’t know” I shrugged walking into one of the many dress shops they have in the mall “I mean we are dating” I smiled playing with the ring he gave last year.


“We’re going together anyways…”I sighed trying to brighten up “plus proms tomorrow” and I still don’t have a dress. Perfect.


“Are you crazy?” Shrieked Suzie causing her almost 1 year Old baby Olivia to start crying once more “great” she mumbled trying to get her annoying, but adorable baby girl to shut up.


“He’s going to ask you. He’s just waiting for the right time you know like Steven, Johnny and Robbie”.


Oh yes the isn’t that just the cherry on my ‘everybody got asked to prom sundae’, and it wasn’t just ‘will you go to prom with me’ no I’m talking about so much romance it brought tears to my eyes.


Wait hold the phone; hold the phone “Steven?” I looked at Mandy as she blushed while tucking a small hair behind her ear.


“Well you know the guy in my honors tech class” I nodded in remembrance “well we did a project together and he kind of programmed himself into my heart” she snorted “he came up to me…” she sighed making me groan.


“And he said ‘do you like PC because just like the program I am user-friendly” Zoe looked at me “I think it’s a pick up line” I whispered trying to catch on.


“So then” she gushed, God this day is never going to end “he programmed the question into my computer” she held her hand against her chest.


“Great!” I exclaimed trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible “well maybe he is just being a guy” tried Suzie.


“R-I-G-H-T because a regular guy would defiantly right the question on a diaper” I rolled my eyes sarcasm evident in my voice.


“Yeah” defended Zoe sticking her nose in the air “you can’t talk” I huffed looking though the aisle, “Zoe your boyfriend cut your grass into the word Prom? And he even climbed a tree for you”.


See this is how un-fair my life is, normally I would think guys would be too lazy to do a grand upfront gesture but obviously I was wrong.


Very. Very. Wrong.

Suddenly a felt a body press against mine “hey babe” I smiled looking up and peaking him on the lips “where were you?” I asked placing my hands on his chest “uhh…getting a tux” he replied in a duh’ tone.


“What else would I be doing? Prom’s tomorrow and I have to look nice after all I’m taking the prettiest girl in the world” Johnny coughed hugging Zoe from behind.


“Well Derek you must be blind then” interjected Jonny,


UN-BELIEVEABLE here I am waiting for him, and expecting him to be romantic and this is how he asks me.


“Is that your attempt to ask me” I quirked an eyebrow he nodded smiling harmlessly, like he didn’t even know how big of a deal this is to me.


“Come up with something else or you’ll be dancing with yourself” I pushed him away from me and grabbed two dresses I wanted to try on.


I locked myself in the dressing room and pressed my ear against the door “you idiot” I heard Zoe yell “ugh I screwed up” “big time” everybody said in unison.


“Babe?” he exclaimed knocking on the door “yes” my voice barely a whisper “look I’m sorry please forgive me” I sighed throwing my hands up in the air “you know I can’t stay mad at you…I guess I just got carried away”.


“Ok Cutie see you at church”


“See you then”


I collapsed sitting on the change room floor I began to cry,


I know how stupid that is.


Here I am crying over somebody asking me to prom, I wiped my alligator tears away and looked down at my cross. Realising the time I ran out of the change room grabbed a dress and a head band, praying to the Lord my God that they matched.


I quickly paid and walked out of the store.


I’m going to church; no stupid Prom is going to stop me from doing that.


I quickly walked to my car until I heard a familiar, somewhat idiotic boy calling my name “ANGIE! ANGIE! GOD GIRL! STOP WALKING LIKE YOUR ASS IS ON FIRE” I clenched my fist and turned around.


He swore on purpose “you swore” I pointed toward him glaring at him, he nodded “what do you want” I snapped, he stepped back.


My fight is with Derek not him “sorry Johnny what’s up” I forced myself to smile “well firstly I would like to apologize for swearing tho’ technically ass is an ok word to say-“you losing me Johnny” I glared.


“Right right”- he shook his head “anyways I wanted to apologize for what happened between you and Derek, trust me he’s just being bone-headed Derek”.


Bone-headed was an understatement.


“Angie look at me” he demanded I looked up slightly which earned a big grin from him “see your stronger than you think you are” I wrapped my arms around him hugging him for dear life.


“You’re my sister” he whispered “and I don’t want to see you get hurt not by Carol, not by Derek. Well… anybody for that matter” he wrapped his arms around me not hugging me, but suffocating me.


I felt like I’m being hugged by a boa constrictor, “you’re hurting me” I choked out “no Derek hurt you” he shhs’d me patting my hair like a child. “Yeah he did, and now you are” he got the message and let go.


After breathing heavily for some time, I linked arms with Johnny and smiled “come on bro where going to church”.


“After you sis” he linked arms with me and we skipped out of the mall like a bunch of happy outrageous fools going to church.


Walking into the church made my cares just disappear, I walked though the pews and sat at my usual seat. The front.


Yep I was a nerd even at church up front and center; I stopped at the pew at stared frozen in confusion.


All my friends where here, even Mandy and she never usually comes here.


This must be the day before judgement.


“Hey” I smiled waving at my friends; I must have a lot of friends because they took up an entire pew.


Suddenly the church pew emptied as Johnny, Robbie, and Steven (Mandy’s new nerdy squeeze) left excusing themselves for apparent digestive problems.


Obviously Steven was lying because after they left the pew he went straight up to the stage, weird huh?


I stared at Steven typing away at the computer, and by God could Mandy pick’em, “good job” I applauded Mandy “cute huh?” she smirked.


“Yes” I paused before adding “but not as cute as Derek” I smirked sending her a playful wink.


“Yeah well we all can’t have cute, hot, sexy bad boys” she mumbled into her sleeve.


Suddenly my dad came running onto the stage the same as he did…well every single day.


“Good after noon Florida Tabernacle” he rubbed his hands together excitedly “so by now you must all know our two youth group leader’s Jonathan Saul and Derek Hunter”.


The congregation nodded in remembrance “well what you may not know is he is going out with my beautiful daughter Angel, and although I’m opposed to them marrying…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BOY!” he shouted sending me to blush in embarrassment.


“He has something to ask her…hopefully it’s not a marriage proposal…” he trailed off flexing his invisible muscles to Derek.


Johnny came up carrying his big fancy guitar, and so did Derek carrying a microphone.


“Hello everybody it’s me Derek Hunter and although the old man says I can’t marry the beautiful Angel please direct your eyes to the video”.


Suddenly on the two screens beside the stage a video appeared, “she walked into my life and suddenly time stopped” pictures flashed of Derek looking at me.


“AND I fell for her” suddenly there where pictures of Derek and I hugging in public places.


“HARD” Pictures flashed rapidly of multiple pictures all with the common thing in our eyes, love.


We really do look like love-sick puppies “but I’m not here to tell you how or why I fell for her because that would take too much time”. He suddenly looked into my eyes, his blue eyes pouring into mine.


Oh good grief this must be heaven.


“You kiss a lot” commented Mandy leaning against me.


“Angie I have one thing to ask you” I stared at him as if I was a deer in head lights. See most girls like attention, most girls like it to be known that there in love. Me.


I would love to hide in that little corner of the church so nobody could see me, but hey I’m weird or ‘unique’ as my father so beautifully puts.


“Come sing with me? For once…just be fearless”


Johnny began to strum along to  the music and I knew this song way to well, no wonder Bre wanted me to watch Austin & Ally last night.


I was pushed towards the stage and the part of my brain that was telling me I was too scared to do this was silenced.


Before I realized what was going on, before my body could react I was holding onto the microphone waiting for the music to start. Still looking into his eyes.


“When you’re on your own


Drowning alone


And you need a rope that can pull you in


someone will throw it”


I sang smiling towards him, he looked at me and then at the crowd.


“And when you’re afraid


That you’re gonna break


And you need a way to feel strong again


Someone will know it”


I laughed as he nodded at the words winking at me.


“And even when it hurts the most


Try to have a little hope


That someone’s gonna be there when you don’t


When you don’t”


It was like he was trying to tell me something, singing specific parts that I didn’t yet know the meaning to. Now my stage fright was coming back, but I had no time to think about  that because I knew this was the part I was supposed to sing with him.


And I could barely remember the words.


“If you wanna cry, I’ll be your shoulder


If you wanna laugh, I’ll be your smile


If you wanna fly, I will be your sky


Anything you need that’s what I’ll be


You can come to me”


His voice was strong, his natural talent was there.


“You struggle inside


Losing your mind


Fighting and trying to be yourself


When somebody lets you”


This part was just made for Derek, so I sang it.


He smirked as the beat picked up, now it was his turn.


“Out in the cold


But nowhere to go


Feeling like no one could understand


Then somebody gets you”


So he finally admitted he was lost without me.


Took him long enough.


“So take a breath and let it go


And try to have a little hope


‘Cause someone’s gonna be there when you don’t


When you don’t”


If you wanna cry, I’ll be your shoulder


If you wanna laugh, I’ll be your smile


If you wanna fly, I will be your sky


Anything you need, that’s what I’ll be


You can come to me


We sang the chorus perfectly in synch like we had  actual practice.


“Like a chain that never breaks


Like a truth that never bends


Like a glue that takes a broken heart and puts it back again


It’s the feeling that you get


It’s the moment that you know


That no matter what the future holds


You’ll never be alone”


I grabbed his hand while I sang my part.


“If you wanna cry, I’ll be your shoulder


If you wanna laugh, I’ll be your smile


If you wanna fly, I will be your sky


Anything you need, that’s what I’ll be


If you wanna climb, I’ll be your ladder


If you wanna run, I’ll be your road


If you want a friend, doesn’t matter when


Anything you need, that’s what I’ll be


You can come to me”


Just when I thought the song was over, Johnny extended the note giving time for Derek to pull me closer.


“You can come to me,




“Angel Ruth Storm will you do me the honor and be my beautiful date to prom”, I tried to say yes but my voice wouldn’t work so I just nodded.


I lunged myself at him wrapping my arms around his neck “kiss my song bird” he smiled and kissed me. It wasn’t the kind of kiss that would make you feel hot and tingly, it was the kind of kiss where you knew you were loved.


“You can come to me” he sang against my lips, Zoe suddenly ran up to me tackling me into a hug.


“YOUR CURRENTLY FEARLESS” she screeched shaking me with delight. I shrugged pulled her arms away from me and went to hug Johnny.


This started a whole other argument.


I spent an hour explaining to Derek that Johnny was my brother and he was my boyfriend.


Men these days.




“What a day” I whispered falling onto my bed looking up at my ceiling and biting my lip.


Suddenly realising I haven’t in fact thanked God I proceeded to do just that.


“Thank you thank you thank” I squealed “Ok I’m calm, so God I can’t believe he asked me to the prom I know that was somewhat of you’re doing so thanks. In Jesus name Amen.”


After I stopped praying somebody knocked on my door, I opened it and there was Bre and Derek holding a long bag.


“ANGIE” she yelled lunging herself at me and wrapping her skinny little arms around my legs, “ANGIE” yelled Derek dropping the bag on my bed and hugging me.  “What’s that?” I pointed towards my bed where the dress was, “it’s you cinderella dress for de ball” she exclaimed jumping on my bed.


“What?” I whispered marvelling at the dress “Bre go find Angie’s daddy…go play with him” she squealed and exited the room.


Derek closed the door and before we could even begin to talk my dad swiftly yelled “THAT DOOR STAYS OPEN AT ALL TIMES YOUNG MAN”.


Fathers, you love them…you strongly dis-like them and pretend they didn’t raise you when an attractive boy is in the house.


Derek opened up the bag and I gasped moving my hands to my mouth, the dress was light blue with   blue sparkles starting from the top of the dress and coming down.


It wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little it was just the amount you wanted to be, it was strapless with a sweet heart neck line but it didn’t hang out. So nothing would be popping out.


The dress was long as the sparkles came down it turned into a blue bodice like skirt. It really did look like Cinderella’s dress, a modern-day Cinderella.


“I love it” he opened his arms inviting me in for a hug “I have to go” he whined moving away from me “Bre’s bed time is 8”.


He pecked me on the lips but at least that’s how it started out.


Something in the air switched and my heart was pumping faster and faster, he kissed me for a while his lips never leaving mine and I didn’t want it to.


He cupped my cheek leaving my hands free to roam, I ruffled his hair, and then my hands dipped down to his chest. I ran my hands along his shirt as he slammed me against the wall; finally we both came back to our senses and just stared at each other.


“What?…but I thought you didn’t want to do this until..” I nodded cutting him off “I guess…I just…It’s not easy ok? It’s not easy especially when I love you as much as I do, I feel like I really want to do this. I-I just don’t think God wants me to do this”.


“ I want it to” he admitted “but God knows what I really want and I know this isn’t it….but it wouldn’t hurt to do it a little bit right” I nodded a bit to eagerly.




He scooped me up and threw me on my bed, his tongue glided against my lips: I opened my mouth.


A soft moan came and my hands once again found the way to the hem of his shirt, without any hesitation I pulled it over his head and threw it somewhere in the room.


“You’re so good at this” he whispered kissing my stomach.


Was I ready for this? Was I ready to risk my virginity for this man that I love to pieces?


I think so?


Cautiously he began to pull my shirt off, I waited patiently until I began to see the outline of my bra he sighed and dropped my shirt.


“I can’t” I moved towards him, placing my head on his shoulder “Angie” he turned to me.


“I want to do this. Believe me. I-I can’t…..I can’t because no matter how many times I’ve envisioned doing this to you or more importantly ‘DOING YOU’ I can’t because when we do this I want it to be in marriage. I want it to be perfect not just some stupid release”.


I nodded grabbing his shirt from across the room “just go” I whispered not turning to him, “please Angie don’t take this the wrong way” “and what way should I take” I snapped.


“You know this is what God wants, it’s in the flippin’ bible for God sakes I have to obey”.


“Got it” I smiled brightly “see you tomorrow sweetie” he grinned holding onto the door knob “see babe I knew we could get past this” he closed the door.


I buried myself in my pillows “I knew we could get past this” I mimicked a tear escaping my eye.


Not today Derek, not any more.




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Author: Faith H. Collins

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