Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 36 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 36

John 6:37 “All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out.”



“Oh my girl you look gorgeous” she snapped her fingers admiring my dress; Suzie smiled at herself and pulled a piece of her beautifully curled blonde strand away from her face. She examined her gold strapless dress and slipped on her gold matching heels.


I stared at myself, Zoe had curled my hair to perfection making every curl beautifully bouncy, and a blue head band was placed on top of my curled hair giving it a more childish look.


My makeup was just natural, but yet it didn’t feel like me. Probably because I’m worried, I look like Carol.


I looked pretty; I just didn’t feel like it.


I just couldn’t shake the horrible feeling of all the events that happened last night; I frowned and re-applied my pink lipstick.


“Angel Storm stop doing this to yourself girl!” her voice softened “please just tell us what’s going on” I stopped staring at my depressed face and looked over at Suzie.


“Suzie when you and Robbie did ‘it’….how did you feel” Mandy dropped her straight iron and stared at me, as if I told her that star trek was the worst television show on the planet and that Spock was an idiot.


“It was embarrassing, dreadful, to put it short it’s something we both regret but ever since the baby….” she stopped mid-sentence “wait…oh my God…did you and Derek…”she gasped covering her eyes.


I shook my head blushing a bit “but I want to…is that wrong?” Mandy and Zoe nodded their head.


Suzie shook her head and made me sit down on my bed “no no of course not Angie you’re human too, everybody wants to have sex whether they admit it or not. Admitting you want to do this with Derek doesn’t make you a bad person it just means you love him, and if he really loves you he will have patience and wait for you. You have to wait for marriage”.


I’m sick of hearing ‘you have to wait for marriage’, why can’t I just do this. Suzie had sex with Robbie and they’re pretty happy together.


I just want to be like every other couple, is that so wrong?


“Angie just forget about this, prom awaits” I nodded quickly, grinning and pushing those stupid ideas ahead. “Zoey” yelled my father “OH MY GOSH! He’s here” she squealed slipping on her white sparkly heels to match her neon green dress with a white sparkly neck line.


That’s Zoe for you…going out with a bang.


“I’ll see you guys in the limo” we watched patiently waiting for Zoe to fall, see Zoe is wore 8 inch high heels. Shoes that big should have come with safety features, but never the less Miss. Oh so fearless decided dig her grave with those shoes.

“Ten bucks says she’ll make it half way” smirked Suzie “deal” ordered Mandy, so far we had heard the clicking and clacking of her heels coming down the hard wood stares then she stopped and we heard a thump.


Followed by my dad yelling “AND SHE’S DOWN!”


And this, my friend is how Suzie Summers became ten dollars richer.


“Suzan, Amanda there appears to me Robert and some nerd like creature standing in my hallway” there was some brief whispering “oh ok now he says that he’s your date”.


Suzie waved me goodbye and then suddenly Mandy stopped “ok nerd sit your but down” she grumbled and sat down.


“You look beautiful now go out there and knock his socks off” I gave her a thumbs up and fixed her pink dress.


Now it’s just me patiently waiting for my knight in shiny converse to whisk me away, I lay on my bed tapping my foot anxiously.


I bet he’s fixing his hair, you know he spends more time on his hair than me.


“DEREK…I MEAN DEAD MEAT IS HERE” bellowed my dad, I rolled my eyes and grabbed my shoes; I stared at them wide-eyed as I put them on.


These things should have come with training wheels.


I grabbed a hold of the railing, slowly coming down the stairs “Angel everybody’s in the limo waiting” reminded my mother.


“Almost there” I breathed; I was a few steps away from the finish line and decided to raise my hands up in the air in celebration.


Of course I feel, I waited and closed my eyes anticipating impact, it never came he caught me “hi” he whispered “nice catch” he placed me down and my cheeks began to heat up when I realised my parents were right there.


Looking at us, while holding a camera…parents just pick the best time to record things, don’t they?


“Ok you know the drill fire-place now” she demanded. He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me closer “those fingers better not be travelling south mister” teased my father.


I heard the click and we raced to the limo “PROM PROM PROM!” Hooted the guys as the limo driver began to turn the corner. “So who do you think will win Prom King?” asked Mandy’s boyfriend trying to make conversation, all the guys looked at him is disbelief.


“Derek obviously” replied Robbie in an obvious tone “you know what I don’t get” spoke Johnny “how we all converted to Christianity and are now persecuted, but Derek over here managed to still be the most popular guy in school”.


“What can I say…I’m oozing star quality” he snickered, suddenly the car stopped and we were at the school.


The place people actually wanted to be, huh weird?


Wait t’ill night time put a couple of streamers up and suddenly people are willingly coming to school.


We walked into the gym and the dance was already in full swing, cheap stars hung from the ceiling along with balloons and streamers. All in all it was cheaply perfect “come on” shrieked Suzie pointing to the place where you could take pictures.


Suzie and Robbie posed like bunnies, Zoe and Johnny posed like fish and then it was our turn “ready?” “Ready!” I grinned.


The first picture we took we were back to back holding fake pistols and then we took one biting our lip and imitating Victoria secret models.


Finally it was off to the dance floor, “let’s go be swaggie” hooted Mandy “the nerd said swaggie alright I’ve lived” cried Zoe holding her hands up in surrender. We laughed it off and headed for the dance floor, but after about an hour of watching bodies mashed together and all the love surrounding me I started feeling the same.


I slowly crept out of the mucky gym and snuck into the bathroom.


I stood there just looking at myself in the mirror totally emotionless.


“BABE, BABE, ANGIE!” ugh I’m doomed I tried hiding the sounds of crying but it was already too late “Angie?” I turned around and faced him “why are you crying?” I fought back hot angry tears.


“I can’t forget I’m sorry” I whispered, he slammed his fists against the wall “why do you want this so badly huh?” he inched closer.


“Cuz you sure as hell didn’t want it when I did, heck you dismissed me, rejected me and I had to come running back to you!” he roughly grabbed me.


“I JUST WANT TO BE A NORMAL COUPLE” I yelled causing Derek to flinch “BUT WE’RE NOT NORMAL”. Something in his voice changed, his voice became raspy and I didn’t like one bit “fine you want to do this? You really want to do this?”


He un-did his belt and was beginning to un-zip his pants when I covered my eyes and yelled for him to stop.


“Why would you say we’re not normal?”


“Don’t you see? Angie when we have something going on in our lives who do we go to first?” “Jesus” I whispered.


“That’s right we are one of the few people in this school that don’t solve our problems with sex, to them it makes us weird but I want to be weird with you”.


“Really?” “Really” he confirmed, “so you don’t think we should have sex?” I blurted finally saying the word “honestly” he said taking off his tie and re-doing it in the mirror.


“This is forced if we do this now we are disobeying God and I can’t do that” “you’re right” I finally said looking down at the floor.


“Hey” he whispered holding my chin so I was forced to look up at him “we’re going back in there but this time we’re doing this differently”.


He quickly went into the stalls and grabbed loads of toilet paper “take that off I want my girlfriend back not a clown” he disappeared into the dance as I proceeded to take off my makeup.


I slowly walked into the dance I got a few awkward waves and glances but other than that I didn’t get much attention, which was just as I liked it.


I noticed that everybody’s attention was on a fake plastic crown on top of a plush pillow “what’s going on?” “Prom King and Queen” replied Zoe.


The old wrinkly old teacher slowly walked up to the stage holding the ever so confidence shattering envelope in her hand. I didn’t see the big deal but of course all the girl had their fingers crossed hoping they where the queen while some guys were probably secretly hoping they where the king.


“The King of the seniors prom is” dramatic drum roll “Derek Hunter” he confidently walked onto the stage as a girl slowly put the cheap crown on his head.


His smiled at the crowd then at me, “thank you, this has been a real honor I don’t know what I did to deserve this but thanks, I hope you guys will always remember the last 4 years; I know I will”.


Which of course caused all the girls to go wild “and what’s a king without a queen… a landslide the Queen on this year’s Prom is….Carol Thompson” surprise!


I clapped along with the others, Carol pulled down her short stick to your skin like dress holding the flowers in one hand.


“This is something I’ve always wanted…I mean always wanted this but see there is this girl Angel Storm that I’ve been really rude to. You see I tried apologizing to her a few years ago but she didn’t believe me, she shouldn’t have said I was ruthless. I’ve tried to change so it just wouldn’t be right if I danced with her prince”.


I looked at everybody especially Carol astonished; she still remembered the day that Suzie gave birth. When she drove me to the hospital, even I forgot about that I walked onto the stage and hugged Carol.


The teacher placed the crown on my head and people actually began to clap for me! Suddenly I heard Carol yell “LINDSEY NOW!” Lindsey pulled a rope and fruit punch came pouring down on me and Derek not to mention the poor teacher.


There I was in a sticky mess as everybody went from clapping for me to laughing and pointing at me.


“Ha you actually thought I wanted to be your friend that day when your fat friend apparently gave ‘birth’ I staged everything. I set you up so I could tear you down…and now Derek will have no choice but to dance with me”.


Obsessive much.


“Are you high?” questioned Derek looking almost serious, she shook her head confused by the question. “Then you are crazy because I already found a girl” she brightened up obviously thinking it was her “and no it’s not you”.


“I don’t understand” she whined stomping her foot “she is like so ugly” I fumed this was just getting too much for me now. “She’s not…” I stopped him abruptly “Derek this is my battle I need to fight it” he held his hands up in surrender and backed away moving towards the crowd of people coming closer.


“Carol I’m done preaching the same sermon, so this will and forever be the last time I say this: you’re beautiful and so am I. God made this way and I’m happy with who I am”


She huffed placing her arms on her hips “well I still won and you’re all sticky” I grabbed Derek’s hand “Is this really how you want to remember your prom?” I snapped “embarrassing somebody you’ve been trying to get revenge for like 3 years well this is not how I want to remember it…”


I looked towards the shocked DJ. “Play the song you were going to play” he nodded slowly and pressed play.


A slow song came on and I got nervous, he placed his hands on my waist while I nervously placed my hands around my neck.


“You know you can come closer” he whispered trying to move closer to me while I was moving farther away.


“I’m leaving room for Jesus” I whispered back.


He suddenly moved closer leaving no space for Jesus “sorry Jesus” he mumbled into the crook of my neck.


I put my head on his shoulder letting my legs move to the beat not really caring what they were doing.


I love lying next to you


I could do this for eternity, you and me


We’re meant to be in holy matrimony


God knew exactly what He was doing


When He led me to you


I looked back at him “you know Miley Cyrus is a pretty twisted person but for once in her life I think she’s right” he said chuckling at the song.


“Hey” I defended “Miley was my childhood”, he looked at me raising his eyebrow in confusion “but you’re right for once she may be right”.


“Actually this is the second time I mean she did say ‘nobody’s perfect’?”


I chuckled remembering the song and moving my hands away “wait” he said moving my hands back into position “let’s keep dancing” ok Derek I love you but you’re an idiot.


“But this song is Fireworks by Katy Perry no exactly something you can dance to” I said awkwardly looking around the room.


“That’s ok because were weird and we like to stand out right?” he held out his hand “right” I grinned moving to the center of the room underneath the disco ball.


“You know being here with you-“Angie do you ever shut up” he grumbled.


“Just shut up and let me kiss you”


And so he did.


And it was perfect. That’s right it may have not been the absolute perfect prom I’ve always dreamed of but that’s not what Prom was about. Prom is about enjoying the little things that could turn into big things in the future. It was about living in the moment like nothing was more important. Forgetting the people who were mean to you for 4 years because they were the losers and at that night dancing with the not so perfect guy.




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