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Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 37 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 37

1 Peter 1:7

These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold — and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. 



Graduation. It’s the day we’ve all dreamed of, it’s the day were all the exams, all the test and all the endless hours of studying had officially paid off. It’s the day you leave the place you’ve been for the last 4 years it’s were you leave the memories.


A permanent stamp on the school but never the friendships,


Graduation is the kind of day where the nerds become winners,


The losers become graduates and the most popular people.


The people who have tormented you for the last 4 years end up at the bottom.


Finally it’s the kind of day were happiness and sadness were allowed on the same day.


I tapped my fingers nervously on the arms of my chair, I looked over at my friends who were all fidgeting in their seat. Especially Derek. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it “are you nervous?” he nodded shaking his leg along with tapping his fingers.


Honestly he was a nervous wreck, “why did I ever join this stupid government thing?” He murmured. “Because you said and I quote ‘Sure Angie I’ll go for vice president I mean it’s not like anybody would vote for me” I rolled my eyes looking up at the stage.


Poor guy he was sadly mistaken, the guy had some un-known charm that just made everyone adore him.


“At least you look calm” he squeezed my hand “are you kidding?” I laughed “I keep running though my speech over and over again” I said looking back at my numerous cue cards.


“Well you look beautiful” he offered “I don’t want to look beautiful” I sighed “I want to look like a graduation women ready to face the world”.


“Sorry” he shrugged I don’t know the one for ‘graduating women’ you need to calm down” “I need to calm down! Thousands of people are going to hear my speech AND I NEED TO CALM DOWN?” I stood up.


“Angie you going all Godzilla just sit down people are staring” he whispered grabbing my hand and pulling me down.  So maybe I was going a little crazy but I have every right to be…


What if I’m the nervous wreck?


Suddenly I heard people clapping and looked up at the stage.


The principal and Vice Principal where both standing by the podium waving at everybody, the Principal approached the microphone and smiled.


“What a wonderful day this is!” beamed the Principal “yes sir it very much is, because today is the day where we say good-bye to all those troublemakers”. I have no idea why there were so happy they where the one’s coming back to this place in September not me.

“Speaking of Troublemaker s the Vice President Mr. Derek Hunter” he nervously got up out of his seat and carefully walked over to the stage he took a breath and grabbed the microphone.


“Although I have recently became a new man of God I can safely say both I and my teachers are thinking the same thing: Wow he’s actually going to graduate”.


The teachers laughed and agreed as did his guidance counsellor.


“So as vice president I would like to share my personal experience at this school.


Honestly there have been some good times and some bad times, but hey I guess that just high school we can’t all have a perfect high school experience.


In the beginning of Grade 9 school seemed almost like that movie Mean Girls; you know the one girls are always talking about. After finally watching the movie I realised that our school had two things in common: Like mean girls there was a) A desirable girl and b) a desirable guy.


Unfortunately that was me, I know what you guys are thinking “dude if I was that guy I would get all the girls”.


That’s what I thought until I spent more than a just few months in the spotlight.


Then I realised it.


I realised that being put in the spotlight can change a man, I mean you are basically forced to be someone who you’re not meant to be.


Being put in the spotlight means you’re being made in everybody else’s image not Gods.


The funny thing about this is that people who where part of that ‘in crowd’ they loved doing this to people, in fact they found it perfectly ok.


They would talk behind people’s backs, back stab them and treat them like dirt but when it came down to it they called everybody a family.


A family! They would call the people they called ‘outsiders’ family when it was convenient to them.  It was with those outsiders I actually found myself.


I found who I was meant to be, people who liked me for me. Not my title not how much girls threw themselves at me. Yes they actually loved me and respected me even, but most importantly it was there that I found love.


Finding love actually changed the way I saw others, even high school for me I started seeing everything for the better” he smiled back at me.


“Now I will welcome to the stage the girl who changed it all, our Student Body president and valedictorian Miss. Angel Storm”.


I got up and adjusted my gown, I skipped up the stage and lunged myself towards him wrapping my skinny little arms around him.


Which then caused the crowd to ‘awe’ “well thank you Derek for giving me that lovely introduction”; I cleared my throat for effect.


“It was a warm Sunny yet breezy day in the middle of August, I had just came back from Church when my dad sat me down and told me really gently that we were moving.


I swore that, that was the day I was going to die I was sure of it.


I left my seemingly perfect life behind and came here, I believed moving was going to be the death of me. Or at least the dumbest thing my parents could have ever done.


I was wrong,


As I look at the crowd more importantly: my friends I know my parents couldn’t have done a better thing for me.


I found myself and found people who would make me question my faith even more than I thought possible.


Out there in the crowd I see a girl who overcame her past and is now raising a beautiful daughter with her fiancé, not caring what anybody says about her.


I see a talented girl, some may call her nerd but I see a confident girl growing up in a world where her intelligence is a gift.


I see a girl who just lights up any room she walks into, not just by her smile or her personality but also but her amazing taste in clothes.


I see a guy who is there when I need him a best friend but more of a brother, a guy that wants everybody happy especially himself.


Finally and most of all I see a man who has made me realise just how much I have impacted other people, who has taught me to break a few rules and be confident in who I am.


Those are the people I would lay down my life for, because no matter how much you try to forget your friends or the people you thought you were friends.


You can’t.


Because memories last forever, friendships may end but no matter what you do all those sad, fun, and annoying friends will be plastered in your mind. It’s true what people say “the real test of faith is not getting what you want but still being able to say thank you”.


You see I never wanted to move I wanted to stay in my little bubble my fake reality, but God had other plans for me.


I’m saying this because you should let God test your faith, you’re future is in his hands.


So go ahead full fill your dreams, achieve your goals and let God lead your future. God Bless.”


Everybody stood up clapping while my friends and family stood up hooting and hollering.


“YOU WERE AMAZING!” Yelled Derek running up to me and dipping me “kiss kiss kiss” my friends chanted causing everybody else to join in “well if you insist” I grabbed his face and kissed him roughly.


“You should do that more often” he mumbled “ok you crazy kids off the stage” laughed the principal waving us off.


“We will now be giving out diplomas” all the graduates walked onto the stage lined up ready to receive our awards.


Many unknown names were said, and finally Robbie and Suzie stepped forward wanting to receive the award together.


Suzie had received the most improved award,


Considering she wasn’t here for half of the year due to baby reasons that award was much deserved.


Robbie was given the Martial Arts award who knew he could be Suzie’s Leo Howard after all.


Mandy and Adam decided to receive their award together, they both had received the technologies award along with that Mandy had received the academic achievement.


Finally Johnny and Zoe received there awards “Zoe Rageo has received the Visual Arts award; Zoey is the first student from NRS to pursue the idea of Christian fashion design”.


Zoey moved to the side so that Johnny could receive his diploma and award “Jonathan Saul who has revived…”


The principal looked at his sheet confused then smiled at Johnny


“uh…well congrats dude you did it, you graduated” he bowed and laughed along with Zoe.


“And finally Derek Hunter and Angel Storm” we stepped in front our fingers intertwined in each other hands “the winners of the scholar ship to Princeton” a tear rolled down my cheek as I grabbed my award.


“Would you like to say a few words Angel” asked the Principal with pleading eyes “sorry sir”,


I couldn’t say anything else because there was nothing more to say.


I walked out of graduation proud and happy with myself and all I have accomplished.


As I walked through the lobby looking at everybody cry and laugh while hugging friends there were saying good bye too.


“Honey that was amazing” squealed my mother throwing her hands up in the air and running towards me “thanks mom”.  “Lovely display of affection” my dad smirked showing me the video camera where they had recorded my speech and Derek kissing me.


“Dad I can’t believe you recorded the whole thing!” I exclaimed scowling at my dad “hey” he defended himself “I didn’t do anything! I just accidentally pressed the button labeled record and may have accidentally forgot how to stop the recording”.


I laughed along with my dad hugging them both and telling them to wait for me in the car.


I walked through the lobby looking at the pictures of all the graduates.


It was only Derek and I staying close to each other.


Mandy was going to Colombia,


Zoe and Johnny where going to a university in Texas,


Suzie and Robbie where going to build a family on the other side of Florida (which is like a 2 hour drive mind you).


“ANGIE” yelled a little girl that I loved so much “BRE” I yelled picking her up “you were amazing” she yelped kissing me on the cheek.


“There you guys are” exclaimed Derek grabbing Bre and pecking me on the cheek.


“Hey” a voice from behind me said I turned around to see Lindsey a broken smile plastered on her face “Lindsey hey” I didn’t know what else to say to her.


I mean she did spray fruit punch on me at the prom earlier this week


“So about prom-“don’t worry about it” “no look I’m sorry ok I really am” she gave me a side hug.


“Congrats on winning the soccer scholarship” I said changing the subject “thanks” she sighed looking at the award in her hands “I guess being kicked around by Carol kinda helped my soccer” she laughed awkwardly.


Suddenly I hugged her “I’m going to miss you Lindsey even if you did hate me a little bit” she waved good bye and walked away.


My stare lingered until I felt Derek’s hand against mine “so maybe you should take a year off school” I wondered aloud.


“And why would I do that” he asked his eyebrow raised “so you don’t forget about me when you’re studying theology” I looked at my other hand, staring at the ring he gave me.


“Do you think we’re ever gonna break up?” I asked worriedly, he shook his head “why do you think like that” he out bursted.


“Angie I really don’t care” he suddenly said “I don’t care what happens in the future so stop thinking about it…see this” he brought my hand with the ring on it up to his lips to kiss it.  “This ring means forever or as long as I can possibly be with you because nobody knows what the future holds only God”.


I felt my insides melt at his sweet words.


“Aww Derek” I coed he cupped my cheek bringing my face to his lips “why do you always leave me breathless” I whispered against his skin.


He smirked “it’s what I do”, he suddenly grabbed me and threw me over his shoulders my face violently colliding against his back.


I bet people where looking.


Staring even.


“DEREK MATHEW HUNTER PUT ME DOWN THIS INSITENT!” I folded my arms against my chest, which was kind of hard considering I was upside down.


I kicked and hit him furiously begging him to release me “come on women let’s go test your faith”


“FAITH is all you have left mister as soon as I get down I WILL MURDER YOU AND ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH I WANT TO”.


He dismissed my threats and left me hanging all the way to the car saying that I was the crazy women.


To be truthful, the only way girls go crazy is because guys make them that way,


And that’s just the honest to God truth.




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Author: Faith H. Collins

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