Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 38 (By Faith H. Collins) – Final Episode

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

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Episode 38: Epilogue


Psalm 37:4,5      

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust in him and he will do this.


Angie’s P.O.V


“Shut up Bre you’re going to poke the bear and nobody wants to do that”


“My God just poke the dam bear cuz I ain’t doing it”


“Brianna Hunter watch you language”


“Brianna Hunter watch your language” she mocked “shut up you ain’t my father”.


Finally having enough of their argument I rolled over and put the pillow over my ears.


I need beauty sleep, does nobody understand that?


Then it dawned on me “did you just call me a bear?” I said groggily, not looking up at the intruders of my peaceful sleep.


“What…no..pshh I didn’t call you a bear I called you…boo-boo bear…I mean dear?” I groaned and fell back on the bed.


“LEAVE ME ALONE” I yelled into my pillow “oh come on Angie” he whined kissing my neck and moving on top of me.


“Eww” cried Bre shielding her eyes “guys I get it, you got married two weeks ago and you wanna do the dance with no pants” she paused looking at Derek and I. “But please not in front of me” I laughed rolling over beside Derek “good morning handsome” I whispered.


“Good morning Mrs. Hunter” he whispered pushing my hair away from my face, “ugh don’t remind me” I joked.


I rolled over once more to find Bre still looking at us amused, rolling my eyes I looked at the clock.


“Bre break feast in 10, go get ready”.


She shrieked and ran out of the room yelling “my hair”.


He leaned closer to me preparing to give me a kiss when I abruptly shoved the pillow in front of me, his face colliding with the pillow “kiss this loser” I whispered.


I bolted to the bathroom closing the door behind me “honey, honey” he chanted knocking on the door. “I’m sorry I have morning br-   before I could finish my sentence the door swung open.


He grabbed me and threw me onto the bed “I have you now” he purred, his hands slid down to my waist; and I stopped smiling “no Derek not today” I said firmly.


“You’re saying no to sex?” he questioned “yeah…” I trailed off putting on my casual clothes.


“Why?” he asked taking of his t-shirt at putting on a fresh one for work “I….uh…” then I felt a light go on in my head.


“I’m hungry and you know what they say: you have to wait 40 minutes before….”


He looked at me doubtful and went back to changing “I’m going to make break feast today” I decided. I swayed my hips walking out knowing he was watching, “A-N-G-I-E” he whined “you can’t just walk out like that and expect no sex”.

I walked over to the kitchen and took out a pan, I opened the fridge took out the egg carton and prepared to make break feast.


As I was halfway done preparing break feast Bre walked out of her room, wearing close to nothing.


I looked at her jaw dropped in utter shock; she plumped herself onto a chair and put her feet on the other.


She looked at me, shrugged and continued to tap vigorously on her phone while chewing gum.


“Bre” I hissed she groaned and looked up from her phone “go change”, she shook her head “please” I begged “Derek is going to have your head”.


She was wearing white jeans short shorts (in fact they were so short I wouldn’t even call them shorts, more like fabric), underneath she had on fishnet leggings, she had also paired with a crop top and her thin white tank top.


And I’m not even going to tell you the words printed on that cropped t-shirt


“It’s called self-expression Angie” she snarled looking back at her phone I laughed shaking my head “ok it’s your funeral” I grabbed my fork and my plate and sat down beside her.


I took a look at her face at my eyes went wide “Brianna Hunter what are you wearing?” she grabbed her plate and shrugged “eyeliner” ok moving on. “So am I taking you to school?” she spit out her eggs and covered her mouth trying desperately not to laugh.


“Eww no, no offense Angie but you’re like passed 22 to most people that’s really old” and the un cool cycle begins. One way or another when you can no longer say your livin’  22 your officially old.


“Well no offense Bre but what you’re wearing is usually meant for someone who isn’t 14 years old” I gave her a pointed look.


“Whatever” she mumbled putting her plate in the sick “so then who are you going to school with?” She blushed attempting to hide her cheeks with her black hair.


“Josh but you know it’s not a big deal or anything”  “you are not going with Josh” I dropped my head, so close.


I finally looked at Derek who was now looking at Bre up and down turning the precise colour of a ripe tomato.  He stomped into the kitchen glaring at Bre “she what in God’s name are you wearing?” She placed her hands on her hips staring defensively at Derek “clothes”.


“Please that’s not clothes, you look like one of those porn stars posing for that playboy magazine” I suppressed my laugh, he was right “go change now” he demanded pointing towards her bedroom door.


“No” she huffed “you’re NOT going with Josh and you’re NOT wearing that GO CHANGE”


“UHHH” she wailed throwing her hands up in the air “Josh is my best friend why do you hate him?”


“Please you guys aren’t friends your lovers trust me you guys both love each other” “no-no we don’t” she stammered, blushing furiously.


I looked at Derek with pleading eyes “Bre” his voice softening “I just don’t want you to get hurt” he whispered pulling her into a hug.


“I know you think you can protect but I’m fourteen” she paused grabbing her purse and phone “I’m ok”, suddenly the doorbell rang and his nostrils flared.


“It’s ok I got this” I smiled pecking him on the lips; I opened the door to see a very nervous Josh biting his nails and fixing his hair.


He looked so much like Johnny; he had the same quirky personality and same facial structure those two boys were a split image of each other.  “Oh…I mean hi Mrs. Hunter is Bre home” I smiled at my new name “she sure is” I opened the door fully to see Bre exhibiting the same nervous traits.


“Ready to go” he smiled looking into her eyes “uhh yeah” she giggled quickly hugging Derek and waving me goodbye, I closed, ok more like slammed the door and glared at Derek.


“What?” He shrugged sipping his coffee “Der she’s 14 you can’t control her life…this is the age where there trying to find themselves, and where they belong”.


“So you want her to find herself dressing like Carol Thompson” he quirked and eyebrow at me, my eyes flickered, I felt tears begin to well up under my eyes.


Last month two-week before the weeding Carol had committed suicide, the next day the city newspaper headlines where flying things like “rich kid can’t get everything” to “jealous of a Preachers Daughter”. She was found with a suicide note explaining how she got word of the marriage, she assumed Derek was no longer wasting time on me and trying to find her. She realized the life wasn’t worth living if she couldn’t have the one thing she wanted the most.




I wasn’t really my fault but being the person I am, I blamed myself. “To early” he whispered sitting me down beside him, I nodded wiping away my small tears.


“Please just go easy on Bre, she may not dress or act the way you want her to but she will straighten up…but only if you give her space to do that” “ok” he rubbed my back.


“I have to go your dad’s finally going to start training today” I leaped onto him straddling him “Derek that’s great that he’s finally going to give you that church”.


He gave me his coffee mug as I stood up “well it’s not like you’re going to do that, Mrs. My calling is teaching” I pushed him lightly, he suddenly grabbed my waist “oh and by the way” he whispered into my ear.


“I still want to finish what we did in the morning” “ok” I fake giggled and waved goodbye.


I slammed the door and grabbed the phone, I quickly dialed Zoe’s number “hey…uh Zoe you almost ready” “yeah…be there in five minutes”.


Oh God, Oh Lord, please Jesus don’t let him suspect anything.


“God I need to pray” I shrieked rushing to my room.


“Hey there God, firstly I want to say thank you for my marriage and my family, I would like your strength in this time of difficulty, and I’m still getting over the passing of my mother and Carol. Also about the whole test thing…please let it be a no…It’s not that I don’t want this I just don’t think Derek is ready. Finally please let there be a job opening soon I really just want to get out there. In Jesus Name Amen”


I got up feeling a lot better about myself, suddenly the doorbell rung and went back to feeling a lot worse.


I slowly fearfully opened the door “hey Zoe” I whispered closing the door,


I then looked around the room to make sure no invisible people where listening “did you bring the stuff”.


She shook her head going into the bathroom and opening her bag.


“Angie calm down we are taking a pregnancy test, not smuggling drugs” she chuckled handing me the box,


“What did you tell Johnny when you came over?”


She looked at me, annoyed as ever “I said ‘hey Johnny I’m going out’?” she said in a bored tone.


“Good if you said something smart he would have gotten suspicious”, she huffed placing her hands on her hips “please I’m not that dumb” I looked at her


“Zoe you used to think the ‘Cold war’ was something only fought in winter”.


She flipped her hair looking the box once over “whatever I may be not the sharpest crayon in the box but even I would have figured your whole sheared out” I sighed bowing my head in sadness.


I sucked at lying


“Yes” I laughed wickedly “those stupid boys will never figure it out!”


“You do realize by ‘stupid boys’ you’re referring to my fiancé and your husband right?” I shrugged “guys are stupid it’s just who they are” she smiled as I closed the door to the bathroom.


After doing…well you know the thing you do in the bathroom, I wiped the stick and set it on my dresser. I sat on my bed hoping and praying for the best, “So how are the wedding plans going?” I asked as she set the timer for five minutes.


“It’s tiring I mean I have almost everything it’s just the table settings, but of course those are expensive.


I mean you’ve seen my family” I nodded remembering thanksgiving; it was like they were inviting half the population of Florida to join her.


“Well I’m Portuguese which is a big family but he’s family is Italian, just for his mother’s side it’s a little over 240 people.


Plus my mother’s side another 300 and that’s not even counting the aunts and uncles” she ranted.


Guess I will share a table with a hundred bride’s maids


“Are you inviting Suzie?” she shrugged “I want to, but let’s face it: I haven’t talked to her since her wedding and now she has two kids and a full-time job. She’s pretty crammed.”


“I talked to Suzie the other day; she’s working at a fertility clinic now” “really?” I nodded.


“I haven’t even talked to Mandy” Zoe smiled regret laced in her voice “mean either”.


I guess that’s how friendships work. It’s very odd for all your high school friends to keep in contact with you, some friends just drift apart and become face book friends.


“I guess it’s because of her job” “I know can you believe she co-owns apple” I laughed


“I know I should get a discount when I buy an app on I Tunes”, “yeah like a friends and family discount” she said tapping on her phone.


“I wish I was that successful” she grumbled laying on Derek’s pillow “puh-lease you own a clothing line, half the fashionable stuff in my closest are from you” I pushed her lightly.


The timer went off and Zoe rushed to the stick, we held it in our hands, smiling “I’m going to start a baby clothing line”.


Derek’s P.O.V


“You think she’s pregnant seriously dude” I nodded opening my lunch “that is the only possible explanation as to why she wouldn’t have sex with me”.


He took a bite out of his sandwich and laughed “maybe she just wasn’t in the mood” Johnny replied in a duh’ tone.


“So you’re saying she wasn’t in the mood for this” I said gesturing towards myself, I shook my head “nope it has to my something else”.


Johnny groaned and closed his computer, rubbing his temples.


“Derek you’re impossible, what do you guys even do besides having sex, honestly Derek she wasn’t in the mood: get over it”.


I sighed sinking deeper into my seat, I opened my bible and continued to scribble down some notes “are you almost done with the practice sermon, I need to know what verse where talking about for my service”.


I shook my head looking back at my bible “stop worrying Derek you always do well with this kind of thing” I smirked “please tell me something I don’t know” he shook his head.



“Derek you’re not in high school, now stop acting cocky it’s not becoming” “tell me something I don’t know” I repeated dryly.


“Ok” he smiled mischievously “Bre is going to run away with my cuter than ever, little brother Josh” “WHAT” I yelled throwing my hands up in the air.


“Ah-ha you are babying Bre” I huffed “I can’t help it, it’s Bre” here we go guts, get ready to spill.


“Ever sense my parents have…turned” that’s the best way I can put it without wanting to punch something  “ I’ve been protecting her, but now she is 14, in high school, wearing makeup and curling her hair it’s just too much”


“Derek I know you want her to keep calling you Dweck but she’s not 6 anymore she’s turning into a lady… a lady who is in love with Josh”.


He just had to go there, Josh.


“But come on have you seen Josh he’s a player, a bad ass, a total bad boy, he’s exactly-“like you” Johnny finished.


“Oh my I’ve become Angel’s father” I remember just how hard it was to stand up to her father, I looked at my watch “go pick up Bre…I have to go talk to Angel”.


I raced out of the church and heard Johnny mumble “I didn’t even get to finish my late lunch”.


By the time I finally opened my apartment door Johnny, Zoe, Bre and Josh where in my apartment.


“Hey guys” I waved at Bre and Josh who were on the floor beside Johnny and Zoe looking at our old Cd’s and DVD’s. I don’t know why we still have them, now a days we can get all our shows on Netflix.


“Oh my gosh, look how young Chris Tomlin used to look” laughed Bre showing Josh my old burning lights Cd.


“Wow Cody Simpson” I laughed looking at my old Cd, I popped it into the computer and held out my hand “hey there pretty brown eyes”.


Angie’s P.O.V


“Oh my gosh” squealed Zoe grabbing Johnny’s hand “I used to love this song”,


“I can’t believe you still have this” I said as he spun me around.


“Well it is the first words I said to you”


“That girl she was a little hottie, she knew she got it” sang Johnny, he was so out of tune it made Josh cover his ears.


“That J.T song make her move the body, dancing all night long” “I think I just heard glass break” yelled Josh.


“Cause I can tell that she was a wild one” I winked at Angie causing her to blush, “ready guys here comes the chorus” said Zoe.




“ANGIE!” she yelled, I stopped the Cd, she came out of the bathroom with a suspicious white stick “uh-oh” muttered Zoe looking at the ground.


“Who’s is this because it sure isn’t mine?” asked Bre impatiently tapping her foot “Zoe I thought you threw that out” I whispered “I forgot” she whimpered.


“Angie” he softened “did you….?” he trailed off “I’m sorry” my voice cracked, I ran to the couch and buried my face in my hands.


“Angie” he whispered moving my hams away from my face “I don’t care it’s not like it was positive” Bre coughed and turned the stick over.


“Oh my…” he stared blankly at the stick “is he mad?” I whispered to Johnny, he shrugged “with Derek; it’s kinda hard to tell”.


Suddenly he burst into a smile grabbing Bre, hugging her, and throwing her at Josh. He then ran towards me picking me up and spinning me around “I’m going to be a dad, I’m going to be a dad” he laughed.


“I’m going to be an aunt” giggled Bre, I’m going to give birth “I’m going to be a mom” and that’s where I was reduced to happy tears.


I sat on the couch holding a box of tissues and sobbing “thank you Lord, thank you”.




“I miss you mom” I whispered looking at the picture of her by my night stand, I closed my eyes and felt somebody put their arms around me “hey beautiful” he whispered.


I turned and faced him “are you sure were ready for this?” “I can do all things though Christ, remember?” I nodded.


“I love you” he kissed me on the lips and placed his ear on my stomach.


“I love you to” I whispered running my fingers thought his hair.


“Can I talk to the child” I giggled but nodded.


“Hey there he or she, my name is Derek but if you call me anything but Daddy I will not be pleased. Anyway eventually when you come into this world I’m never going to let you go…but eventually I’m going to have to let you go. It’s ok if you got confused by that, when you get into this world your going to realize how confusing i am. I will never want to let you go, but I have to.  SO you can be you, and be the person God created you to be, I love you always goodnight baby”.


“Were going to do this together alright?” I nodded “every step of the way I’m going to be here”.


Now you can see why I married him, not because he’s soft (although he is) because that man can get anybody to do anything, simply by his words.


“I know and I love you for that…now shut up and let me go to sleep” I smirked turning back to him “wow I have a mean wife”.


“Yeah but I have a really nice husband” I closed the light


“Derek stop I swear to God, stop tickling me or I will throw you onto the couch, I’m hormonal now, I can do that”


“Yes I’m terrified of you, a girl, a girl who jumps when I turn off the light”


“Well excuse me for loving the light and jumping in the sight of darkness”


“Fine then Good Night”


“Thank you”


“You’re welcome”




“NO ma’am”


“Did you just call me ma’am? Am I really that old?”


“UMM…well…see the thing is…uhh…well good night honey”


“Nice try mister”


“I love you”


“Yeahh sure, says Mr. Tickles himself”.



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