Forbidden Love.
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Story: Forbidden Love…. Episode 14 || By Benita Okafor

Forbidden Love.


The next morning, I woke up in the arms of uncle Sam. I hadn’t realized we had cuddled up  while sleeping. I slowly moved away from him but as soon as I got up, he woke up. He looked at the wall clock just opposite him and jumped up. I knew we were already running late for the appointment. He told me to quickly take a shower while he also gets ready and so I left to other room where I was supposed to have stayed for the night. I only had the shorts and shirt I had brought with me, which I wore on Saturday mornings in school for our morning exercise.


Anyway, I took a shower and got dressed. In no time, we were done and ready to leave the house, so he locked the doors behind and we drove off to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, I looked around lost, knowing that it wasn’t the same hospital my parents usually brought I or Meso to whenever we needed to see the doctor. We got into the reception and uncle Sam told the nurse about our appointment before she asked us to take a seat in the waiting room. I looked around really nervous and I guess uncle Sam noticed it because he looked at me, and held my right hand.


I swallowed and tried to hide the fact that I was as scared, nervous and whatever you could call a state that was scary and unexplainable. I was scared that I was going to have an abortion which I hadn’t really heard pleasant things about. Something I had never thought I would ever do. I was pretty young to understand a lot about what was going on, what to do or say so I went with the flow hoping that I would be leaving the hospital without being pregnant. My heart was pounding because nobody knew any of this except uncle Sam and I…….and maybe the doctor and nurses soon.


At that point, I didn’t even care what the doctor or any of the nurses would think of me. I was so embarrassed with the whole situation, I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to burst out and just cry like the baby I was. I saw the sadness in uncle Sam’s face. I saw the anger in his eyes. He was definitely angry with himself but it didn’t look like it, only I could tell, so I thought to myself. After about five more minutes, a nurse came up with a file in her hands and called uncle Sam’s name so we both stood up and followed the nurse behind as she led us to the doctor’s office. She knocked, opened the door and let us go in before shutting the door and leaving us to the doctor.


“Good day Sam Sam, how are you?” he said as he stood up to shake uncle Sam.


“Samo! Doctor, Mr. Samuel Adekunle! Nice to see you again. You know ever since You became a doctor, I haven’t called your nickname in ages. Ahh Samo! Nice to see you. Nice to see you.” uncle Sam replied.


The way they laughed, talked and exchanged words got me thinking that they were long time friends.


“This is my niece, Mesonma and Meso this is Samuel, my long time friend.” uncle Sam said introducing us to each other.


I fake smiled at him and greeted him before he asked us to take our seats.


“Mesonma, your uncle here already told me about everything so I’ll just ask you a few questions before you take the pregnancy test. Don’t worry, I know you’re nervous but it will be okay.” the doctor said with a warm but professional look.


I looked at uncle Sam before I nodded, I can’t remember why. The doctor started with his questionnaire, from when last did I see my period to how I had been feeling lately. I answered him as accurately as I could before he asked if I was ready to take the test. And when I told him I was ready, he took up the landline on his desk and phoned someone who was probably the nurse that was to help me with taking the test. In like a minute or two, we heard a knock on the door and a nurse came in. Then the doctor asked me to follow her to take the pregnancy test.


Uncle Sam’s POV


As I watch Mesonma leave the office, I looked at Samuel who looked at me with a not so pleasing eyes. I knew what he was going to say next.


“Twelve years old Sam, ahn ahn, You no even try oo. Your niece again.”


“It’s okay now Samuel, I didn’t say you should start making me feel worse than I already feel. I know I was very wrong and I shouldn’t have done what I did but it has already happened. Thanks man for this though. I appreciate.”


“Honestly, don’t thank me because I’m really disappointed oo. Look at the kind of risk you’re putting me into. If not because of our friendship, I would never have agreed to such. Do you know what all these mean. Getting a small girl pregnant and asking me to help you with an abortion. Common Sam, you’re better than this. You need to change your ways oo.”


“Boss, I don hear you.”


We didn’t converse for too long before Meso came in with the same nurse she left with. And as Meso took her seat beside me again, the nurse gave Samuel, the doctor a file she had been holding.


Meso’s POV


As the nurse handed the file to the doctor, I sat down in suspense waiting to hear the results of my test. My eyes were fixed on the doctor and the file. The doctor waved for the nurse to leave and so as she left, he opened the file and after about a minute, he looked at me and said;


“Mesonma, you’re not pregnant.”



To be continued……



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