Forbidden Love.
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Story: Forbidden Love…. Episode 17 || By Benita Okafor

Forbidden Love.



When senior Daniel saw the boy was so weak, he finally left him and stretched his hands towards me. At this point, I became really scared. I don’t know if I was scared that the boy senior Daniel just beat was probably dead or because I had never seen senior Daniel in that state. I hesitated because I knew he meant I should hold his hands but he grabbed it anyway and we left the scene with the boy still lying on the floor. As we were leaving, I looked back to see if he was going to move and when I heard him cough, I became a little calm. At least, he was still alive, so I thought.

That night things became even worse, there was so much noise in the hostel. Boys and girls were all screaming and I couldn’t understand why. I already left senior Daniel for my hostel so I was in my room talking with Anabelle and telling her all that happened that night. The noise became louder so we decided to go out and find out the reason.


When we got out, we realized almost everyone was leaving the hostel for the hall so we joined them and not long after, we heard someone ring the bell and shout; “All girls! Move to the dining hall.” Then, we knew it was an announcement as It was already past dinner time. I began to hope it wasn’t because of the encounter I had with the senior boys and Daniel.


When we got to the dining hall and everyone was settled. The house master spoke up by greeting us first and then going right into the message. He said someone was in serious condition as he was beaten up by one of the students. This time, I knew it was because of what had happened. He mentioned that the student was unconscious for a while but was now conscious and being taken care of in the school’s clinic. He said so many things but didn’t mention the reason behind it. He only advised every student to be aware that there would be a serious consequence for a student who is involved in a fight. He also said that if someone else does wrong, we don’t have the right to beat them up but report instead. I knew senior Daniel was in big trouble. After the message, all students were asked to leave for their hostels except me who was told to wait behind.


After all the students were dismissed, they took me to the hostel office where I saw senior Daniel and the boys that almost raped me except the boy senior Daniel had beaten. We were spoken to for a while and then asked to write a statement. We were told that the principal had already heard about the incident and would take it up tomorrow. I was so sad that everything had become so serious. I wished all that happened never did. I was sad because someone had been hurt and there was a possibility that senior Daniel would be punished. After we were done with our statements, they told us to leave for our hostels, I couldn’t even talk to senior Daniel.


When I got to the hostel, I told Anabelle why I was told to wait behind and she just hugged me, hoping that everything would be okay by the next day. We packed our luggage that night as we were to close for the holiday the next day and when we were done, went to bed. I really hoped that tomorrow wouldn’t be a rough day due to the incident.


To be continued…..



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