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Story: I Married a Mad Man….Episode 1 || By Benita Okafor

I Married a Mad Man


“Why would I be waiting for you to get into the car after church!!! Every Sunday, you repeat the same thing, are you mad?” David started with his Sunday madness. “David, I only spoke with the pastor’s wife for five minutes. What will it cost to just wait for five minutes, it’s not like you had anything to do at…..” before I could even finish my statement, a hot slap made it’s way to my face.

“David!!! You’ve started again, what have I done wrong to deserve all this? Is it a crime to talk to someone? I told you before I left, that the pastor’s wife wanted to see me after the service. David, what is it? what is it?” I yelled at David with anger, knowing this was not the first time he had laid his hands on me to hurt me. He didn’t say anything, he just spat at me and left the house with the car.

I married David two years ago, the David that was ready to do anything and everything for me. When I say anything, David could do anything for me. He showed me love that I never thought existed. He would take me off to his friend’s house just to display me as his fiancé. He would declare his love for me everywhere we went, to the extent that people thought I put him under a spell. Some would say that I was a witch and some would call our relationship a blessing from heaven. I never really listened to the outsiders. I just thanked God for the man he gave to me.


David was my first boyfriend. I knew him for five years and we were very good friends before he asked me to be his girlfriend the year I graduated from the university before he finally proposed. I remember him walking down to the middle of the field while we were on a break during my NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) parade. Everyone was already coming close to where I stood. I heard later, that it was all planned. I ran to hug him though because I hadn’t seen him in a while. We hugged and he just smiled at me. I was already looking confused as to why he was he was smiling the way he did but he didn’t say anything and before I knew it, all the youth corpers were gathered around us. I was looking at David like what is going on? But he didn’t still say a word. He just went on one knee and started declaring his love for me.


At first, my mind didn’t even go to a proposal because I was used to him declaring his love for me everywhere we went, but then I realized he was on one knee and after declaring his love for me. He reached behind his pocket. Then all of a sudden, his face fell flat and he began to frown. It seemed what he was reaching for in his pocket was no where to be found. He started checking all around his body for the missing item. My smile formed into a frown and I started looking as confused a everyone in the crowd. Just after people began to whisper, he reached for the same pocket he had previously checked and brought out a small black box and said to me “I gotcha” meaning I fell for his supposed to be prank of looking for it. He then proceeded to ask for my hand in marriage and I don’t remember waiting for a second before saying yes to him. All the youth corpers around us started clapping and screaming with joy for us. I was so happy that even with all the matching and running around during the parade did not cause me pain. My heart was filled with joy.


Later that day, after David had left, some of the girls surrounded me and asked to show them my ring. They complimented it and told me how lucky I was to have such a man. Some even went on to say that my proposal was the most romantic proposal that they had ever seen. I just blushed throughout the night, clenching my fist with my ring on my finger, hoping no one would steal it while I was fast asleep.


David then, had started working as a banker, he worked in the marketing department and was comfortable with everything he had. His parents were rich but he worked for his own money and became very successful at his job. We decided to take everything slowly so I finished my NYSC before we finally decided to do our introduction. His parents were so wonderful to me and my family. I was so happy that my soon to be in-laws didn’t hate me because I had heard stories of wicked in-laws who just hate you for no reason. They welcomed me, they gave us their blessings and permission to proceed to do our traditional and white wedding.


Few months later, I was legally married to my one true love. At the early stage of my marriage, David fell in love with me even more because he was the one who deflowered me on our wedding night. He was happy that I had kept my virginity for him. He was so proud of me, he made sure he declared his love for me every day before he left for work. I would melt whenever he stated how much he loved me. I was still so shocked that God could bless me the way he did. I didn’t know what to say. I built a strong bond with God and I was always talking to him, thanking him, looking for ways to serve and work for him. I was always happy whenever I spoke to him and felt connected with God. I made a promise that no condition would ever make me forget God.


This soon changed when work became hectic. I was promoted and so that meant I had more time to spend at work. I was always so tired whenever I got back from work, sometimes I even forgot to say a night or morning prayer. I slowly stopped reading my bible and before I knew it, it became a habit. Even with all this, I never refused my husband of his rights whenever he came to me at night. I still tried to be the wife I should but things began to fall at my feet. My husband started coming back really late from work and I became really worried. He would sometimes come home and just yell at me for no reason. My fairytale marriage started falling apart. Sometimes, I would make his best food and serve him with a smile but he would throw the food on the floor and call it garbage. I was torn in pieces. Everything around me was dying and I didn’t know what to do. Two years into our marriage and it was already like hell.


David wasn’t back from where he went to and it was already twelve at midnight. As angry as I was, I became really worried, hoping my husband was fine. While I was drowning in my thoughts, I heard the bell and soon was back to reality. I ran to open door, and drunk David dashed in and grabbed me on the waist really tight. He moved his head closer to me and tried to kiss me but I resisted because I knew he was drunk. David kept holding me tight and tried to pull me to the ground but I fought back. “David!!! what is this? Please stop all this madness”, I yelled at him but he didn’t even pay attention to me. He kept on pulling me down and started touching me all around aggressively. He tried taking off my dress but I kept pulling it down. He started hitting me but then he would stop to try to kiss me again. I begged David to have mercy but he didn’t even mutter a single word. He kept struggling with me but before I knew it, I felt liquid with mashed substance drizzle on me, David was literally throwing up on me. When he was done, he laid on his back and fell into a deep sleep, snoring like he had never slept before. I just stared at him laying on the living room floor and shook my head in disgust. My husband was not who I used to know.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!”, I screamed…………

To be continued……….



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