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Story: I Married a Mad Man….Episode 4 || By Benita Okafor

I Married a Mad Man



Episode 4

Later that evening, after a long day at work. My office driver took me home. I had even slept off in the car when he tapped me and said that I was home. I yawned and rubbed my sleepy eyes till I could carry myself out of the car. I glanced at my wristwatch and saw that it was past ten. David must be back since all of his cars were parked, so I thought. I collected my car keys from the driver and gave him some money to use as his transport fare. He didn’t have to bring me home but he had insisted when he saw how tired I was. I thanked him as I watched him go out the gate.


“Good evening ma,” our security man greeted.


I reciprocated and was about going inside when he ran up to me and insisted on helping me with my bags. I told him it was fine and so he left for his duty post. When I got inside the house, I was surprised at what I saw. The lights were turned off and candles were lit all over the place. I saw David who stood up from one of the couches where he was seated and walked up to my front. The dining table was filled with candles and food and even wine. David had been holding a bouquet of roses so he pecked me on the cheeks and handed the bouquet of roses to me before saying;


“Welcome home honey.”


I didn’t know what to say because I was shocked at this sudden behavior. David hadn’t done anything like that for me in a long time. It definitely caught me off shore. I asked David the meaning of all these and he said it was to show how sorry he was for treating me wrong. I wasn’t sure my ears were working properly when he said this. I looked into his eyes and what I could see was the David I married two years ago. As tired as I was, I wanted to give my all so that we could both enjoy the night together. He escorted me to my seat on the dining table, acting like a gentleman. I couldn’t help but smile at all his gestures. My heart was warming up and my tiredness was ceasing. Tears came into my eyes and as much as I tried to fight it, it came rolling down. David saw this and stretched his hand to wipe my tears with his palm. He apologized for his previous behaviors and sought for my forgiveness. I was always ready to forgive David of any wrongs he did to me so that wasn’t even a problem. I opened my heart to him and told him how much he was forgiven and how much I loved him. Everything that I had held back was expressed and he understood that I had missed his old self. He cried just beside me while still apologizing and I couldn’t help but cry along. It was a very emotional state for the both of us. When we stopped and David said to forget about the past, I agreed that it was better to now move on and so we tried to enjoy our night. I ate the delicious meal that only God knows where he ordered it from because David couldn’t even boil water for himself. Okay, that’s too much of an exaggeration. The point is David was a bad cook so the meal was too delicious to be his handiwork. I thanked him for the thought of putting the whole surprise together for me and he smiled and said that I deserved it.


That night, I made love to my husband like I had never before. I had earlier been tired but after my reconciliation with David, I received strength from nowhere. When David was fast asleep, I said a silent prayer, thanking God for restoring my marriage. I didn’t know where it came, I just believed God did it for me. The next day at work, I was all smiles. Even some of my colleagues had to call me aside and ask if everything was alright. I only said yes and continued with my business. Later in the day after our meeting, my boss came to compliment me for the speech that I had given. He said he was happy that I was very bright. I didn’t know that all my expressions were that obvious before and after my reconciliation with David because almost everyone noticed something different about me that day. I actually felt very different. When I was on break, I called Vanessa, my friend and gave her the news about me and David. She sounded so happy for me and I thanked her for being there all through my down times. We spoke for a few minutes until my break was over. I finished work quite earlier than usual so I went home immediately. I got home before David and decided to make his favorite African dish, efo riro with pounded yam. I dished out everything when I peeped through the window and saw that he was back. I had already changed into a simple gown. I had the same feelings as the times when we weren’t married and I wanted to be sure that I impressed him. When he walked into the sitting room, he smiled at me and planted a kiss on my lips. I greeted him and collected his suit and suitcase dropping it aside. I helped untie his tie and got him to sit down on the dining table. He loved using his hands to eat his efo riro and pounded yam so I made sure that there was a bowl of water to wash his hands. The last time I had served this meal, he threw it aside, not because he tasted it and didn’t like it or anything but because he had been having his usual mood swings. The image that flashed through my mind brought back old memories but I shook it off my head. He licked his lips like he couldn’t wait to dig into the food but then he frowned at me after looking around the dining table.


“Bella, where is your food?”


“Woo babe I’m not hungry,” I replied but instead of letting me be, he insisted that I eat with him. I objected but I later succumbed when I saw how persistent he was. He took his first swallow and complimented me on the dish. I couldn’t help but blush, I really don’t know why. We were eating when we started a play fight with the food. I took one of the cow tails when he threatened that he would eat the chicken because I loved eating chicken a lot while he so enjoyed cow tails. We both threatened to eat each other’s favorite when we burst into laughter at our childishness. He fed me the chicken and I fed him the cow tail until we were done with our love feeding. I stood up and went into the kitchen to bring some more cow tails. Dropping the plate beside him, he winked at me. We talked for a while after eating and later headed for our bedroom.


My marriage was rising up and causing me to feel happier than I ever felt. Things were going smoothly between me and David. There were no regular mood swings from David. I was never as stressed out as I used to be whenever I got back from work. I was just very happy. David did not only declare his love for me every day like he used to but we started making out time to go out during the weekends. You might be wondering where all these came from but honestly, I was as shocked as you probably are reading this. I felt like a new bride. Everything was so exciting to me.


To be continued……



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