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Story: I Married a Mad Man….Episode 5 || By Benita Okafor

I Married a Mad Man



Episode 5

Well, as much as I thought things had a turn around for me for good, what I didn’t know was that the worst was yet to happen. One faithful day, I got back from work in my usual happy mood, excited to prepare something for David. I got everything set and waited for him to return. I had earlier texted him to be sure he would be around by the time I was done. He didn’t reply but I was sure he would see the message and text me if he was going to be running late so I didn’t bother stressing. David later arrived home at exactly the time I expected to see him. I was so happy he was back so I went immediately to open the door. As soon as I opened the door, I hugged him expecting to hear sweet words and possibly a kiss from him when he pushed me to the ground. I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or I was dreaming. I recovered, looked up to see David who walked in, leaving me on the ground while I was still in shock. He actually walked past me without saying a word so I stood up and followed him behind. We got to the room at the same time and I tried to talk to him as calm as I could.


“David, what’s wrong?” I asked but he didn’t say a word. I watched as he ignored me and went about taking off his clothes. I thought maybe he was just really tired or angry from work so I didn’t want to get him even angrier. I left the room when I saw him go into the bathroom and went to take a seat in the sitting room. I waited until he was done even though I was internally panicking. He wasn’t even smiling when I had seen him and refused to respond when I tried talking to him. That made me scared for another one of David’s episodes that I hadn’t seen in the past weeks. He came out of the room and I just watched as he entered the kitchen, not sure whether to approach him or wait until he came out again. I stood up from the couch and was approaching the kitchen when David came out eating two slices of bread folded together. I looked at the food that was already set on the dining table and looked back at David who was already walking back to the room. I ran after him and tried to stop him, calling his name several times but he ignored. So I went ahead to carry the tray of food to his room.


“Babe I made your favorite. Efo riro and pounded yam,” I said smiling at him.


“Take it away.” He said sharply with anger in his voice.


“But babe, you haven’t said anything……” I was trying to reply when he interrupted and shut me up.


“Every time efo riro and pounded yam, efo riro and pounded yam. Did I tell you I was hungry? Take the food away Isabella!”


“But David, you were the one that requested it since you hadn’t eaten it since last week. You told me today that you couldn’t wait to get home because you were hungry. Ehn David. What happened? Did I do or say something wrong?”


Again he didn’t say a word. He opened the bottle of water that he had been holding and drank some before climbing in bed. I begged David to tell me what was going on and why he was so angry and he shouted. He shouted at me and told me to leave his sight. I stood up from where I knelt down beside David and headed for the kitchen. I got to the kitchen, dropped the tray of food and sat down on the kitchen chair. For a while, I stared into space, not knowing what to say or do or even think. Times like this, I was usually very emotional. I hated when things were falling apart especially with my marriage. I finally stood up, leaving the kitchen for the bedroom. I went to take a shower and joined David in bed. I didn’t even want to look at him because I was very annoyed. Every time I tried being there for David, he would shun me off.


The next day, I left the house without saying a word to David even though I still prepared his breakfast and what not. I found work that day very stressful. I think even my boss noticed because the times I went in to drop off documents and all, he would stare at me like he could read my emotions. I tried my best to hide it anyway. During the break, I went into the company’s cafeteria, not sure why because I didn’t have any appetite. I just sat down at my usual spot and got lost in my thoughts. Just when I thought things were going fine for me and David, this happens. I looked at my phone, not sure if I should call Vanessa or David. I definitely could call Vanessa but I wasn’t sure about David because he was most likely going to ignore my call. I dropped my phone and then looked up to see my boss approaching my table. He got to where I was and sat down on the chair opposite mine. He greeted, smiling warmly at me. I formed a fake smile and he caught me. He said;


“You don’t have to smile back. I know something’s wrong. It’s all over your face Mrs. Bankole.”


I told him I was fine and that I just had personal issues. He didn’t try to force me talk about it but said that it would be fine, trying to seem professional. I smiled and thanked him before he stood up and left the Cafeteria. I looked around the Cafeteria and saw that I was only one sitting down there so I stood up and went back to work. I didn’t say much to anybody throughout that day. When it was time to go home, I sat down in my car thinking for a while. I wasn’t ready to go home even though I closed from work a bit earlier than usual. I decided to go to the beach. I kept thinking with tears already forming in my eyes. I was just mad at so many things. At that point in my life, I actually thought maybe someone was messing up my marriage with charms that made David act the way he did. I just couldn’t understand his behavior anymore.


On getting to the beach, I removed my shoes and put on the slippers I usually carried along to work. Placing my handbag under the passenger’s seat, I took out my wallet. I looked around while inside the car before getting out and locking the door. I walked up to the entrance of the beach and after paying the entrance fee, I walked up to the shore. Walking on a clear path, I couldn’t help but enjoy the quietness and warmth that I felt. I got to some place where I met a few horse riders who I turned down after they asked if I wanted to ride a horse. I was in no mood to smile with anyone so I walked as far away as I could from any human. Of course, there were still a few people around but just enough for me to say I was alone. I settled at the beach and tried as much as could to clear my mind. I thought of home and how much I missed my siblings and parents. I hadn’t been home in a while just because I always thought I was too occupied to pay them a visit. I smiled when I remembered the day of my wedding. How happy and proud my mother was on that day and how wonderful she thought David was because he always acted like a gentleman. My mind kept drifting to different things and just when I was lost in my thoughts, my ringing phone brought me back. I looked at the phone in my hand to see Mr. Ikechukwu, my boss calling. I immediately answered the call, putting it close to my ears.


“Hello sir,” I said.


“Good day, Mrs. Bankole…..I wanted to know if you were home already. Your office driver told me you left work without him and since you didn’t look so good today, I wanted to be sure you were fine.”


“Oh yes sir, I’m very okay. Thanks for asking.”


“Okay, that’s fine. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Take care of yourself Mrs. Bankole.”


“Thank you sir. And you too. Bye”


That was the first time my boss ever called me at a random moment just to ask about my well-being. If he ever called, it was usually about work. It was definitely strange but at least he cared enough to once ask if I was fine.


To be continued….



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