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Story: I Married a Mad Man….Episode 7 – FINAL EPISODE || By Benita Okafor

I Married a Mad Man



Episode 7

I watched him walk inside after he greeted me. I was instantly irritated. Mr. Francis, my boss had told me to call him if anything was up or if David returned but I wasn’t sure if I should call him so I dropped my phone and waited for David to be done with his shower. When he was done, he came out and went straight to the dining table where his food was served. He ate his food so fast and was done not too long after he sat down to eat. I was sitting and watching him from one of the couches that was at the far end of the living room. He didn’t say anything to me. Nothing at all. I badly wanted to talk to my husband but I didn’t know how to speak to him. If I said one thing, it would have probably caused an argument so I kept quiet. We were just like strangers who suddenly had to share the same roof.


He retired to his room after watching some sports channel and since I was done clearing the kitchen and all I needed to do, I went to join him in bed. As soon as I laid beside but backing him, he held my waist and tried to turn me to face him. In my mind, I was just like not today. I turned around and faced him and immediately he came in for a kiss. I knew what he wanted but I was not in the mood for it. Doing anything with him at that point felt like I was with a stranger. He tried to kiss and touch me but I turned down his approaches. He noticed this but still continued. When he saw that I was not acting very pleased, he stopped and said;


“So I cannot have an intimate moment with my wife again eh, If it is all those useless boys and men, you’ll let them.”


The words coming out from his mouth were hurtful but I tried not to let it get to me. I replied;


“David, please let’s not go into that. We need to talk.”


“Talk about what? Talk about what? You couldn’t bring up that one after?”


“Because you wouldn’t listen. You haven’t been listening to me David. I feel as if I’m with a stranger right now. I don’t know what has happened to us. Did I do something wrong, David? Did you hear something?”


“See Bella I’m not in your mood this night. Just leave me alone. I want to sleep. Goodnight.”


And that was how our conversation ended that night. I could barely find sleep. All I did throughout the night was shed tears. It got to a point David heard my little sobs and left the room for one of the other rooms in the house. I was just confused.


At work, I tried avoiding my boss because I didn’t want him asking about David or myself. I told myself that I would see him only if he called for me or I needed to see him concerning work. It wasn’t long before what I didn’t want happened. He called me to come into his office so I did as I was told and went to see him in his office. Immediately I entered, he asked me to take a seat and like I had guessed, he asked about David and the conversation we were supposed to have had. I told him fine and nothing more. When I said this, he kept a disappointed face. I knew he wanted me to go into details but I was not in the right emotional state to start spilling. He didn’t push it so he said when I was ready to talk that he would be ready to listen. I thanked him and then he dismissed me. On getting out of his office, I couldn’t understand why I had told him about my marriage in the first place. I mean this was a guy around David’s age if not younger who wasn’t even married to give me any marital advice. I shook the thoughts off my head anyway and went to continue with work.


During the weekend, I went to see my mom at her store. I spoke to her about David and everything that was going on in our marriage. Even though I saw the worry in her eyes, she told me that all would be fine. She advised me to let David calm down a bit before trying to talk to him and all of that. The same thing I felt like I had been hearing. David was never going to calm down to give me a chance to speak with him. I just needed a moment to figure out what was happening. I asked mom how she was able to keep a good marriage with my father. She only smiled and said it was all God. I sighed knowing that I hadn’t really let God into my marriage. It was always work and other distractions. I left her in her store after a while because I needed to meet up with David. We were supposed to be having a doctor’s appointment concerning the children that we hoped to have. David and I had spoken about this some time ago and booked the appointment for that day. I honestly didn’t want to go because David still hadn’t given me a chance to speak with him but I called him anyway to confirm if he was going to be there. I didn’t expect less when he said to cancel it because he had important stuffs to take care of like I already guessed.


I went home and didn’t meet anyone so I took a nap and just didn’t want to think of any other thing. I hadn’t had a good rest in ages because my marriage was pulling me down and causing me weakness. The next day which was Sunday, I woke up quite late and so I couldn’t make it to church. David on the other hand, didn’t return from wherever he chose not to tell me. I called him but he declined. I called back again and he did the same thing before he sent me a text that read;


“Hey I’m kinda busy now. I’ll be back home later in the day.”


I stared at my phone for a while before dropping it back on the dresser. Just as I was about to go clean the house, my boss’ call came in. I was shocked to see his call so I hesitated before picking up.


“Hello? Good afternoon sir,” I greeted.


“It’s okay Mrs. Isabella, you can just call me Francis. I didn’t even call for work. I just wanted to check up on you.”


“Oh I’m fine thank you and you sir?”


“Not bad myself.”


That was how our conversation went and then he asked about David. I told him he wasn’t around and then he asked if it was okay for him to come see me. I wasn’t comfortable with that request so I pretended by asking if it was about work even though I knew he just wanted to come around. He said that he just wanted to come see and then I had to lie that I was on my way out. He didn’t say anything other than ‘okay, it’s fine. Have a nice day.’


I sighed in relief and went about to do my house chores. That day I had wanted to see Vanessa, my friend but she had told me she wasn’t going to be around so I stayed home and prepared food for David’s return. David finally got back around past eight in the evening so when he was settled, I went to the kitchen to dish his food. As I was about putting rice in a bowl, he came to the kitchen and told me not to bother. I asked if he had eaten and he said wasn’t hungry but when I left the kitchen, I saw him sitting on one of the couches, eating shawarma. I didn’t say anything. I just went into the room to prepare my things for work the next day.


When I got to work that Monday morning, my boss called me into his office again. This time, as I opened the door, I met him standing in front of me. He greeted and hugged me immediately leaving me in shock. This is because never had he acted so informally to me. He pulled away just as my hands tried to gently push him away. He looked at me for a while making everything awkward until he broke the silence and said he was just happy to see me. With all of this advances, I knew there was something more to the way my boss was behaving. Throughout the day, I tried avoiding him again. I didn’t like the attention I was getting from him. I thought he was coming too close and passing his boundaries. You might say it was just a hug but coming from a boss who was always formal to me with his facial expressions saying otherwise, I wouldn’t say it was normal. Maybe because I told him about my marriage and he was just trying to help but his help wasn’t giving me good vibes. I pretty much tried to be away from him as much as I could and work could allow me because I wasn’t ready for another episode of his ‘emotional help’.


 Two weeks went by and my life was pretty much the same with David and all except, I was not really looking forward to work because of Mr. Francis. One Wednesday evening, I was at my office just packing my things to leave for home when I got a call from Vanessa. She said she needed to see me and that it was urgent. I was already done anyway so I met up with her at an eatery. She looked so flushed when I first saw her and didn’t even stand up to hug me like she would normally do when she saw me. I could only see worry written all over her face so it didn’t matter, I sat down and asked her what was up. She looked at me for a while without saying anything then muttered; “I’m pregnant…”


At first, I did like I didn’t hear clearly so I asked her to repeat herself. “I’m pregnant.” She repeated herself and this time clearer. I couldn’t help but open my mouth in shock. “Who’s the father? Have you told him and is he okay with it?” She just kept nodding to my questions and then broke out into tears. “Isabella, I’m pregnant for David……your husband.”





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  1. well-done and thanks for this lovely story, in fact I can’t wait for season 2.please release it on time .Thanks

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