Story: Bachelorettes….Episode 2 || By Afeme Christiana


Rita had gone very early to the motor park that Saturday. This was one place she doesn’t like visiting. Apart from the noise everywhere, the motor park was a haven of all sorts of people. There were hawkers that early morning, the truck pushers helping passengers with their luggage, beggars have also woken up early for their daily routine. Rita didn’t waste much time boarding a vehicle, she looked through the window surveying the environment once again as one saying goodbye to warri.


Rita arrived safely to Abuja that same evening; it was a long journey indeed. Pearl and caro welcomed their friend with so much joy. Their self-contained apartment was also saying welcome to Rita. The three friends chatted into the night; Rita seemed to have forgotten she was tired but obviously not exhausted. The three friends have to start staying together again. Pearl and caro had always thought on how to help their friend secure a Job. “Thank God Rita agreed to come stay with us” Caro said to Pearl the night she got a call from Rita affirming that.


Caro was lucky to have been retained by the insurance company she served; it was God’s favour indeed. God also blessed Pearl with a lecturing job four months ago in college of education, Zuba.


Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. It’s been three months since Caro arrived Abuja. She had submitted her Résumé in different schools and companies, also gone for some interviews. Yet, she hasn’t been offered a single job since she came. Her friends had always stood by her, praying with her and praying for her. “What wrong have she done” she always wondered. Its true she wasn’t so fervent in school, though pearl never stopped making sure she grew spiritually as at then. Thank God for Mrs. Joy who had taken time to work on Rita during her service year. No wonder Rita has become a vibrant Christian and is still waxing stronger in her relationship with God.


Could God be testing her faith?


The streets of Zuba was busy as usual that evening; the alumajiris’ scattered about with their dirty plates complimenting their dusty body covered with the harmattan wind; the logistic buses and lorries on their way from Zuba fruit market could be mistaken to be in a race competition; imaginative quarrel between the truck pushers and pedestrian can be visibly seen. Pearl was in isolation amidst all the commotions and dramas around. She was just coming from delightsome park heart broken. She tried very hard to fight back the tears which now blurred her vision, some few seconds more and she would betray herself. She scratched her eyes with her palms in pretence of one trying to remove some particles from her eyes.


An hour ago, she was sitting adjacent to Elijah in the eatery. They were both having a glass of juice and snacks. She was tensed and shy because of the answer and confession she had to make to him. Elijah was also tensed but for a different reason, he knew Pearl invited him to give him the answer to his proposal which he made two weeks back. ‘What if Pearl says NO’. Elijah and pearl were not strangers, though not too close but they were friends in a way. He is the choir master of their local church while she is a part leader in the choir so they work together sometimes. Pearl is deeply convinced that He is the man God want her to spend the rest of her life with but how would he take it if she exposes her past life to him. Left for her, she would have let it wait for now but her pastor and elder sister had advised her to tell Elijah about it. It won’t be fair on her part if she hides it from him. She had told her friends about it, they had supported that and prayed with her. Now, she is with this man, taking a stroll around the park, how will he react when she throws the bomb shell.


Tears flowed freely down her cheek as she remembered the incident that happened less than an hour ago. She didn’t care anymore if any one saw her tears. The whole scenario looked like a dream, she bite her lips hard to awaken herself into reality. But reality it was, that didn’t spare her lips from being bruised. Her past mistake has reflected now in her present life. How she wished she wasn’t pearl at all. What will she do now? Who would she run to? How would she gather the broken pieces of her heart again?



Author: Afeme Christiana Eniwoeva

I’m a graduate of Accounting from the University of benin

Afeme Christiana Eniwoeva

I'm a graduate of Accounting from the University of benin

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