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Story: Bachelorettes… Episode 3 || By Afeme Christiana


Elijah couldn’t have been happier when Pearl said yes to him. He felt like lifting her up and swinging her round but he shouldn’t do that, “not now, the time would come” He said within himself. But pearl didn’t look as excited as he was, ‘what could be wrong’. His lips suddenly drew apart revealing his white teeth when pearl amidst tears said there was more to tell him. He calmed her down and told her to be free to tell him whatever it was that was bothering her.


Pearl told him how she had been sexually promiscuous before her salvation. She met Christ during her first year on campus but not until she had done herself a lot of damage. It all started when she was thirteen years old, she was raped by her step-father. She couldn’t trust her mother so she confided in her elder sister. It was her sister who took her for medical treatment. Back in secondary school, she was laid down with inferiority complex; a desire to be appreciated and loved among her peers. She wanted to be popular, so she was advised to have a boyfriend. She started double dating in her senior classes. She found herself trying to please them in anyway (including her body) no matter what it would cost her. Her step father was not left out, that was the only way she could pay him back for her school fees which he do provide.


She found out she was pregnant the month she gained admission into the university. She was confused because she had always played her games safe. The worst of it all was that she didn’t even know the particular man responsible for the pregnancy. Was it Tope or Ade or her step father? She couldn’t tell. She decided to lay it on her step father, after all he started it. She summoned the courage to tell her mother about it. Of course, no mother would be able to bear the shame of her self and her daughter being rivals. Her mother took her for an abortion which nearly claimed her life, it was so critical that her womb had to be removed. Oh what a life she had lived!


Elijah stood dumbfounded for a while, he couldn’t believe his ears. How on earth would he risk getting married to a lady who had used her body as a dumping ground for every Dick, Tom and Harry.  Besides that, she has no womb. That won’t be possible; after all he had kept himself a Virgin why couldn’t she? “To hell with marriage, to hell with you, it can’t work anymore” Elijah blurted out.


Pearl stood there in the park watching Elijah go away as the tears flowed down her cheek. ‘After all he has the right to be angry’, she thought. On a second thought, she found herself running after him, it was indeed a drama for all at the park that evening. In a moment, Pearl found herself on the floor; Elijah had pushed her hard as she tried to get hold of his hand.


The event of that evening came fresh on Pearl’s mind making her face alert to welcome Fresh tears. What a day!


Pearl was looking so dejected when she got home, at first her friends stood staring at her as if she was a ghost sent on a mission. That would be the first time her problems would be written clearly on her face for anyone to read. Caro and Rita needed no prophet to tell them there was something wrong. They have to help their friend regain her self again. Pearl had suddenly caught fever. Her friends did the best they could to comfort and cheer her up after she told what transpired between her and Elijah that evening.


Night had finally dawned in; the three ladies went to their various beds. The house was unusually quiet that evening, normally they would have talked for some time before going to bed. Each of them lay quietly assuming the others were asleep, each of them have thoughts keeping them awake. Pearl is busy bathing her pillow with tears because of Elijah, she tried calling his line but he kept ending her calls. Rita is entertaining herself worrying about the outcome of tomorrow interview with Babcob Plc. Caro is seeing light in the feelings she is already developing for Dele.


Dele was her ex-boyfriend in secondary school days. She had stumbled on him one afternoon in the supermarket, which was before Rita’s arrival. A look at Dele showed that he is now a changed person (so it seem). He was no longer the mummy’s spoilt brat neither was he the dreaded guy anymore. Caro was happy when he told her he is now a born again Christian. They exchanged contact that day and have been communicating for a while now. It seems he is the prince charming she had been waiting and praying for all this while(dark, tall, handsome, gentle and kind). “Hmm, their love must have been made from the creation of the world; no wonder their love is being rekindled once more. He always shower her with gifts, he can do anything just to make her happy.


Just then her phone beeped, it’s a message from Dele. It reads “my dearest, I just want to say thanks for bringing smile to my face once again. I pray this relationship grows beyond mere friendship. Sleep well my angel”. She hugged her pillow so tight to herself with so much joy after reading the text message. What is happening to her?  She couldn’t explain it. She surely has to tell her friends that she has found the man of her dreams.



Author: Afeme Christiana Eniwoeva

I’m a graduate of Accounting from the University of benin

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