Story: Bachelorettes…. Episode 6 || By Afeme Christiana


It’s a bright Monday morning; the day is busy as usual. Rita is presently in Spring Bank heading for Mr. Shola’s office. The proposed appointment letter given to her was a blank paper tucked in an envelope. It was that morning that she decided to open the envelope; she had left it in the bag she kept it that Friday without bothering to go through it. Her heart beats were faster now and her face sweaty as she approached his office. When she was ushered in, she didn’t even have time to exchange pleasantries. “With all due respect sir, I need an explanation to this” she blurted out as she presented the envelope. Mr. Shola just continued his work ignoring her.


“Why did you do this to me, I will sue you for this I promise” Rita said.


Mr.Shola gave a wicked laugh. “What evidence do you have”. He looked up at her in disgust “We are already in the process of opening a new branch here in Zuba. We have gotten all the staff we need there except one. That position is very sensitive and we need a trustworthy Christian just like the one we have here for that position. I had to put you to a simple test when your appearance convinced me that you are a genuine Christian. When you declined my offer at the hotel, i was pleased that i had seen who i have been looking for. But you surprised me when you returned to the hotel that night; you gave me the free license to do what l did. Now tell me, why are you professing to be a Christian when you are not? You are just sitting on the fence. When I see a rare opportunity, i utilize it very well…Am very sorry, I didn’t know you could still be a virgin at your age. But as for the job, maybe I will have a rethink but am not assuring you it would be yours” Mr. Shola said.


Where Rita stood, the ground seems to be opening up gradually to swallow her. She didn’t know how she got the courage to leave. She managed to restrain herself from shedding tears as she walked out of the bank.  She turned as she heard her name from behind her. “Didn’t you see me? Or you don’t recognize me anymore?” The woman said. It’s Mrs.Funmi of OLA and co. Ltd (her distant relative). Rita had just past by her.


“Am very sorry ma, I didn’t see you” Rita murmured.


“I told you to expect my call during the weekend, didn’t I” asked Mrs.Funmi.


“Yes, you did…. But I didn’t get any call” replied Rita.


“You must be joking, I called several times on Saturday, I even did yesterday. You didn’t pick up neither did you return my call” blurted out Mrs.Funmi


“I…I am sorry ma, some issues came up” Rita said pitifully.


Mrs. Funmi continued “Well, it’s a pity you lost it. We have being looking for a marketing manager for the company ever since the previous one resigned. I recommended you to the board. I was asked to tell you to resume today”.


“Oh, thank God, let me just go there right away” Rita cuts in.


“Am sorry miss, you missed the Privilege. I was asked to go for an alternative since you Were not picking, they weren’t patient… Well, we have a new marketing manager now. She resumed this morning. Am sorry about that but I tried my best for you. I believe God will make another way for you” Mrs. Funmi consoled her.


The tears could not be restrained any more, it rushed down like a tap.. “This must be a dream, it can’t be real” Rita cried out.


Rita knew she had lost favor from God and this may just be the beginning of her predicament. How impatient had she been, her set time was around the corner when she allowed herself to be deceived. She stopped a motorcycle to head for the church. She can’t bear being separated from God anymore. The guilt and burden in her heart is too much to bear. Just like the prodigal son she have to go back and this time around she is ready to constantly abide, nothing is going to stop her now.


Pearl was surprised when Rita walked in that evening beaming with joy. Maybe she had been wrong all the while. Earlier that day, she had been depressed. She doesn’t seem to understand what has been going on around her. The peace and joy she does feel anytime she is with her friends have ceased. Each of them had become a one-man-riot. Not only has that, the rumors of her past been circulating among the choristers in her church. Only God knows how many ears have heard that. How it started, she can’t tell but she kept suspecting bro Elijah. Thank God for her pastor who stepped in to put things in order, but yet the deed is done.


When she came back home that evening, she met no one at home neither did she have the idea of where they have been. Now Rita is back, her face is radiant unlike the way she had been for some days now. Rita sincerely apologized for her behavior. She opened up to Pearl all that had happened to her from last weekend up to the very moment. Though, Pearl listened in bewilderment, she was at the same time happy that Rita is restored back to God. Pearl gave a word of advice and prayed for her friend. She also made Rita promise that she won’t hide anything from her again.


It’s midnight already and Caro is not yet back from work yet. She didn’t drop a message neither had she called to tell them of her whereabouts.  Her lines are not going either. Rita and Pearl were so worried that they were alert at every sound hoping its Caro. They prayed for their friend’s safety before finally retiring to bed that night.


It’s been four days now since Caro is missing. Rita and Pearl had gone to report to the police on the second day of the incident, their pastor was also informed. The prayer warrior team has also taken it as a responsibility to pray about it.


Where could she be?


Author: Afeme Christiana Eniwoeva

I’m a graduate of Accounting from the University of benin

Afeme Christiana Eniwoeva

I'm a graduate of Accounting from the University of benin

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