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Story: Bachelorettes… Episode 7 (Final Episode)

Episode 7 (Final Episode)

That faithful morning, Pearl was in a class lecturing when her phone rang, it’s her Pastor. There must be important information to pass across for pastor to call her that morning. She took excuse from her class to pick the call. Caro have been found, she was found and taken to the church by the church’s security personnel. Pearl couldn’t concentrate any longer, so she rounded up the class and straightway headed for the church.


Caro was unrecognizable when Pearl saw her. Pearl left her mouth wide open as tears flowed down her cheek. “Who could have done this to you” Pearl questioned. Caro was busy chewing a stick and mischievously laughing and pointing to no one. The clothes she wore to office the day she got missing (a week ago) had completely turned to rag. Her face has been powdered with the harmattan dust. She is obviously insane.


“She was sighted in Gwarimpa by one of our church members who called to inform me” the Pastor said. “I asked the security to bring her to the church, this is actually an attack, and she must be delivered” He continued.


Caro had gone out with Dele that Monday afternoon as was planned. Dele told her he wanted her to meet his parents which she happily consented to. He took her to meet his supposed parents which unknown to her were fake parents. He had deceived her to achieve his evil desire. The supposed father is the medicine man who Dele had met to aid boosts his economic status while the supposed mother was hired to play the act. She was served a drink which she willingly took not knowing it was drugged. When it was confirmed that she had slept deeply, Dele drove Caro and the medicine man to the shrine to execute the act. They were to sacrifice her blood for the ritual. The medicine man tried all he could to make her a present to the gods but she was rejected. Dele was fearful that he would be exposed, so he begged the herbalist to make her insane, thereafter dumping her on the streets. He had to look for his victim within the next two weeks.


Caro was taken home by Pearl and the women leader (though accompanied by a security personnel) to clean her up and feed her. She was returned to the church that afternoon to commence her deliverance.



It was double celebration that evening, Caro had regained her sanity and Rita have been invited by the federal ministry of finance to resume work the following week. Indeed, God is merciful. Rita couldn’t express her joy; she had thought it will have taken a longer time for her request to be granted. Caro is still in shock when she learnt of her mental state during the past days. The only thing she could remember was her being in Dele’s parents’ house. She has a great suspicion that Dele is the one responsible for her insanity which she must find out soonest. She is also thankful to God for sparing her life and delivering her. She ceased to opportunity to appreciate Pearl for her kind gestures despite the disputes they had been having before the incidence.


The next day Caro went in search of Dele after returning from her place of work. She had gone to find out the state of things and if her job will still be restored to her. She was lucky as she had always been. It’s time to face Dele now; she must get an explanation for all that have happened. She knocked on his door several times with no response until one of the neighbors came to her aid.


“Dele has mysteriously run mad the previous evening when he was trying to get into the house as he came back from an outing. He stripped himself almost naked and ran into the streets. Some men in the neighborhood had gone in search for him this morning but he is nowhere to be found. We are making arrangements on how to get across to his family to inform them of the incidence. You can help us out if you know any of his relative” the woman said.


“I must be on my way now” Caro finally managed to say after a brief moment of silence. “What a wicked world, it’s indeed very painful. May God protects his own” the woman murmured as she also walked away


It’s been two months now since Rita started her new job. Her heart has always blossomed with joy until that evening when her world crashed before her very eyes. She had rushed to the clinic on her way from work to collect the result of the test she did the previous day. She had gone to the clinic to report the persistent chances in her body system. She had been treating malaria unknown to her that she is pregnant. She is presently lying on the altar in her local church, she kept crying uncontrollably.


“Why did you allow this, I thought you had forgiven me. Why have you allowed the image of my past to hurt me forever” she lamented. This grief in her heart is more than the grief of that unforgettable night. She couldn’t find the words to pray. She feared the future; how would she cope with the shame? How will she take care of the child alone? How will she go back to behold the horrible face of Mr.Shola? How on earth will any man accept to marry her and father her child? What will she tell her poor mother? What would her church members say? Then she remembered Sim, now she understood clearly what Sim had gone through. Abortion is not a choice; she may just end up like Sim if she tries to do that. Have God turned his face away this time around?She won’t leave until she is awakened from this terrible dream.



*Five Years Later*

God had been so marvelous, He had rewritten the stories of this wonderful ladies. They have met again for another celebration. It’s Caro’s wedding preparation; she would be walking down the aisle in twenty four hours from now. Pearl and her husband had just arrived from abroad where they base, her life have been marvelously transformed. Rita with her pretty daughter has been with Caro since the last weekend. She had to rally around her friend at this time; though it’s not easy carrying a protruding belly around but she didn’t mind at all. She can do anything for her friends. Her husband will be arriving anytime soon.


Though it hadn’t been easy for Caro all along, she had almost made up her mind to remain single for the rest of her life. It’s not easy to love and trust any man again. But God had made things work out in his own time. This time around, it wasn’t the tall iroko man she had always dreamed of as a little girl but he is actually her real prince charming. She couldn’t ask for anything else. She has never dreamed of getting married to a pastor but she had no regret saying yes to God’s will. As she watched her friends with their husbands from where she is, tears of joy filled her eyes, each of them have a story to tell of God’s goodness and mercy. She thanked God for the life of Rita; God had given her the strength to rise above every shame when she first became pregnant. She has no reason to weep anymore. Though Mr. Shola died in a motor accident before the arrival of Gold (Rita’s daughter), God has helped her raise her child with so much joy and in the fear of God. She also thanked God for Pearl whose broken heart have been amended by God. Pearl was the first to marry amongst them, God has indeed blessed her with the bone of her bones. She took in three years into her marriage as she had waited on God for the fruit of the womb. That was two months ago. Caro also thanked God for her life, where would she have been if not for the mercies of God. It’s just a matter of hours for her status to be changed. God is indeed worthy to be praised.




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