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Story: SEPARATED…..Episode 5 || Written by Temitope Ogunyinka



Daniel wasn’t sure of what he had seen but he couldn’t sit still. He needed to confirm what he saw last night.  He had gone over to Ebuka’s house to drop off some documents from work only to discover Adesewa’s car parked outside.

He had sat in his car confused, with different thoughts running through his mind.

Why was Adesewa at his friend’s place? Was she still trying to talk to Ebuka to talk to him? Or was she now hanging out with Ebuka?

He was still battling with his thoughts when he saw her come out laughing with his best-friend and looking so comfortable. Ebuka had his arms around her shoulders and he said something to her again that made her laugh.

The kinds of hearty laugh she did when they were once together.

Daniel had driven off after seeing them hug and watching as they both went their separate ways. Was Ebuka the man Adesewa was having an affair with? Was Ebuka the real reason she wanted nothing to do with him? He paced around his bedroom deep in thought then took his seat on the bed.

“If they have been having a relationship, how long has it been going on? Has she been cheating on me all this while?” He balled up his hands to fists and felt the need to punch Ebuka in the face if his assumptions were right. How could the both of them betray him that way?


Over the past couple of days she was reading her bible more and trying to keep at it. But all of a sudden her job was taking a lot of her time and she was finding it hard to keep up with her personal bible study. These days she just read the bible like she was reading a novel. She didn’t have time for deep studies.

God understands right?

She asked herself that morning as she and Pamela took the staff-bus to work. She rested her head on the headrest and closed her eyes. They still had about twenty minutes to get to work and she could catch some sleep. Last night she had stayed up late trying to console Pamela over what her parents were going through and how much she suffered from it. It was last night that Efe had discovered that the tough girl she had known was just displaying such on the outside, on the inside she was just a girl equally as broken as Efe was.

They were all broken one way or the other.

“I just don’t understand how two people who used to love each-other could suddenly despise each-other.” Pamela said. “Where has all the love gone to?”
Efe had rubbed her back as she cried, telling her that everything would be okay. That what happened with her parents didn’t have to affect her.

“But it does! It does affect me. I look at life and wonder what’s the purpose of marriage. Why love is so important as everyone says it is. There is no perfect love. It’s all a façade!”

Efe had heard God whisper in her heart that His love was perfect and she should let her friend know that.

“Pam it’s only God’s love that is perfect. Don’t trust in a man’s love. It’s only a man that has sold out himself for Christ that learns how to love from God. Other than that we can never love perfectly.”

As she had said those words she also reflected on her relationship with Daniel. She might have loved him but then she didn’t love him the way God wanted her to. If she had loved him the way she claimed to, she would never have slept with him knowing fully well he had a girlfriend. Love wasn’t selfish.

Efe opened her eyes and yawned with the back of her hand close to her mouth. She couldn’t blame Daniel for his actions as well since he was far from perfect loving like she was.


“We’re coming to Lagos this week so get ready to pick us at the air-port. We want to make your grand-opening. It’s not everyday our only daughter opens her own company. We are so proud of you sweet-heart.” Her mother said. “Hope you have included us in your schedule? So you don’t forget to pick us up.”

Adesewa sighed inwardly and rubbed her forehead. Her mum and dad had just broke the news about their supposedly surprise trip to Lagos the day before.

“Yes mum. What time does your flight get in?”

“Five in the evening. It’s going to be a long flight ‘cause we would be stopping at Dubai first. I’m saying this ‘cause I don’t want to wait.”

“I understand mum. I would have someone clean up the house and cook up something for you.”

“That’s good. Your father and I are so glad to know we can always count on you. Don’t tell your father, but you got all of my management skills. He still thinks he’s better than me even after all these years, can you imagine? Anyway how are your friends? Zainab and Audrey?”

“Zainab is fine.” Adesewa decided to break the news to her. “She’s getting married soon.”

“Ehn-Ehn! That’s good. She found a husband sharp-sharp. Good for her. I’m still praying for God to do your own soon. Yemi Nwachukwu called me some days ago that her son just got back from America. You remember Korede Williams abi? The both of you used to be friends sometime back.”

Adesewa rolled her eyes. She could remember Korede alright; the guy that had commitment issues and left his fiancée when their wedding was close by. I hope mum isn’t planning anything funny. Who wants a guy like that? Adesewa was about to respond when her door flew open and Daniel barged into her office with her secretary hot on his tails.

“What were you doing at Ebuka’s place last night?!” He threw at her without any preliminaries.

“I’m sorry ma. I tried keeping him out of your office but he forced his way in. Shall I call security?” Her secretary rushed to say.

Adesewa lifted a finger for them to give her a minute as she gave Daniel a stern look. “Mum, please let me call you back. There’s an emergency at work I need to settle.”

“Okay darling. Take care. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Adesewa shook her head at her secretary. “It’s okay. You may leave.”

Her secretary curtseyed and hurried out of the office, shutting the door behind her.

“Are you out of your mind? How dare you come into my office and question me like that?!”

Daniel scoffed and ignored her questions. “I thought you left me because I was married. I didn’t know you left me to mess around with one of my best-friends!”

She jerked back with a frown. “What?! What kind of accusation is that? Where did you see us together?”

“I saw you at Ebuka’s place.”

Adesewa opened her mouth down. “Were you spying on me? Are you now stalking me? Daniel, when would your obsession end?”

He squinted his eyes at her. “Don’t insult me. I went to drop off some documents for Ebuka only to see the both of you together acting like secondary school students in love. I thought when you said you gave your life to Christ you meant it. I didn’t know know it was all a lie. You are behaving all holier than thou but you are still so spoilt and silly.”

Adesewa wanted every bit to make a nasty retort at him when her spirit warned her not to. Reminding her of her old lifestyle and how she had changed.

How else would people know you are for Me if you don’t show My love?

So what do I do now God? Do I just let him insult me? Do I tell him the truth? Holy Spirit help me.

She took a deep breath and counted up to five as she rose from her seat and walked towards him.

She asked with as much calm as she could muster, “Daniel, did you see me do anything wrong with Ebuka? Why all the accusations?”

He raised his brow. “So why were you at his place at that time of the night?”

Adesewa folded her arms and looked at him pointedly. “To greet him. Besides, what I do with my life is my business Daniel. Not yours. We aren’t together anymore.”

“Okay, fair enough. But did you have an affair with Ebuka when we were together?”

“No. Please leave, I have a lot of work to do.”
Daniel remained where he was.

“Did you have any affair with him even when we broke up?”

At that Adesewa bit her lip and turned her back on him.


Amanze was surprised when Efe walked into his office at the end of the day to announce she was heading home. During the last couple of days she had been cordial to him; bringing him coffee when he didn’t ask, offering to do little things for him. He loved the change but then he wondered how it came about. Was she now willing to give him a chance? He didn’t want to risk asking her out and getting another rejection.

He didn’t think he could take it.

“Okay Efe. I don’t need anything else so you’re free to go home. See you tomorrow.”

“Thank you sir.”

She turned to leave while Amanze faced his work. He was surprised when he heard her cough and looked up to find her standing before him as opposed leaving his office.

“Erm – I want to apologize for how I’ve treated you a couple of times. You have been nothing short of nice to me but I’ve – I’ve not been good to you. I’m sorry sir.”

“It’s fine Efe. I don’t hold any grugdes.”

She looked at him and smiled. “Thank you sir. I would go now.”

“Wait…” He quickly said and stood to his feet. “Would you mind if I take you out for dinner tonight. I mean I’m almost done with work here so we could go in a matter of minutes.”

He saw her hesitate.

“Or if you would rather that we don’t go it’s fine as well.”

She shook her head. “It’s not like I don’t want to go. I promised my roommate I would be home with her tonight. Girls stuff.”

“Oh okay.”

“But I promise to accept your offer another time you ask.”

His lips turned up to a smile. “What about tomorrow night?”

She shook her head again but this time it was accompanied with a smile. “I mean the next time you ask after today. Good night sir.”

With that she walked out of his office and he smiled to himself. It wasn’t a rejection. She had promised to go out with him.


“I’m so happy for you babes… even if you keep treating me like shit.” Audrey said as they looked through different fabrics to use for the traditional wedding. Time was going and there were still a lot of things to do. Zainab wasn’t sure if Audrey was of help or was just a bother.

Yes, she was handling various things while they waited for Adesewa but her talking and poke-nosing in her matters was out of hand. Like yesterday she had asked questions about Sonia and how they were related and why Zainab wasn’t allowing her help with wedding plans.

“Beacuse I don’t need her help.”

Audrey had looked quzzically at her. “Why? Isn’t she your cousin?”

“And so? Does that mean I want her helping me? Haven’t you heard of people who pretend like they want your happiness but they don’t?”

“Okay… you have a point there but Sonia doesn’t look like a bad person. Are you sure there isn’t any other reason why you don’t want her to help out?”

“Audrey please leave me alone and mind your own business. Or is that too much to ask?”

Audrey had kept quiet after that and the tension between them was growing by the day. Zainab felt bad, but not bad enough to apologize and act like they were best of friends.

She wondered how Adesewa coped with her in Lagos.


Adesewa knew her life was too complicated. Too many issues arising from different corners and she was trying hard to hold on to God. Most times life could be so painful and unpredictable. She believed He could see her through but sometimes her circumstances got the best of her.

Daniel’s issue was one of the things she was dealing with. Immediately he left her office she had called Ebuka.

“Hello.” He answered on the first ring.

“Daniel just barged into my office some minutes ago.”

“Did he hurt you?”

“No! He saw us together at your place and he’s suspicious. He’s accusing me of having an affair with you.”

Ebuka sighed.

“So what did you tell him?”

She rubbed her hand on her forehead. “I didn’t tell him anything. Indirectly told him to mind  his business.”

Okay. . . So what’s the problem? You want to tell him what happened?”

Adesewa wasn’t sure if she should.  She didn’t exactly cheat on him. They weren’t together again when she slept with Ebuka. But then she had gone back to seduce him on his wedding day… which technically still made them an item, right?

“I don’t know yet. I’m just giving you heads up just incase he shows up at your end.”

“Thanks, and don’t fret on it.”

She nodded. “I’ll try not to.”

Adesewa discarded her thoughys and smiled broadly as her parents approached her with huge smiles on their faces. They didn’t cease to let her know how proud of her they were.

“Sweetie! This place is exquisite!” Her mother pulled her into her arms and hugged her… more like squeezed her tightly. “I’m so proud of you.”

She released her and her dad put his hand around her shoulders, giving her a side hug. “We’re proud of you dear. I would definitely tell my friends about this.”

“Thanks dad. That would me much appreciated.”

“Yes nau, if you didn’t want to take my money at least you would take my friends as your clients.”

They chuckled.

“Hi Ade,” a baritone voice said to her.

She looked up to see Mrs. Nwachukwu and a tall handsome man standing next to her.

“Good morning ma,” Adesewa bent low and greeted her. Her perfume enveloping her. “My mum didn’t tell me you were coming.”

“We wanted to surprise you. It’s been too long. Ever since Korede left the country we didn’t hear from you again. Have we become a plague to you.”

Adesewa laughed. “Ahn-ahn mummy! It’s not like that nau. I was just busy at work and I did a lot of travelling at that time.”

“It’s okay.” She excused herself at that moment and Adesewa was left alone with Korede.

“Kore Kore.  It’s been long o.  See how you have chopped up.”

He chuckled. “Na so I see am o. How have you been? You’ve done so good for yourself.” He looked around. “I mean this is amazing.”

“Thank you. What about you? What do you do for yourself?”

He shoved his hands into his pockets. “I’m into business and network marketing on the side. But right now the economy isn’t smiling at all. It’s been kinda hard.”

She nodded. She could understand what he meant. “There’s nothing impossible for God to do. When others say there’s a casting down…”

“We say there’s a lifting up.” He smiled at her.

Adesewa noticed Kobina signalling for her to come over.

“I’m sorry I have to go. You’re staying till the end right?”

He nodded. “Sure.”

Adesewa didn’t know why her spirit was lifted at the sight of Korede, but then she didnt want to query it; anything to get her mind off Daniel and his wahala.






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