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Story: SEPARATED…..Episode 6 || Written by Temitope Ogunyinka



“What’s the problem?”

“I have a deep feeling that Adesewa and Ebuka have something going on.”

John squeezed his face into a frown. “Something going on like what?”

“Like they’re in a relationship.”

“Oh…. really? Are you sure about that?”

“Yes!” He went on to explain how he saw them at Ebuka’s house and how he confronted her at her office. John’s wife, Funlola, chose that moment to step into the sitting room looking beautiful in a loose kaftan and sandals as she carried a tray of drinks and small chops.

“Hi Daniel. How are you?” She said as she dropped the tray with it’s items on the center-table.

“I’m fine thanks.”

“We both know that’s not true.” She moved to seat on the couch but John pulled her to his lap and she smacked him lightly before finally taking her seat beside him.

Daniel couldn’t believe their relationship was still tight. He saw the way they played around eachother and the love in their eyes. There was no doubt about it… they were made for eachother despite if him or anyone thought otherwise.  God was involved in their marriage.

“So why do you think I’m not okay?” He asked her when she had finally settled down.

“Well,” She clasped her hands together, “for one you look it and then when you aren’t with your wife because you are in love with another girl it’s not really going to make you okay.” She said bluntly.

Daniel opened his mouth down.

John smiled a little and leaned in close to whisper something into her ear.

She shook her head. “Someone has to tell him the truth. He’s not a baby but a full grown man that knows what he’s doing.”

“That doesn’t give you the right to talk to me like that Funlola.”

“I’m only saying the truth! Look Daniel, we care about you and that’s why we have to tell you what you’re doing is wrong. Don’t make a mistake.”

Daniel hissed. “Didn’t You make your own mistakes?  Did we bother you? Abeg,  allow me make my own mistakes in peace. I don’t need you preaching to me.”

“But-” She began but John held her hand and told her it was okay and she kept quiet.

“Daniel if you aren’t ready to hear the truth… then why are you here? You know I would never support your relationship with Adesewa.  Moreover, Adesewa has moved on with her life from what you’re telling me. So what do you want me to do? What do you still want to do?”

Daniel looked away from the couple infront of him and stared at the tiled floor.  His cousin was right.  Why had he come, knowing fully well he would never help him with Adesewa.  The truth was he just needed someone to talk to. He didn’t trust Ebuka. Dele had moved to the states few months ago.

His life was practically empty.

He stood up. “You’re right. I made a mistake coming here.”

John stood up. “Haba Daniel. I didn’t mean it like that. You’re always welcome here.”

“Yeah… I hear you. I’ll see myself out.”


Life happens, and when it does you either give in to it’s demands or you give up.

Pamela could not agree more with her father in that. She rose from the bed and wrapped the bedsheet around her. She wasn’t going to give up on her dreams. Never!

Her meeting with Rex had resulted into more photo-shoots and sleeping with each-other.  The more they slept together, the more she felt like a cheap prostitute.

Was this what she had to do to fulfil her dreams of becoming a model? Was this what her life had resulted to? How many men would she have to sleep with in the future to make it?

She felt tears trail down her face. In as much as she hated the process, she was still determined to make it in life.  She wished she had someone to talk to about her problems.

Pamela was afraid of telling Efe all about it for fear she would judge her or worse, try to talk her out of it.

She wiped away the tears with the back of her hand and hurriedly dressed up. She looked back at Rex who was still fast asleep and for a moment she felt a tingling sensation go down her back.  She looked away and got on the last of her clothing and snuck out of his apartment.


Korede Williams was a tall, handsome guy. He was kind-hearted and loving… mostly especially to his family and his then girlfriend; a name Adesewa couldn’t remember at the time. They didn’t get married.  Adesewa really wanted to know why Korede had left her, but Adesewa didn’t know how to bring up the topic without sounding nosey.

Adesewa knew there was a time when she had crushed on him and hoped for their going out, but the crush had fizzled out and life had happened.  Moreover, he was not into the whole Christianity and they never really had much in common except for their love for good food and movies.

“So what else have you been up to?” She asked him over lunch at classy restaurant at Victoria Island.

He cleaned the sides of his mouth with a napkin. “Asides business? Getting to know God better.”

Her eyes widened. “Wow.”

He chuckled. “You didn’t expect that answer from me abi.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just surprisingly good news.”

“Wait o. . . is the news surprisingly good or both surprising and good?”

She laughed. “Surprising and good.”

“Thank you.”

“So how did it happen?  Please share your salvation story with me.” She lifted up her glass of orange juice and took a sip. This was a story she wanted to hear.

His eyes lit up. “Trust me, it’s a somewhat funny story. I payed my sister a visit at Abuja and she brought up the idea of going to church. I was curious ’cause I couldn’t believe Ezinne wanted to attend church. So I tagged along. The Message absorbed me and made me question myself. I mean, I left church that day asking myself who I really was and why I was in this world. But my sister on the other hand was more interested in hooking up with the pastor.”

“What?!” Adesewa’s hand flew to her mouth as she tried to contain her laughter and shock at what his sister did. It didn’t deter Korede from continuing with his story.

“And so I was amazed at what she was doing, but I was more interested in going back to the church and learning more. That was when I made the decision to give my life to Christ. There had just been this emptiness in my life that suddenly got filled up. I had this joy, peace. ..  honestly it was amazing. I felt like I had finally reached my last busstop of searching. Do you understand or am I just rambling?”

“You aren’t rambling. I totally understand. I felt that way when I gave my life to Christ and again when I rededicated my life to Him after I fell off the wagon.”

Korede sat back and stared at her. “What happened? I always knew you to be the disciplined type.”

Adesewa shrugged.  “It’s not only self-discipline that keeps one going in Christ.  I discovered I needed more of God than self. I just got engrossed with work and I gradually drifted away; putting more of my priorities on work than Him. But His love made me find my way back. Now I have a bargain with God to study more of His Word and grow.”

He nodded. “Cool. I’m glad to hear that, but you know it’s not just studying His Word alone. You should also seek to have a relationship with Him.”

She nodded. It was refreshing to be able to have this kind of conversation with someone else who understood what she was about.

“And how’s Ezinne?”

He sighed. “She doesn’t talk to me that much; feels I betrayed her by giving my life to Christ. That all we needed was eachother. Anyway, I’m praying for her.” He smiled. “Wouldn’t mind if you join me as well.”

“Sure,  I will. ”

Adesewa checked the time on her wristwatch.  Her flight to Abuja was in five hours and she still had to get home. “I’m really sorry to cut this short-”

“But you have a flight to catch.  I’m happy we could spend time trying to catch up, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. ”

“Me too. I would let you know when I get back.”

He shook his head. “It doesn’t have to be till you get back. We could chat.”

She laughed.  “Okay then.”


He had never felt this alone in a long time and he was getting tired. He had dropped off Ulunma at his parents house.

He needed to clear his head.

All of a sudden life looked so bleak and empty without people around him; people who cared and loved him. But then he wanted to know the truth about Ebuka and Adesewa and so he walked over to his friend’s office that Wednesday morning.  He was on a call when he walked in.

“Yeah. Abeg let me call you back. I get matter for ground.  Alright then, cheers.” He dropped the call and faced Daniel.

“Kong man. .. wetin dey happen? Why your face hard so?”

“Ebuka. We’ve been best friends for some years now and I would appreciate the truth from you.”

His friend leaned back on his seat. “Sure.”

“Did you have anything to do with Ade? ”

“Asper? ”

“Did  you and Adesewa go out? Did you guys have sex?”

Ebuka looked away from him and rubbed the small stubble on his chin. He sighed and looked back at Daniel. “Why are you doing this to yourself Daniel? Why do you take pleasure in hurting yourself?”

“That’s not what I asked you.”

“So if something happened between us wetin you want come do? Kill yourself? I don tire for una.”

“Ebuka just answer.”

“Yeah, I slept with her.  We had sex. But it was more of revenge for what you did to her.  It wasn’t out of love or passion. It was just raw se-”

Daniel didn’t let the last word come out of Ebuka’s mouth ’cause of the punch that landed on him.

“You’re a bustard! How could you do that to my girl?”

Ebuka touched his lips and swiped away the little blood. He laughed.  “Your girl? Please get real. She stopped being your girl a long time ago.”

“Shut up!”

“You sef fuck off or listen to the truth. You have hurt that girl enough. Yes, we both wronged you by having sex with each-other but what happened has happened.  Get over it and live life. She has moved on and you should do the same.”

“The both of you are dating?”

Ebuka shook his head and took out a couple of kleenex and spat into it. “No, she’s not interested in me the way I’m interested in her. She needs a Christian man that gets her. Someone God wants for her. Her words not mine.  But you don’t see me crying over it. Life goes on man.”

Daniel took a seat, trying to take everything in.






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Author: Temitope Ogunyinka

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