Relationship Stories


She was walking on the road, still a distance to where he was. He admired her. The gait with which she walked and the way she had plaited her hair in two plaits endeared her to him. As she approached him, he decided to talk to her.
“Hello girl.” He waved his hand to her.
She stopped walking and greeted him, “Hi”.
“My name is Toyese and I stay around here. May I get to know you?”
She frowned her face, “You are a stranger, and how do you expect me to tell you things about me?”
He smiled and said, “We can get to know each other nau and maybe start a friendship from there.”
She eyed him mischieviously,“We are not enemies before and I don’t reveal my identity to strangers.”
“Come off it, we can start from somewhere. I mean no harm dear.”
He smiled to himself satisfactorily, “What is your name?”
“Tito.” She said coldly.
“Waow, what a beautiful name for a beautiful damsel like you. But why are you answering me as if I am disturbing you.”
She rolled her eyes, “Sorry about that but I am in a hurry.”
“I am sorry for taking your time. Do you live in this area?”
“No, I actually came to drop something in that church.” She pointed to the direction of the church.
He arched his eyebrow, “You attend RCCG?”
She nodded, “Yes.”
“That’s interesting, I do attend this church too once in a while. Can I get your number then?”
She sighed, “No problem about that.” Toyese handed over his phone to Tito to type in her digit. She typed it in and handed the phone over to him. He saved the number.
“Thank you so much, I will definitely give you a call later. Bye angel.”
“Bye.” Both walked away in opposite directions. Toyese thought within himself as he walked away, ‘Yeah, another big catch. This one will definitely not slip away from my hand.’
Tito boarded a cab going to the campus, she highlighted when the cab got to the school car park and started walking to her hostel. The hostel is fifteen minutes’ walk to the car park, on her way, she thought of her encounter with Toyese. She tried to remember her conversation with him, she discovered that it is not likely that he is a born again Christian since he said he attends church once in a while. ‘I need to bring this guy closer to God. Thank you Lord for sending another soul to me. I need to win this one for you.’
“How far girls?” Tito greeted her roommates on entering her room.
“Welcome,” they all chorused.
She walked to her bed to sit on. She prayed briefly before talking to her roommates again. “I hope there is food in this room o? As I dey so, hunger dey wire me.”
“Na only food you sabi, after food, nothing else.” Shade said.
“Don’t blame the poor girl, she needs the food very much. If she does not eat, where will she get the strength to do evangelism.” Chipped in Grace.
“Madam Evangelism, take am easy o.” said Ayoola
She stood up from the bed and walked towards the kitchenette. “Are you girls serious? Abeg, wetin I go chop?” she checked all the pots but found no food in them, she then walked back into the room. “Are you guys really telling me that there is no food in this room?” she asked, her hands akimbo
“There is rice inside that warmer.” Said Grace pointing to a warmer on her slab.
“Thank you so much sweetie, you are the best.” Tito said, walking to the place the warmer is.
“Anything for you dearie.”Said Grace.
Tito stays in a room of four. Her roommates and she are really close. They do virtually everything together. They even do devotions together, for the fact that they are all Christians.

Toyese got home, he met Tolu at home. He was happy to meet him at home ‘cos he loves relaying to him the stories of his newest catches. Tolu was sitting on the floor, playing a video game, Toyese sat down on a chair close to Tolu.
“My guy, you won’t believe what I am about to tell you.” Toyese said.
He dropped the video game console in his hand and faced Toyese,“Give me the full gist, I am all ears.” Tolu said.
He smiled to himself, “I met this beautiful damsel today and I can’t wait to bring her down.”
Tolu punched him, “Bad boy, I hail you o, tell me more about this damsel.”
He used his hand to demonstrate as he spoke, “You need to see this girl, she is just too beautiful and I want her to be mine.”
“You dey lucky, you just dey enjoy alone, but, always remember me.”
“Na you be the boss now, what of those girls wey dey your hand?”
“If you say so sha. I get gist for you too.” He stood up from the floor and sat on a chair.
“Make una yarn me the torie, I am all ears.”
He moved forward on his chair, he rested his hands on his legs, “You won’t believe the person I saw today.”
Toyese was becoming impatient as he moved forward on his chair. “Who? No dey put me in suspense jare.”
“I saw Sandra.”
He hissed and rested his back on the chair,“So? What about her? I think say na correct gist you get o, I never know say na that useless girl you wan talk about.”
“Cool down my guy, you have to hear me out first.”
“Okay, I dey hear.”
“I went to Mollys Supermarket today to get some groceries, lo and behold, somebody just tapped me on the shoulder, upon looking back it was Sandra. She was gorgeously dressed, in fact, you need to see the car she came with. The most surprising aspect is that she is married.”
He eyed him, “Don’t tell me that, that can’t be true. Which guy in his right frame of mind would marry such a lady? You know her womb is damaged, she can’t conceive again.”
He clapped his hands together, “That is another shocking aspect, she is heavily pregnant and will soon put to bed.”
“Ha-ha, na you impregnate am? Na now I know say you no dey well.”
Toyese sat up on the sofa he was occupying, clapping his hands to make it clear to Toyese that what he was saying was true. “My guy, you have to believe me. What pleasure will I derive in lying to you?”
“How come you know she will soon put to bed?”
“She is heavy, you will know from her looks that she will soon put to bed.”
“I never know say you don impregnate a lady before and na that one make you know say she go soon put to bed.”
“Your mouth. Na who I introduce to you say I impregnate? You just dey run your mouth.”
“Well, I thank God for her, but I still can’t fathom how she came about the pregnancy.”
“When I asked her about it, she told me that it was her faith in God that made it possible.”
“Spare me that, that is not possible.”
“She also said I should tell you that she has forgiven you.”
He looked at him irritably, “Can you just shut up? That story sounds fake to be real.”
“Your choice, all I know is that she is pregnant. Maybe she lied to you about her womb being damaged.”
“She didn’t lie, I was the one that took her to the abortion centre, and the doctor personally told me they removed her womb to save her life.”
“I am happy for her sha.”
Sandra was one of Toyese’s chop and go. Toyese pretended that he was in love with her, just like he normally does, until she got pregnant that he changed totally towards her. He took her to an abortion center. The pregnancy was gotten rid of and her womb also got damaged. She was left in a precarious state. After this incident, she heard nothing from Toyese again. She decided to visit his place, to her dismay, she met another girl in his house.
“I demand an explanation, Toyese. Who is this lady here?”
“Who are you to ask me such a foolish question? I think you are out of your mind.”
She was perplexed, “Is this coming out of your mouth, Toyese?” demanded Sandra.
He shook her head, “No, it is from my twin brother’s mouth. Abeg, get out.”
Amidst sobs, “I can’t believe this. But, you said you loved me and you went the extra mile of showing it to me.”
He laughed hysterically, “It shows you are stupid for believing all what I told you. I want you out of my house now, and don’t ever bother to come back.”
Toyese walked her out of his house. That was the end of their love life.
Three months after, Sandra met an old friend of hers, Tolani, who led her to the Lord. Tolani and Sandra both attended the same secondary school, after their graduation, they lost contact, not until they met each other again after eight years.
She became a devoted Christian, she joined the choir and Evangelism unit. She and Tolani, her friend, both attend the same church, Love Christian Center. After she gave her life to Christ, she decided to attend Tolani’s church where she attended the New Life School, it is a school set aside for new Christians that are still young in the faith.
It was in the same church that she met her husband, Pastor Kay. Pastor Kay made his interest known to Sandra that he was interested in her. Sandra made sure she told him her past. She had learnt in a single’s programme that “Honesty and integrity are character/traits that are central to a follower of Christ. If you have sexual sin or any other sin in your past, tell it to your partner. Although, it may create jealousy or anger, but you have to clear your conscience.” After confessing it to him, it was hard but at the end, it made them stronger couples.
Five months after this, they started courting because Sandra never thought she could even get any young man to propose to her. They courted for eight months and got married. Two years after her wedding, she gave birth to a baby girl and named her, Oluwatamilore. It is her second pregnancy she was carrying when Tolu saw her at the supermarket.
“I am leaving that house and there is nothing anybody can say that will change my mind.” Said Mrs. Oguntade.
“Stop saying that madam, what has your husband done that is beyond pardon?” pastor Kay asked.
“He did a lot of things and I won’t go back to his house.”
“Share it with me, I am all ears.”
“Pastor, my husband is too poor, I can’t stand it any longer. He is not presentable at all, I am always ashamed to show him to my friends.”
“Is that all?”
Mrs. Oguntade was surprised at how he asked her. “Is that not enough reason?”
“Madam, what I want you to know is that no condition is permanent. Your husband being poor now does not mean he won’t get rich any longer.”
“But when?” she asked with a cynical look.
“The bible tells us in Ecclesiates 3:1 that “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven. Your husband is poor today, I am sure he will be rich tomorrow. Just put your trust in Him, he won’t let you down.”
“Man of God, that bible passage is my husband’s favourite quote. Even when we are fighting, he will quote it for me. When he is eating, he will quote it. To me, he is not ready to work, he is just waiting for a miracle from God. I told him yesterday that he should look for money anywhere, I don’t mind how he will come across it, all I need is the money.”
“Haa, may God forgive you madam. What do you expect the pagans to say when you are sited here telling me all these? I know you and your husband to be fervent Christians. You are in the choir department and your husband is among the technical crews. I never knew your mind is this dirty. I now know it is true what some people say that it is only the face we see, we don’t know the mind. My ideology now is that we should not judge people with their dedication to church activities.
She quickly knelt down, “It is not like that sir, I am sorry sir. It is just that I am moved by my emotions. It has been hell without money. I am not such a person sir.”
He quickly stood up from his seat, “No, stand up madam.” He made sure she sat back before continuing. Madam, do you know that in 1 Tim. 6:10, the bible made us to understand that ‘for the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.’ With all what you have been saying since, you are simply implying that your husband should get involved in money ritual or to get involved in illegal business.”
“Far from it sir, I just need my husband to be more hard working and put in his best in all his endeavours.”
“You see, all you need to do is to be prayerful; you have to pray for your husband’s success. If you leave him now, who will give him the required support? And more so, behind every successful man is a woman.”
“Pastor, I promise to stay by his side now and give him my all. I will be content with whatever my husband gives me.”
“That is the spirit madam, give your best to him and I am of a surety that he will be rich someday. Put your trust in God and He won’t let you down.”
“Thank you sir, I will do as you say.”
“The Lord is your strength madam, let’s pray together.”
Pastor Kay is a young pastor in Love Christian Center. He is the husband of Sandra. Pastor Kay is more of a motivational speaker. He uses the word of God to mould, inspire, nurture and encourage every person he comes across.
Pastor Kay is the toast of most youths in the town. He is loved by the youths because he is a swagalicious pastor and his message is never boring. He really has his way among the youths.
Coupled with all these, he is a very rich young pastor. He has his own company where he sells wholesale products and he also sells electronics. He recently opened an eatery for his lovely wife, Sandra.
Tito was relaxing on her bed in her room when her phone rang.
“Hello, who am I speaking with?”
“Good day, this is Toyese, the guy who chatted with you the other day when you were coming from church.”
“Oh, okay, I remember you now. Good day and how has being your day?”
“Eeyah, why is it boring?”
“Because I am lonely, nobody to talk to. My friend has gone to work and I am the only one at home.”
“Why didn’t you go to work?”
“I am on annual leave of three months and I just used a week out of it.”
“Hmmm, that’s nice.”
“Don’t you have lectures today?”
“I don’t, today is my lecture free day.”
“Can we hook up then?”
A bit surprised. “What for?”
“To know each other better.”
Tito thought in her mind that this is the opportunity she had been waiting for. ‘I am finally meeting this guy so that I can preach to him and get him to become a devoted Christian.’ Tito checked the time and it was 10.30 a.m.
“Okay, since the day is still young I will come.”
“Will be expecting you at my place.”
“Your place?”
Tito’s heart missed a beat when he told her to come to his house but she lay down her fears saying that at least she is not going there for anything bad but to win a soul for Christ.
“But I don’t know your house.”
“Okay, when you get to that your church, just give me a call and I will come and pick you from there.”
“Hello.” Tito said.
“Hi” answered Toyese.
“I am at the church now, come and pick me.”
“Okay, give me ten minutes.”
Some minutes later, Toyese got to the church, he saw her and called to her. “Hey girl.” Greeted Toyese.
“Good day brother, nice to see you again.”
“Come off it, my name is Toyese, I am not a brother. Simply call me by my name.”
“How are you doing?”
“Your day?”
“Better than yesterday.”
“Shall we?”
“Yes, we shall.” Tito giggled.
They got to Toyese’s house some minutes later.
“Welcome to my small cubicle.”
“This is far from small, it is a paradise on its own.” Tito commented, admiring the room.
“I know you are teasing me, thanks anyway.”
“You are welcome.”
“Make yourself comfortable, let me go and get you something.”
“Don’t bother yourself, I am okay, thanks.” She said while sitting down.
“Don’t tell me that, you have to take something or are you fighting with me?”
“Then you must take something.”
“Let me prepare jollof rice for you.”
“Save yourself the stress, soft drink will do.”
“Alright, anything for you dear. Give me a second, I will get you your drink.”
“Okay.” He walked out of the sitting room.
Tito started wondering to herself how she will preach to this guy, “God, teach me what to do.”
“Here you are baby, I got you Hollandia yoghurt.”He said, all smiles
“Thanks a bunch, I love your hospitality. You really should join the welfare unit in your church. Which church do you attend?” He dropped the tray and sat down.
“I don’t have a specific church, I attend any church the spirit directs me to attend.”
“Don’t tell me that you are a church adulterer?”
“You can call it anything you like.”
“Do you know that fellowshipping with your fellow brethrens is indeed a good one? It helps you grow in the Lord, you get to share the word together.”
“But, you are not here for that. You can save that for another day.”
“That is procrastination, it is not good to procrastinate. Let us say everything now.”
He raised his hands up into the air, “Okay, you win.”
“Are you born again?”
“In the book of John 3:3b, ‘except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ It is a necessity for every human being to be born again. Being born again is a spiritual rebirth. I know you are not born again, you are just a church goer.”
“Maybe.” Toyese thought within himself, ‘I better let her take her time and I will also dance to her tune, so that I will descend on her, she will regret ever coming into this world. I have longed wanted to get a spiricoco like her, I will deal with her real bad.”
“God gave His only son to us as a sacrificial lamb for the atonement of our sins. I want you to surrender your life to him. Give Him your all, He really deserves it and you will never regret it. Can I lead you in the sinner’s prayer?”
“Are you sure you are ready for this?”
“I’m sure.”
Tito led Toyese in the sinner’s prayer.
“Thank you for leading me in the sinner’s prayer. So, what next?”
“A new life has started in you and Jesus is now the captain of your life. Philippians 1:6 says, ‘being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.’ To follow Jesus means you are hungry to know more about him. You find out more about God by studying His word daily.”
“Thank you once again. But, you have to guide me on how to read my bible daily.”
“I will be sending you bible passages every day through text message. I will also try to be coming here every Saturday so that we will do bible study together.”
“I love that idea of coming here every Saturday, it will give me better knowledge of the word of God.”
“The Lord will help us.”
“Amen. Tell me about yourself.”
“My name is Tito as you already know. I am a three hundred level Accounting student. I am based in Lagos, I only came to study here.”
“That is nice. My own name is Toyese, I finished my university programme in Unilorin, I studied Business Administration and I work in the Local Government.”
“Nice knowing you.”
“Same here.”
“I want to take my leave now, let me give you the bible passages for today, read Genesis 1-3.”
“Okay, thanks. Let me see you off.”

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Lover of God, God’s BAE. God is involved in my race, that is why I am an EPITOME OF GRACE. Bringing to you colourful display of real life situations through my writings with the help of God.

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