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Story: BROKEN….. EPISODE 1 || Written by Ifeoluwa Oni

“Seriously, I hate it when some girls just throw themselves at guys anyhow.” Tito said after a little quarrel between her and a course mate.
She stopped walking all of a sudden and Seni followed suite. “Imagine, she actually embarrassed me in the class, making me an object of mockery.” She beats her chest and continued talking. “She placed her bag on an empty seat and I told her that she should allow me to sit on it, she shouted at me and embarrassed me. Come and see the way those guys laughed at me.” Lamented Tito to her friend, Seni.
“You really mean it?” Questioned Seni.
“Will I tell a lie?” she rolled her eyes and continued talking. “Do you even know the funniest part?”
“No, tell me more” chipped in Seni.
“After that scenario, John walked into the class, upon his entrance, this stupid girl called out to him loudly that he should come and sit down on that empty seat she placed her bag on. She hugged him and even gave him a peck.”
“Really?” she clapped both hands together and faced Tito with her hands wrapped around her chest, “Tell me something.” Shouted Seni.
“This John of a guy is the dream guy of many girls in our faculty. He is a popular comedian and girls flood around him. Many of them could do anything just to have him. I even know quite a number of them that have gone the extra mile of opening their legs for him to ha……..”
She releases her hand from her chest and hit Tito slightly, “Ha-ha, just shut up your mouth and stop saying rubbish. Did you catch anybody with him red-handed?” demanded Seni.
“I heard people talking about it and it is from reliable sources.” Tito defended herself.
“That is it, you are supposed to say you heard it from somewhere and not you saying it as if you caught them yourself.” Seni shot her a disdainful look.
She ignored the look on her face, “What difference does it make? Whether I caught them or someone told me, the fact still remains that they did it.” She starts walking slowly and Seni followed her.
“Tito, you are smug, condescending, and obviously completely ignorant of what you are saying. Have you forgotten that thou shalt not judge? God is the only lawgiver and judge. He alone can save and destroy. Who do you think you are, to judge someone else? Before you assume, learn! Before you judge, understand! Before you say, think! Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future. So why judge them?”
“I didn’t judge them nau. I am just saying what I heard.”
She shook her head, “It shows you are criticizing them. We are told not to criticize one another.”
“Okay o, my great teacher. Sha let us go.”

“Relationships don’t just work for me and there is nothing I can do about it.” Lamented Toyese.
Tolu walked to the couch he was sitting on, he joined him on the couch and placed a hand around his shoulder, “My guy, girls are meant to be used and dumped. You taught me that, remember? So, why the sudden change?” Said Tolu.
He stood up from the couch and started walking round the sitting room with his hands in his trouser pocket, “My mum called me yesterday, she told me to go and get married or else, she will disown me.” He stopped walking and cried out, “Guy, what should I do?”
He also stood up from the couch and went to meet Toyese, touching him on the shoulder briefly, “Haba, wise up my guy. The old mama is just threatening you. She would do no such thing, remember that you are the apple of her eyes, her only begotten son.” Tolu said.
Toyese went down memory lane and remembered that his beloved mother had sacrificed everything just to keep him with her. He remembered vividly how his mother and father got divorced because of his mother’s waywardness.
Madam Jessy, as she is fondly called by her customers and loved ones, runs a beer parlour and this made her to have her way with men of different caliber. She was highly connected and this gave her husband a lot of concern. She hardly had time for him and the children. They were blessed with five children, four girls and a boy. Her beer parlour was one of the biggest in town then, so popular as at then. Fleets of cars outside the place and you would think that it was afternoon in the night.
This faithful day, madam Jessy never knew her husband would come back early, the children had gone to school, she brought home her man-friend. She locked the door and removed her key, everyone in the house had a key of their own. Mr. Adeoye came back from work and opened the door. He went straight to the bedroom to put down his briefcase, but to his surprise, he met his wife with another man on their matrimonial bed.
This incident led to their divorce because Mr. Adeoye got tired of her wayward lifestyle. She took custody of Toyese as he was still very young then. Mr. Adeoye was not pleased with this but madam Jessy used her power to take custody of the boy.
He started laughing hysterically and Tolu looked at him in bewilderment, his laughter subsided before he spoke out, “I don’t even think I can get married. I can’t stand to see my own wife having concubines. I don’t want to be bitter for the rest of my life, just like my father. I won’t get married, let the old woman leave me alone jor.” Toyese said.
“That’s the spirit man. No single girl deserves to be loved, they are meant to be used and dumped. In fact, I can never get married.” Tolu said.

Her phone chose that time to ring, she was really engrossed in the Korean movie she was watching. The phone was distant to where she was sitting, she murmured to herself before standing up to pick the call.
“Okay, I will join you soon.” She said to the caller.
She stamped her feet to the ground, “ooohh, Tade does not know the right time to visit someone jere.” She quickly changed her clothing, she wore a chiffon top on a jean trouser.
She got to the love garden, she saw Tade sitting on a bench. She walked up to him and when she got to him, she punched him.
Tade held on to the spot she punched him, “Is that your new style of greeting someone again?”
She eyed him, “why won’t I punch you? You just disrupted me from the movie I was watching.”
He shook his head, “is that the reason why you punched me?” She nodded in the affirmative. “You like watching movies a lot, it is better you minimize it o. Anyways, what’s the title of the movie?”
“High school love on.”
“You sha love watching love movies.”
“Why won’t I love watching love movies? Love is the best thing that can ever happen to one on earth.”
“Love is indeed the best thing that can happen to one on earth and that is why nothing on earth will change my love for you. You are a good girl with a good heart. Had it been every lady’s philosophy about premarital sex is like yours, this world would have been heaven on earth.” Tade said
“What on earth would I say is my problem if I offer my body to any man? Is it money I am looking for or pleasure? My parents do send me money every month, my mother even said that she sends me money so that I won’t be distracted here in school” Tito said.
“I no blame the old woman, she sabi say girls of nowadays fit do anything just to get money”. Chipped in Tade.
“My mama no be old woman o, she is just forty two years old and na me be the third born.” Tito said.
Dockie Lee, Tito’s mum, actually got married at the age of nineteen. She gave birth to her first child, who is now a medical doctor, at the age of twenty. There is an age interval of two years among the children. She gave birth to her last issue at the age of twenty six.
Dockie Lee, as she is fondly called by her colleagues at work, married architect Ibitoye at such a tender age because she got pregnant for him. Her parents decided to marry her off to the man so that she would not bring disgrace on the family by delivering outside wedlock. Since, both Architect Ibitoye and Dockie Lee loved each other, they got married immediately. As at that time, she was still a 300level student of Medicine at the University of Lagos. She is presently a consultant at the Teaching hospital in Lagos.
“Whatever! Whether she be old mama or young mama, the fact still remains that she is an after four.” Said Tade.
“You are just jealous of my momma, she is the only sweetest momma ever liveth.”
“What is there to be jealous about? I am also going to be an after ten later in the future.” Said Tade.
“You wan kill yourself? I pity your future wife,” Tito said.
“Aren’t you my future wife? The mother of my unborn children.”
She shook her head, “That is outrageous na, I can’t give birth to such number of children, if at all I am going to be your future wife.”
He took her hands into his and squeezed them, “Just joking anyway.”
“Better,” She rolled her eyes and looked away.
He released her hands and cleared his throat before talking, “You see, I went for a seminar yesterday at the school auditorium, the topic was ‘The Menace of premarital sex’. It was really an exciting programme, I really caught my fun.”
“Awwww, you never told me before that you were attending a programme.”
“I didn’t plan to attend before but Lanre came at the late hour to take me out for the programme”.
She shifted on the bench they were sitting on, “I see. So, gist me about what really happened at the programme.”
“Many people were of the opinion that premarital sex is bad and some said it is good.”
She frowned her face a bit, “How can premarital sex be good? Those that said so must be out of their minds.”
“Don’t blame them, we are all from different backgrounds. And also, our thinking really differs a lot.”
“Whatever, that is their problem.”
“Do you know what?”
“A guy likened females to shoes, he said that it is completely absurd for someone to go to the market to buy a pair of shoe without putting it on to ascertain whether it is his/her size. So, females are like shoes and the guys are the buyers.”
She clapped her hands together and said, “Wonders shall never cease. This is really funny. The guy’s level of thinking is really low. He has a fish brain.”
“Tito, I want you to tell me your take on premarital sex? I know you can’t give your virginity out freely but still tell me what you feel about it.”
“Not in this world would I give my virginity to just any guy.”
“Is there any big deal in it?”
She raised her voice, “How many times am I going to keep telling you? It is my pride, the pride of womanhood. My virginity worths more than anything else in this whole wide world. I just can’t give out my body cheaply to any guy.” by this time, people were already looking in their direction.
Tade quickly interrupted her, “Hey, keep it low girl. Remember we are outside, your voice is too loud and people are looking at us nau.”
She lowered her voice and continued talking, “Whenever I tell some girls that keeping one’s virginity is really a good thing, they feel I am only foolishly attached to old customs. They believe that the scripture is outdated and archaic on premarital sex. What they do not know is that God designed sex to be enjoyed within a committed marital relationship, it is not meant for unmarried like us. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I am not my own; I was bought at a price. Therefore, I am to honour God with my body.”
He nodded his head and poked her, “nice one. I am proud of you girl, I feel lucky to have someone like you in my life.”
She blushed and pouted, “You can say that again.”
Tito and Tade are students of University of Ilorin, they are studying accounting and mass communication respectively. Tito stays in the female hall of residence inside the campus, while Tade stays off campus. Anytime Tade comes for night class in the school, he and Tito normally meets at the love garden and this afford them the opportunity to talk very well.
Tade met Tito in a singles programme organized by the Christian Union in the University. Tade got interested in her when he saw how actively she was involved in the programme, she was answering and asking questions, as if she was the only one in the congregation. After the programme, Tade summoned up courage and decided to talk to her. They exchanged numbers and that was where their friendship began.
Three months after the programme, they started dating each other. Tito is in three hundred level and so is Tade.

Author: Oni Ifeoluwa Joan

Lover of God, God’s BAE. God is involved in my race, that is why I am an EPITOME OF GRACE. Bringing to you colourful display of real life situations through my writings with the help of God.

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