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Story: BROKEN….Episode 3 || Written by Ifeoluwa Oni

She was reclining on her couch, watching a fashion show on the TV. She heard her husband’s voice outside, she was so engrossed in the show that she didn’t hear the sound of her husband’s car when he drove in. She quickly went to open the door. She collected his briefcase from him and hugged him, “Welcome darling.” Sandra greeted her husband.
“How are you doing dear? Asked pastor Kay as they walked into the sitting room.
“Great. How was your day?” she set the briefcase down on the center table and sat down.
“Stress nous.”
“What happened?” asked a concern Sandra.
“A lot of brethren to attend to.”
“Hope you don’t have any challenging issue to tend to from these brethren.”
“You know Mrs. Oguntade right?”
“The one in the choir department?”
“Have you forgotten that I am also a choir member? I know her very well.”
“She told me today that she wants to leave her husband.”
“Haaa, their marriage is still too young. What kind of problem would warrant her to want to leave her husband’s house?” an agitated Sandra asked.
“She said her husband is poor and she is tired of the marriage.”
“Wonders shall never cease. I trust my husband, you would have encouraged her to endure with her husband.”
“At the end of the day, she decided to stay with her husband.”
She clapped her hands together, “Money!!! What money will cause in this life, even money will never be able to solve it.”
“That is life for you my dear wife.”
Sandra stood up walking to the dining table, “come and eat your food now.”
He stood up and also walked to the dining table. “Okay, what did you prepare?”
“Rice and beans.”
“Rice sha, rice will soon grow on our heads with the rate we are eating it in this country.”
“What can we do? Absolutely nothing.”
“Hope my baby is kicking.”
“Where is Tammy?”
“She is sleeping in her room.”
Tito couldn’t hide her excitement, she was eager to relay the event of the day to Tade. “You won’t believe what happened today.”
“What, give me the full gist?”
“I just won another soul for Christ.”
Excitement showing on his face, “Waow, that’s my girl. Tell me about it.”
“It was when I was coming back from church last week Wednesday that I met this guy.”
“A guy?” a bit surprised.
“Yes, he called me and demanded to be a friend.”
“He met you on the road that means he wanted to toast you. How did you manage to convert a guy that wanted to date you?”
“He never said he wanted to date me, he only collected my number and we got talking from there. He invited me to his house and it was there I preached to him.”
“And you went there?”
She nodded, “Yes I did.”
“How could you? A guy that you only saw once. It is not as if you knew him very well before you decided to visit him. Even if you knew him very well, it is risky for a female to go alone to a male’s house. This guy saw you walking on the street and he called you, what sort of guy does that? It shows the kind of person he is, he had a hidden agenda before calling you. Did you know the type of guy he was before you went to his place?”
“What do you mean by that? Are you trying to tell me that every guy one meets on the road is bad? My cousin, Bro. Dunni, met his wife, Sister Ronke on the road side and they exchanged numbers. That was how they met and they are actually happily married now. They are living peacefully without problems. Have you forgotten how you and I also met? We met only once and you also collected my number.”
“Ours is different, we met in a Christian gathering and it was not as if we started dating immediately. We were friends for three months before we started dating. And for the fact that your cousin married someone he met on his road does not mean it will work for everybody. And now, do you mean you want to leave me for this guy?”
“Did I say so? I was only trying to dispute the fact that you are trying to prove. I was just eager to bring him to the Lord.”
Getting angry now, “It is better you think before you act another time. It is dangerous to go alone to a guy’s house.”
“Alright. Less I forget, I need you to accompany me to his place every Saturday to do bible study together. Because, as it is now, I really need to be careful
“Why would you be going to his again?”
“I promised him that I would be coming to his place every Saturday to do bible study together.”
“I will follow you.”
“Thanks so much, you are a darling.”

The following Saturday, Tito and Tade went to Toyese’s place. They did the bible study and chatted together for a long time.
“Brother, can I get to know you? At least, I need to know everything about my bible study teacher.” Toyese said.
He moved forward on his chair, “You are right bro. I am Toyese, a student of Unilorin, 300 level Mass communication.”
“Nice meeting you.”
“My pleasure.”
“You never told me your relationship with Tito?” Tito tried to read the expression on Toyese’s face but his face was blank, he was damn serious with the question.
“Tito is a close friend of mine and we share the same faith.”
“Tito? I thought you were supposed to use sister for her, that is the norm among you born again folks.”
“I get your point bro, but nobody made that the norm, it is just a sign of respect for each other. It is your choice if you use it. Tito and I are close friends like I said earlier.”
“I think I get your message.” Toyese knew that they were both more than friends, they were into a relationship. He became angry when he knew the truth.
“Hey Tito, take five for a quick chat?” Toyese said.
“Sure.” Answered Tito.
Toyese led Tito outside where they discussed.
“Watsup bro?” Tito said.
“I thought we agreed on you coming to my place alone, I can’t remember when we talked of you
bringing your boyfriend.”
“Bros, I am really sorry for not telling you before hand, but I have to play safe.”
“Are you insinuating that I am a bad guy?”
“Far from it, how will I say such a thing?”
“Your don’t have to say it, your behaviour depicts that.”
“I am sorry.”
“It is okay, let’s go back in.”
When they got back inside the house, Toyese begged Tade for keeping him waiting. Minutes later, they told him that they would like to get going.
“Alright, will you come next week Saturday?”
“Yes, we will.” Answered Tito.
“Will be expecting you guys then, let me see you off.”
When Toyese got to the gate, he returned back inside the house and he began to wonder aloud, “What effrontery? How dare she bring her boyfriend to my house? I really have to be fast in dealing with her. She will really hate herself when I am through with her.”
Toyese was asleep when Tolu got back home. He woke him up.
“My guy, you dey sleep? Tolu questioned.
“No, I dey walk.” Shaking his head. “You and these your foolish questions sha.”
“I should actually ring your neck.” Commented Tolu. He sat down on the bed beside him
He sat up, “Last thing you would do. Wetin you bring come house?”
“My guy, town dey dry o. na only papa God go save us.”
“ Can you remember that chic I told you about?”
He moved his head from one side to another, trying to recollect but all to no avail, “Which one?”
“The one I told you I met last week.
“Yea, what about her? You don bring her down?”
“Why you dey slack? He punched the bed.
“Not so fast, I need to plan the strategy to use in bringing her down. The interesting aspect of it is that she is among those ‘holier than thou’ Christians. She is born again.”
He sat comfortably on the bed to hear the gist, “Eh-ehn, tell me something.”
“I actually invited her here on Tuesday and she spoilt the show.”
“How manage?” he asked with a quizzical look.
“She used the whole day to preach to me and I pretended to be born again.”
“Baddest guy ever liveth, I trust you now.”
“She promised me that she would be coming here every Saturday for bible study.”
“So, she came here today? I lost my chance of meeting her again. Damn it”
“She came but you won’t believe she came with her boyfriend.”
“You have guts to be kidding me.”
“I am damn serious, both of them are born again and we did bible study together. It was too boring but I had to endure because of my unaccomplished mission.”
“I still find it funny. With her boyfriend following her about, how are you going to accomplish your mission?”
“I am a cunny and wise guy, I already have a plan. That is where I need your help.”
“I’m following you like shadow, let’s cut to the chase, go straight to the point.”
“I need you to help me buy that pill from your friend, Osondu.”
“Which pill?”
“The one he told us he was selling, the hyperactive drug now. Can you remember?”
“Haaa, I heard the drug is dangerous. I have even forgotten the name of the drug.”
“It does not matter whether it is dangerous or not, as far as it would be useful for what I want it
to do.”
“Osondu na my guy now, I fit call am any day, anytime.”
“Wa gbayi ore mi. I need it urgently, make una call am sharp sharp.”
“Don’t worry, I go call am. We are both in this together.”
The following day, which was Sunday, all the fellowship on campus did a joint service in the school
auditorium. It afforded many students the opportunity to worship God with their friends. After
the service, students were seen in groups of twos, threes, and much more, discussing with their
friends. Seni saw Tito coming out of the auditorium and called out to her.
“Tito!!! Is this really you I am seeing without paying anything? You are now a scarce commodity
and you didn’t bother to ask of me.” Seni said.
She hugged her and smiled, “Girlfriend of life, I am really sorry. Just that I have been busy.”
She eyed her playfully, “Your money don come now, you dey do shakara to me. There is God
“Sorry jare, I sha don beg you.”
“Your apology is accepted.” She gave her a beseeching smile
“How is everything with you?”
“Everything is fine o.”
“Thank God.”
“See whom I am seeing.” Tito turned around to see the person Seni is talking about. It was Tade
coming in their direction.
“Hi girls.” He greeted them when he got to them.
“Good day Tade, long time no see.” Seni said.
“Abi o, how was the service?”
“Okay. You don’t want to greet me?” questioned Tade turning to Tito.
“I wanted you both to finish greeting each other.” Tito said.
“Alright.” Said Tade.
“Tito, I have to go now, someone is waiting for me at the park.” Seni said.
“Who is the someone? You will tell me about that someone later.” Teased Tito.
She feigned being angry, “What are you thinking? You have a dirty mind.”
She said playfully, “It is that thing you know I am thinking.”
“The person waiting for me is Sister Kemi, our fellowship vice president. Have I satisfied your
“Yes, don’t mind me jare.”
“Alright, bye girlfriend, bye Tade.” She waved to them.
“Bye dear, love you.” Tito said.
“Bye.” Said Tade.
“How far Tito?”
“Not too far Tade.”
“ You are not serious.”
“Abi o, if you say so.”
“I forgot to tell you on Saturday when we saw that I will be travelling to Adankan village tomorrow
for my Radio and Television practical.”
“Okay, when are you coming back?”
“I will be coming back on Saturday.”
“Are you going alone?”
“No, it is a group practical and I am going with members of my group.”
“The Lord will go with you.”
“Amen. Let me escort you to your hostel.”
“Don’t let me stress you, we will see when you come back.”
“Alright, bye dear.”
Dockie Lee woke up from a terrible dream. She got scared and she prayed to God that such dream
should not come to pass in Tito’s life. She was not at ease any longer and decided to call Tito that
Tito’s phone rang but she decided not to pick up the call saying to herself, ‘Who is it that do not
sleep and is disturbing my own precious sleep.’ The phone rang the second time, she hissed and
said, ‘Whoever it is would stop calling when he/ she is tired.’
Dockie Lee persisted in calling, Tito decided to check the caller but to her dismay, it was her mum.
She thought within herself that, “Why would mummy be calling at this ungodly hour?”
“Hello mummy.”
“How are you doing darling?”
“I am fine ma.”
“Why didn’t you pick up since?”
“I never knew it was you that was calling me. Why are you calling this time mummy?”
“I had a terrible dream Tito.”
She suddenly became afraid and her voice started shaking, “Is…… it… about me?”
“Yes dear.”
“What happened in the dream ma?”
“I saw you in a dream putting on a white gown without blemish. Along the line, a guy dressed in
black came out and was begging you to follow him somewhere. At first, you were reluctant but
at the end, you followed him. Not long after, you came out and your white gown was stained and
the guy dressed in black started laughing hysterically but you were crying profusely.
“Do you know the guy?”
“His face was covered.”
“That can never happen to me.”
“You really have to be careful my dear.”
“Mummy, I don’t have bad friends. All my male friends are all Christians.”
“Tito, I will advise that you fast and pray tomorrow.”
“Mummy, tomorrow is Tuesday now.”
“So, is Tuesday an exception for fasting?”
“No ma.”
“I want you to take it seriously. You should know I don’t dream that much but anytime I have
one, it is a sign and warning from God.”
“I understand you mum, I will fast and pray. I know you want the best for me.”
“And also. Do you have lectures tomorrow?”
“No ma.”
“Do you have activities to tend to outside the campus tomorrow?”
“No ma.”
“Please, don’t go outside the school campus tomorrow.”
“Why mum?”
“I thought you said you don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow, so why are you questioning me?”
she remained silent and didn’t respond. “I smell danger that is why I said you should remain in
“You are scaring me mum, you are sounding somehow.”
“Don’t be afraid dear.”
“Is my staying in school tomorrow part of the dream?”
“No, I think the Holy Spirit ministered that to me now.”
“Alright, thanks ma. I miss you, can’t wait to be at home.”
“I miss you too dear and always put it at the back of your mind that I love you.”
“I love you too mum.”
“Bye dear, sweet dreams.”
“Bye ma.”
On Tuesday morning, Tito was alone in her room, she was reading her bible and praying. She
was afraid of the dream her mum told her about. During the cause of her prayer, her phone rang
and it was Toyese, she reluctantly picked up the call.
“Good day bro.”
“Good day.”
“Why are you sounding low, your voice is too low, what is wrong with you?”
“I am sick and there is nobody to help me here.”
“Eeyah, what of your friend?”
“He travelled on Monday.”
“Haaa. What do you want me to do now?”
“I need you to buy me drugs.”
“Okay, name of the drug?”
“Buy me Quartem.”
“I will bring it for you now.”
After dropping the call, Tito remembered that she was not supposed to go out that day. “Oh my
God, how could I have forgotten that I should not go out? But, come to think of it, this guy is
dying and I can’t leave him to suffer like that. I had better get going so that his condition will not

Author: Oni Ifeoluwa Joan

Lover of God, God’s BAE. God is involved in my race, that is why I am an EPITOME OF GRACE. Bringing to you colourful display of real life situations through my writings with the help of God.

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