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Story: BROKEN…. Episode 4 || Written by Ifeoluwa Oni

Tolu paced in the sitting, hands behind his back, his right hand occasionally running through his
bushy hair, while Toyese was sitting down on a couch in the sitting room. They were obviously
awaiting the arrival of someone. Tolu suddenly spoke out, “The girl is supposed to be here now,
what is keeping her?”
“Keep your cool Tolu, she will soon be here.” Toyese said.’
Just then, someone knocked on the gate. Toyese quickly stood up on the couch he was sitting on
and Tolu stood still. Toyese quickly said, “You had better go inside, I think she is the one outside
the gate.” Tolu ran inside his room.
Toyese went outside the house to open the gate for Tito, pretending to be sick.
“Welcome angel.” He said weakly.
“How is your body now?” Asked a worried Tito.
“I am not getting myself.”
“Eeyah, sorry. You are sweating a lot, why don’t you take off your cardigan?”
“If I take it off, I’m gonna catch cold.”
“ Sorry.”
“Let’s go in.”
They went inside the house.
“This is your drug and I also brought some provisions for you.”
“Thank you so much dear. The lord will continue to bless you.”
“Amen pastor Toyese.”
“Pastor Toyese ke? That title is too much. Please, get me water from the fridge.”
“Okay, wait a bit.” She went inside and came back.
“Here you are.” She stretched the cup of water to him which he collected and placed on the stool
and he murmured his thanks. He took the drug and he relaxed a bit before he stood up.
“What should I bring for you? Is it water or juice you will prefer?”
“Don’t worry, I am okay.”
“I will worry, I will bring you juice.”
“I have pile and I am not supposed to take sugary things for now.”
“No problem about that, I will bring water for you then.”
Toyese stood up and went over to the fridge side, he brought out a bottle of water and filled a
cup with it. He then added the drug to it. He took the cup of water into the living room and gave
it to Tito. Tito noticed that there is a trace of blue colour in the cup.
“Bro Toyese, the water is blue and water is supposed to be colourless.”
“I think it the colour of the cup, just drink it, there is nothing wrong with the water.”
Tito gulped down the water greedily. “Does the water now have another taste?” he asked her.
“No, it is tasteless.” Just then, Tito remembered that she was fasting. “Oh my God.” Tito shouted.
“What happened?” Toyese queried.
“I have totally forgotten that I am fasting. What will I do now?” asked Tito, looking worried.
“You can fast another day.”
“That is exactly what I will do, I will fast tomorrow.”
Tito started feeling dizzy, she felt like sleeping. Toyese noticed this and he didn’t bother her. He
waited till she had slept off completely before taking her inside the room. Toyese and Tolu both
gang raped her.
After about 3 hours, Tito was still asleep. Tade and Tolu were worried and didn’t know what to
do next. They contemplated on what to do.
“Guy, wetin we go do now? This girl never wake since, how many drugs you put inside her drink?”
“Na three tablets I put now.”
“Chineke……… na one tablet you suppose put nau.”
“I put three make e work wella ni.”
“You wan kill the innocent girl ni? Wetin we go come do now since she never wake since?” Toyese
paced the room as he had no idea of what they could do about her.
He stopped pacing all of a sudden and said, “Maybe we should go and dump her in that bush.”
“Which bush?” Tolu asked
“That same bush you dumped Vivian’s body.”
“Why are you bringing up the past into this matter now?”
Three years back, Tolu had an affair with Vivian. Vivian was Tolu’s fiancée, she meant the world
to him. That fateful day, the day Vivian died was when Tolu’s perception of girls changed.
Vivian visited him at home that day, Toyese and Tolu were at home. The trio were chatting, not
until Vivian complained of a slight headache. At first, they didn’t take it serious. Tolu told her to
use Panadol, as she stood up to go and get a bottle of water that was when she slumped and
died. Toyese and Tolu couldn’t believe what happened. When the reality dawned on them that
Vivian is dead, they didn’t know what to do. They both thought of how to get rid of her body in
such a way that it would not implicate them. At the end, they concluded that they dump her body
in an isolated bushy area. They both waited till it was midnight and her body was carried into
Toyese’s car. They dumped her body in the bush that night.
When they both got home, Tolu wasn’t himself. The only lady he loved most in the world had
died. He didn’t talk to Toyese and just remained in a spot for three days. Toyese couldn’t take
that, he went to meet him and told him, “Tolu, had it been you had taken to my advice, everything
wouldn’t have been like this. I told you then not to get emotionally attached to a lady. Had it
been you had taken to my advice, you wouldn’t be like this. Every girl is meant to be used and
dumped. If you had used and dumped Vivian and you were not that close, you wouldn’t be crying
till now.”
Tolu thought about what Toyese said and he decided to give himself the emotional break that he
has put himself. He decided not to love any lady again.
“Are you okay with my idea now?”
“No problem, let’s just get rid of her and forget about it.”
They carried her into Toyese’s car and they set out. Driving hard and fast on the wide road leading
to the bush, Toyese and Tolu were afraid. They got to the bush, Toyese didn’t bother to drive in
into the untarred road since there were no oncoming cars. Tolu quickly dropped her by the
roadside and off they sped off.

Author: Oni Ifeoluwa Joan

Lover of God, God’s BAE. God is involved in my race, that is why I am an EPITOME OF GRACE. Bringing to you colourful display of real life situations through my writings with the help of God.

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