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Story: BROKEN…. Episode 5 | Written by Ifeoluwa Oni

Tolu and Toyese got back home later.
“Guy, what if we are caught?” asked Tolu.
“Caught? Who will catch us?” he asked with a quizzical look.
“You know what I am talking about now. What if her body is found and she makes mention of
“Even if her body is found, she will never remember anything. And there will be no evidence that
I used anything on her.”
“I am really afraid.”
“O boy, chill nau. Let your mind be at rest. There is no cause for alarm.”
“It is unlike her, she doesn’t sleep out like this.” Said Grace.
“Even if she had to sleep out, I’m sure that Tito would have told us.” Shade said.
“The scariest aspect is that her line isn’t going. I am really afraid, I hope nothing has happened to her.” Ayoola said.
“Today is Thursday, she went out on Tuesday and still she is not back. Definitely, something is fishy.” Said Shade.
“Maybe I should call Tade.” Ayoola said.
“Tade’s number is not going also, I think he travelled, Tito told me about it.” Grace said.
“I am very sure Tito wouldn’t do a thing like that. Even if she would do that, she would have told us.” Shade said.
“Grace, call her mum since you have her number. Maybe she would know of her whereabout.” Ayoola suggested.
“Yes, you are correct. I’ll do just that.” Grace picked up her phone and started dialing Dockie Lee’s number. The phone rang and she picked it up almost immediately.
“Hello ma.” Grace said.
“Grace, how are you?”
“I am fine ma.”
“I was about to call you.”
“Hope no problem ma.”
“I’ve been calling Tito’s number but it isn’t going through.”
“Ma’am, I am also calling to ask you if you know of her where about.”
“Don’t tell me you don’t know where she is.”
“She left the hostel on Tuesday and she is not yet back.”
“That can’t be true. And she never bothered to tell you where she was going?”
“She never told anybody about it.”
“I am coming to Ilorin tomorrow. If you hear anything from her, don’t hesitate to call me.”
“Alright ma, bye ma.”
“Bye dear.”
Dockie Lee dropped the call and she sensed trouble. She thought to herself. ‘I warned this girl not to go out. How dare she? She flaunted my orders. I have to call Jide and tell him about this.’ Jide is Dockie Lee’s immediate younger brother who stays in Ilorin.
“Hello Jide.”
“Big sis, good afternoon ma.”
“How are you doing dear?”
“Fine ma.”
“I called to tell you that Tito has been missing since Tuesday.”
“How possible, who told you?”
“Her roommates called to tell me that they’ve not seen her since Tuesday.”
“I still spoke to her that same Tuesday and she told me she was fine.”
“I have decided to come to Ilorin tomorrow.”
“That is good, I will be expecting you.”
“Bye ma.”
Dockie Lee was not at ease any longer. A spirit in her told her to tell her husband and another one told her not to tell him. She knew that at the end of everything, she will be the one everyone will be blaming. She summoned up courage and decided that she will tell her husband when he comes back from work.
“What’s wrong with this girl? Her number isn’t going and she didn’t bother to call me. This is unlike her.” Lamented Tade.
“Maybe she is busy.” Said Victor, Tade’s course mate.
“I pray all is well with her.”
Dockie Lee got back home around 5 p.m. but she met her husband’s absence. She decided to prepare dinner. Not long after she finished preparing the food, around 7 p.m. her husband arrived.
“What is this sweet aroma I am perceiving?” asked her husband.
“I just finished preparing Egusi soup and Amala.
“You are the best sweetheart, let me freshen up, so that I can come and eat.”
“Before you freshen up, there is something I want to tell you.”
“What is that?”
“Grace called me today.”
“Who is Grace?”
“She is Tito’s roommate in school.”
“Okay, what did she say.”
“She called to tell me that Tito has been missing since Tuesday.”
“What?” screamed Mr. Ibitoye.“I can’t believe this.” He remained silent and Dockie Lee didn’t say anything either. He later broke the silence.
“I hope that dream you had about her has not come to pass.”
“I pray it won’t come to pass.” She rejected it.
“So, what is the next line of action now?”
“I have already decided to go to Ilorin tomorrow.”
“To do what?”
“To look for her. I can’t just sit down and do nothing.”
“That’s true, I will follow you. We will go together.”
“Thank you sweetheart.”
Tito awoke with a jolt. Her eyelids snapped open, and she blinked rapidly to bring her vision into focus. Where was she? How did she get here? She was lying down on a bed.
“What am I doing here?” looking at the lady by her bedside with a questioning look.
“Thank God you’ve regained consciousness now.” Said the lady.
“Who are you? I don’t know you.”
“My name is Victoria.”
She eyed her, “I still don’t know you.”
“Well, we saw you by the roadside on Tuesday, crying for help. What really happened to you?”
“You saw me by the roadside? How did I get there?”
“How am I supposed to know? You are the one in the best position to tell us what happened to you. Let me call on the doctor that you are awake now.” She left the ward to call the doctor and they came back some minutes later.
“Thank God you are awake now. How are you feeling now?” the doctor said with a smile on his face.
She ignored the doctor’s question, “Please sir, I need to know what happened to me.”
“Calm down young lady. I need to speak with your parents or guardian. We checked your phone to see any number that may relate to your parent’s own but there was none on it. How can we contact them?”
“My mum’s phone number is on my phone, I saved it with ‘BAE’.”
“You children of nowadays, the names on your phones are always coded. Should I talk to your mother or you will talk to her yourself?”
“I will talk to her myself. How long have I been here?”
“This is your fourth day here.”
She covered her mouth with her hands which she quickly removed and blurted out, “Oh my God. So long? What really happened to me? What am I doing in the hospital particularly?”
“Well, it is a long story. I have to get in contact with your parents now.”
Doctor Segun dialed Dockie lee’s number on his phone and he gave his phone to Tito when the line was ringing.
They were about to enter the car on their way to the police station, Dockie Lee’s phone began ringing, it was an unknown caller, she picked it up.
“Good afternoon, who am I speaking with?”
“Mum, it’s me Tito.” Dockie Lee recognizing Tito’s voice immediately exclaimed “Oh my God, it is Tito calling.”
“Good day mu……”
“Save the greetings and tell me where you are.”
“Which hospital?”
Tito glanced at Doctor Segun immediately who knew that she was probably asking for the hospital’s name, he told her immediately.
“It’s Tender Care Hospital.”
“We will be there in a jiffy.”
“Are you in Ilorin already?” she didn’t receive any response, she found out that her mum had already terminated the call.
They got to the hospital about thirty minutes later. They were directed to the doctor’s office. The doctor ordered them in after they placed a light knock on the door.
“Good day.” Chorused the trio as they stepped into the doctor’s office.
“You are most welcome. You are Tito’s parents, I guess?”
“Yes we are.” Answered Mr. Ibitoye.
“Thank God we are finally meeting.”
“Please, can you tell us what actually happened to Tito? We have been looking for her. In fact, we were on our way to the police station when we received her call.”
He cleared his throat before speaking, “Well, what happened to your daughter is a serious one. She was brought in here by a pastor and some of his brethren on their way to the mission field. She was found lying unconscious by a roadside, they decided to bring her here since this is the hospital the church use.”
A knock was heard on the door.
“Come in.”
“Peace be unto you.”
He stood up from his seat to acknowledge the pastor, “And unto you my lovely pastor, I was just talking about you.”
“Really? That means I am the true son of my father.”
He laughed at his humour, “Abi o.” he offered him a seat. “These people sitting here are Tito’s parents. We got in contact with them this afternoon.”
“Thank God, I am so pleased to meet you.” Said pastor kay.
“Same here pastor, thank you for saving our daughter’s life.” Mr. Ibitoye said.
“God is the only life saver.”
“Well, before you came in, I was telling them about the way you found her.”
“Before she gained consciousness, penultimate, the same day she was brought here, we discovered that blood was coming out from her private part a….”
“Oh Jesus….” Exclaimed Mrs. Ibitoye
“Will you just shut up and let us get to know what really happened to her.” Shouted Mr. Ibitoye.
“Madam, take it easy. There is no cause for alarm.” Chipped in Doctor Segun before he continued. “We decided to conduct a test on her, a urine test to be precise. When the test result came out, we discovered that she has consumed a date rape drug, flunitrazepam.”
“What is a date rape drug?” asked Mr. Ibitoye
“Date rape drug refers to illegal drugs that are sometimes used to overpower victims and sexually assault them.”
“You called a name the other time, I couldn’t comprehend it.” Mr ibitoye said.
“You mean flunitrazepam?”
“Yes, that’s it.”
“Flunitrazepam is a powerful sleeping pill that is better known by its brand name Rohypnol. Rohypnol is a sedative. Rohypnol has been used by criminals to rape unsuspected victims. Rohypnol is fast acting and its effects can last anywhere from 8-12 hours. This drug is used to leave a person unconscious and defenseless to sexual assault. The drug can be slipped into drinks and food and can leave the victim with little or no memory of what happened. The drug is so dangerous and it is powerful. The drug can affect quickly… within minutes. The impact of the drug depends on how much is taken.”
“What are the effects of Rohypnol on the victim?” demanded Dele, Dockie Lee’s brother.
“It causes lower blood pressure, sleepiness, muscle relaxation, visual disturbances, loss of consciousness, problems talking, inability to remember what happened while drugged and nausea.”
“Jesus, you mean Tito won’t be able to remember what happened to her?” asked Dockie Lee.
“It is hard to tell. Most victims don’t remember being drugged or assaulted.”
“God, I never bargained for this.” Dockie Lee said.
“It is well ma.” Said Pastor Kay.
“How does one feels when the drug has been used on one?” Mr ibitoye asked.
“A person may feel dizzy and disoriented. He/she will become confused and unable to make clear decisions. He/she may appear to be drunk, have blood-shot eyes and slurred speech. A person will feel too hot and too cold at the same time or feel nauseated ultimately, a person will find it difficult to speak and move, as he/she slowly loses coordination and control of her body before passing out.”
“How does the drug look like, I don’t think I have heard or come in contact with it?” Dele asked.
“The tablets are white. The tablet will have the word ‘ROCHE’ on one side and an encircled ‘1’ or ‘2’ (depending on the dosage) on the other.”
“How can she be so careless as to not notice that something was in her drink?” Mr Ibitoye said and hissed.
“The pills have no colour, smell and taste, once they are dissolved in alcohol, soft drinks, water or any other liquid.”
“Thanks Doctor for the enlightenment, so, what is the next line of action now?”
“I think we need to find out from Tito what really happened, this will help us in bringing the culprit into book and most importantly, she is not aware of her state, we need to let her know what has happened to her.”
“Yes, that is a brilliant idea. We need to let her know immediately.” Pastor Kay said.
They all left for the ward Tito was admitted.
“Mum, Dad, when did you get to Ilorin?”
“Tito, that is not what matters now, all we should do now is pray for your quick recovery.”
“Dad, nothing is wrong with me. I still don’t get how I got to this place. It is like a puzzle that is yet unsolved. Mum, you’ve been crying. What is the matter with you?”
“Nothing is wrong with me, I am just happy that I can still see you again”
“Tito, good afternoon. I am Pastor Kay, we saw you on the roadside and brought you here. We need you to tell us what happened to you so that we all can help you.”
“The only thing I can remember is that I was in Bro. Toyese’s house and he gave me a glass of water to drink. That is all I can remember.”
“Who is Bro. Toyese?” demanded Doctor Lee
“He is a friend and I led him to the Lord.”
“Do you know his place?” the doctor asked
“Of course yes.”
“Can you give me the address to the place?” Tito gave them the address.
“Tito, you really need to know what happened to you.” Doctor Segun said.
“What happened to me?”
Doctor Segun explained everything to her. She burst into tears immediately she was told of her status, that she was raped?
“That cannot be true. Mum, tell this doctor that he is lying, you know that is not true right?” she asked her mum but instead of her to reply she started crying also. “Mum, won’t you answer me? Why are you crying? It can’t be true. This doctor is really a clown. For crying out loud, someone should tell me this is not true.”
“Bolatito mi, my lovely daughter, this is really true and you’ve to believe it. It was not your fault that you were raped. You were sexually abused unknowingly and I promise you that the criminals would be brought to justice.” Mr. Ibitoye said.
“Tito, you know I am a Barrister and I would never allow this act of wickedness to go unpunished. I will make sure those criminals rot in jail.” Said Dele, speaking for the first time since.
“Uncle, how will that bring back my virginity? How could I have been so stupid to fall victim of this assault? I have been keeping my body since and all of a sudden, a guy that I don’t even know anything about just took advantage of my stupidity.”
“It is not the end of the world dear Tito, I know this happened for a reason.” Pastor Kay said.
“But, why me? Why should it be me?”
“Tito, the police are on their way to this hospital and I am sure they would be here any moment from now. Please, be honest about your activities, tell them everything you know.”
The police men got to the hospital about 15 minutes after. Doctor Segun had called them earlier. His elder brother is the DPO of Area A police station. His brother sent 3 of the police officers to the hospital to work on the case. They met a full room and they demanded that they want to be left alone with Tito for some questions and answers period. Doctor Segun had briefed them about what happened to Tito and they knew the areas to direct their questions.
“I am sorry about what happened to you, young lady. I need to ask you some questions that would help us in the course of our investigation. Can I go ahead?” asked the policeman, Tunde.
“Yes, you can go on.”
“Thank you. Can you tell us the name of the said guy who is the suspect?” asked Tunde, with a pen and jotter in his hand to jot down the relevant information.
“His name is Toyese.”
“Why did you go to his house alone?”
“I went there because he called me on phone earlier on Tuesday that he was sick and there was nobody to tend to him as his friend that stays with him was not around.”
“What then happened when you got there?”
“I gave him the drug he requested I buy for him, he used the drug and then he gave me a cup of water to drink. Although I complained that the water was blue but he told me that there was nothing and I was also relieved because when I took the water, it had no taste and it was not smelling.”
“Can you give us the address of this man, we really need to arrest him because he played on your intelligence. He used a powerful drug on you that would never allow you to remember anything that happened when he was sexually assaulting you. Maybe he does not know that a urine test will show the presence of the drug in the body. Don’t worry, put your mind at rest and know that he will definitely face the law.”
Tito dictated the address of Toyese to the policemen. The police men headed out.

Author: Oni Ifeoluwa Joan

Lover of God, God’s BAE. God is involved in my race, that is why I am an EPITOME OF GRACE. Bringing to you colourful display of real life situations through my writings with the help of God.

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