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Story: BROKEN…. Episode 9 | Written by Ifeoluwa Oni

“Spare me that trash. What else can you say from that filthy mouth of yours to justify yourself?”
“Believe me Tade, it was the devil’s work.”
“Haaa, I know it is the devil you will lie against. This devil is really done for o. The devil did not push you to commit suicide but the devil pushed you to commit fornication with my friend.”
Rebecca didn’t say anything. This angered Tade the more.
“Answer me, can’t you answer me? Imagine, you called yourself a born again Christian but you are the one caught in the web of sexual sin. You are the vice-president of the youth fellowship in your church. You still go about with this filthy body of yours to preach about.” Tade shook his head with a finger in his mouth, he looked up and said, “God, it is only you that knows those who are truly serving you. We human beings only see the face but we don’t see the heart. Rebecca, you proclaim to be born again but your mind is corrupt.”
“Oga Ade look here.” Rebecca said pointing a finger at Tade. “Don’t judge me at all. Who are to judge me?”
“I know your problem. It is because you are a good for nothing daughter of a thousand fathers.”
“Excuse me, what do you mean?”
“Your mother is a prostitute and she does not know your real father because she was not sure of who impregnated her. Instead of you to be sober about knowing your real dad, you just busied yourself with this sin. Ask your harlot of a mum to tell you who your real dad is.” Rebecca gave Tade a resounding slap. He ceased to hear anything for a few seconds with the ear.
“Never again in your stupid life should you involve my mum in any stupid talk as this. I don’t joke with her and mind you, it is over between us. I was just managing you before. As old as you are, you don’t have a good job, you read mass-communication and you are teaching in a private primary school. Is that what you want to use to cater for me? Never. My new month resolution is that I will never lack and I have made up my mind to dispose every one that is poor in my life. I don’t mingle with the poor. You are among those I am disposing.”
“That is the best job I got. I thank God I have a job, there are some praying to get this job I got but are not opportune. “
“That is your choice. What business of mine is it whether it is the best job you got or the worst job you got? Leave my life alone”
“Rebecca, I want you to remember that money is not everything an……”
“Just shut it there. I prefer to cry in a jeep than to laugh on a bicycle.”
“Haaaa. Because of money you prefer to cry than to laugh with a man who loves you on a bicycle.”
She eyed him, “When there is money, love will grow. By the time he starts showering me with gift, the love will come.”
“What you are telling me in essence is that you will choose Lanre, my friend, over me because he is rich?”
“I have already chosen him over you. Look for your bride elsewhere.”
When Tade had financial problems and couldn’t afford to pay his house rents any longer, Lanre took him in. They were both classmates in secondary school. Lanre’s attitude was nothing to write home about. He is a Casanova, he drinks and smokes and a lot of other things. Tade had to bear with this since he had no choice.
Sometimes, Tade don’t get to sleep because he brings in his friends and girlfriends to party all night. The loud music do disrupt Tade’s sleep.
Tade made up his mind that he would leave his house when he discovered that he betrayed him by dating his girlfriend behind his back. Tade felt backstabbed.
“I know that you will regret this Rebecca.” Tade left Rebecca’s house and he went straight to his friend’s place. He packed all his belongings and he then decided to stay with another friend pending the time he would sort himself out.”
On Thursday evening, Keziah visited Tito at home after work. Tito was excited that she visited her, it had been long they sat down together to talk, they only see at work but there had never been a good time they talked.
“I am surprised that you could keep such a thing from me. I thought we are like sisters, I share my heart pains with you and I don’t expect you to keep this from me.”
“Keziah, what are you talking about. Stop keeping me in the dark.”
“You never told me that Eric asked you out, not to talk of you telling me that you are already courting him.”
“Beg your pardon. Where did you hear such rumour from?” Asked a confused Tito
“Rumour? Is it not true? I believed it immediately I heard Rachael, Bimbo and some other people talking about it. I even expressed my surprise in their presence. Esther was even amazed that I didn’t know that you guys are courting with our closeness.”
“Keziah, you should know I would tell you if I am dating anyone. Eric is just a friend, he has never for once asked me out. Do you even know that Esther is interested in Eric?”
“No”. Answered Keziah with raised eyebrows.
“Esther sees me as her competitor. She believes that I and Eric are dating, because she once told Eric that she likes him and would like them both to be dating.”
“Really?” Asked Keziah, standing from the single settee she was sitting on before and now joining Tito on the double settee she is sitting on to get the full gist.”
“Eric turned her down. If I greet her, she does not answer me. When I told Eric about it, he told me to continue to greet her and ignore her behaviour.”
“This is serious. I knew it that you would have informed me if you both are courting. Eric seems to like you a lot, have you prayed about him?”
“About him? Why should I pray about him?”
“He may be the one.” Tito laughed out loud. “”What is funny in what I just said?”
“It is funny now. He is not the one and if he indicates his interest in me, I don’t think I can say ‘yes’ to him.”
“Keziah, you know what happened to me in the past. Eric deserves the best, not someone like me.”
Keziah’s mouth dropped in surprise. “How dare you, Tito? Why are you writing yourself off? Are you telling me now that you won’t get married?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Tito, the Lord commanded us to go into the world to increase and to multiply. Why will your own be an exception? You have to live beyond the past. The Lord will give to you beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for heaviness.
Bestie, give love a chance. Love is the best thing that can ever happen to anybody. And that is if you fall in love with the right person.”
“Hmmmmm, thanks so much Love-Doctor.” Keziah laughed hysterically as she said that. Tito continued, “My mum has been disturbing me to bring my fiancé home. I will give love a chance as you have said but I will have to wait for the right guy to come.”
“Hello portable.”
“Hi. Why are you calling me? We still saw each other in church this evening.”
“Yes, are you tired of me already? Well, I forgot to tell you in the evening that I need to buy a suit and I need you to pick it for me.”
“You mean you want to add another suit to the numerous ones you have already?”
“It is not like that, my friend’s wedding is next week and I don’t have the colour of the blazers we are to wear.”
“No problem about that, when are we going?”
“What of Monday during lunch break?”
“That time wouldn’t be enough to go to the boutique and go back to the office.”
“There is no big deal in that. Who owns the company?”
“Even if you are the owner of the company, that shouldn’t mean you should handle it anyhow.”
“I am just kidding but we can easily come back anytime. See you tomorrow in church.”
“Alright, bye.”
After hanging up, Eric’s mother who had been looking at him since he was making his call called out to him. “Eric dear, I need to ask you something.”
“What is it mum?” asked Eric sitting upright on the couch he was sitting on.
“I need to ask you about Tito.”
“What about her?”
“I can see that you both are very close, what is between you two?
“Mum, there is nothing between us, Tito is just my friend.”
“But you are too close. Eric, tell me the truth.”
“Mum, I wouldn’t lie about such a thing. There is nothing between us, just that I like a lot and I love being with her.”
Mrs. Adelokun shook her head and smiled, “Son, does she have the qualities you want in a lady?”
Eric looked up and stared at the ceiling for some seconds as if the ceiling would provide him the answer to the question asked him. “Well, she possesses all the qualities I desire in a lady.”
“Have you prayed about her?”
He stayed mute for some seconds, ruminating on what to say. “I haven’t prayed about her.”
“What are you waiting for? Start praying about her since she possesses all the qualities you desire in a lady and you like her a lot.”
“Alright mum.”
“I am not forcing you, I just felt you should pray about her.”
“Who says you are forcing me, I want to do it personally.”
“Okay dear. I will pray about her too.”
“Thank you mum.”
On Friday evening, Pastor Kay called Tito to the balcony of the house to discuss with her. Tito carried two plastic chairs to the balcony, Pastor Kay joined her in the balcony. Sandra was in the kitchen cooking dinner.
“Tito, are you surprised I called you this evening?”
He looked into her eyes awaiting her response, “I am surprised and at the same time I am not surprised.” She said smiling.
“What do you mean by that?”
“I think I know what you want to tell me.”
“What is that?”
“I know it is the husband issue. Mum has been disturbing about the issue. Uncle Dele and Aunty Juliana has been disturbing me too. So, I know that is what you want to say too.”
“Thank God you know what I want to say. Tito, you are not getting any younger, bring someone home. Your mum called me last week, she told me to please talk to you to bring your fiancé home. What is the matter Tito?”
“Nothing is wrong sir. Just that there is no one for now but I am hoping that someone will come by soon.”
“It is well dear. When someone comes by, make sure you pray. If you don’t mind, you can tell me when he comes by so that we can start praying together.”
“I will surely tell you sir.”
Tito left Pastor Kay in the balcony and she went to join Sandra in the kitchen. Sandra had already finished cooking when she got to the kitchen, she was putting the food into the warmer when Tito got to the kitchen. Tito took the warmer to the dining room when she had finish packing the food into it.
After dinner, Tito washed all the plates used and afterwards, retired to her bedroom for the night.
Tade decided to go job haunting early Tuesday morning, since the primary school he teaches was on break.
He got to five different companies but there was no job vacancy. He was already losing hope as he walked on, he got to the next street and saw another company. He contemplated whether to go in to try his luck or just forget about any job and go home. A voice said within him, ‘Go inside, God is with you.’ another voice said, ‘Don’t go, there is nothing there for you.’
‘But wait, come to think of it, this is an engineering company, how is it even related to my area of expertise. Let me just go and don’t bother myself.’ Thought Tade within himself. As he was about going, he saw the gateman bringing a board out. He waited for him to put it down before going. When the gateman had put it down, he saw that it was a job vacancy. ‘I can still do this, a secretary job.’ He said to himself.
He went inside immediately, not until he was interrogated by the gateman. He was directed to the CEO, Eric. When he got to his office, Eric collected his CV and glanced through it.
“What makes you think that you are the best man for this job?”
“I am sure I am the best for this job. I will ensure I obey the rules and regulations. Sir, I am a Christian and my faith has taught me to always abide by every laid down rules and regulations. Please sir, I need this job urgently.”
“Alright, you can come back for an interview tomorrow.”
“Thank you so much sir.”
“I have not said that you are employed, simply come for an interview tomorrow. Kit is the interview that will tell whether you are employed or not.”
“Okay sir.”
“Come by 9 a.m. tomorrow. Have a lovely day.”
The next day, Tade arrived at the company as early as 8 a.m. Eric directed him to the man who will conduct the interview for him.
The man commenced the interview at about 9 a.m. He was later given the appointment and was to resume the following Monday.
The following Monday, Tade resumed to the office, he was shown to his office. He would be the secretary to the manager of the company.
“Good morning.”
“Good morning Mr. Tade. Welcome to our company.” She said with a smile.
“Thank you. I will like to see the boss please.”
“He has company already but let me beep him on the intercom to tell him of your presence.” Keziah made a call through to Eric and he picked up.
“The boss said you should come in.” Keziah announced after hanging up.
Tade knocked briefly on the door and he heard a response before entering. He saw a lady already occupying a seat out of two seats made available for visitors.
“Good morning sir.”
“Good morning Mr. Tade. Have you been taken to your office?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good morning ma.” Tade acknowledged the lady’s presence.
“Goo………………” Tito couldn’t complete her statement when she sighted Tade.
“What are you doing here Tade?”
“Do you guys know each other?” asked a confused Eric.
“Yes sir, we know each other.” Answered Tade.
Tito picked up two files from Eric’s table and with that she turned to leave the office. Eric stopped her from leaving. “Tito, stop. You can’t walk out just like that.”
“Eric, please. This guy has spoilt my mood and I would really like to get out of here.”
“Tito, I am not through with what I am doing with those files in your hands and I will appreciate if you can stay till I finish with them.”
“I hope he is not the new guy I heard has just been employed.”
“He is and why are you asking?”
“I don’t think I will be comfortable working in the same place with him.”
“Mr. Tade, can you tell me what is happening?” Eric asked.
“We both had a misunderstanding in the past.”
“Can you tell me about it please?”
He looked away sadly and said, “I don’t think so sir.”
Tito hissed and left the office. Tade just looked on dumbfounded. Tito was the last person he had thought he would see. Eric also left his office angrily and followed Tito to her office.
“Tito, how dare you walk out on me? I was still talking to you before you barged out of my office.”
“I know you are the big boss here Eric. I am sorry your majesty.” Tito said rudely and hissed.
“I never knew it has gotten to this Tito. You hissed on me?”
“Eric, who are you? I don’t give a damn whether you are the boss here or not. You can sack me if you like. It is your choice.”
“What has gotten over you Tito?
“Nothing has gotten over me.” Tito suddenly bursted into tears, Eric moved to her side to comfort her.
“What is it Tito? Talk to me.”
“I once dated that guy and he caused me a lot of sorrows in the past. Seeing him again brought back the pains in the past.”
“I think you need a break. Let me drive you home.”
Tito raised her hands in objection, “No, I can cope for today. I don’t have to go home.”
“Are you sure? Do you want to talk about Tade’s issue now?”
“No, I am not in the mood for that now.”
“Will you be comfortable with him working around here? I can send him away if you want.”
“Please don’t send him away. I can’t afford that he should lose his job because of me. I know how to cope with him here.” She paused a bit before she continued, “I am sorry for how I behaved earlier. Can you find a place in your heart to forgive me?”
“You never offended me, I know it is your emotions that made you behave like that.”
“Thanks so much.” Said Tito hugging Eric briefly.
“I guess I have to leave for my office now. But Tito, there is something I want to discuss with you. When will you be chanced so that we can talk?”
“Anytime you are chanced, I am always available.”
“Will you be available after work today?”
“Okay, I will pick you up after work.”
After work, Eric picked Tito and they set out.
“So, where are we going now?” asked Tito.
“I am thinking we should go to water view. I love the cool breeze and the environment.”
“Okay then.”
They got to water view much later and they bought two cans of juice and suya. They then sat at a spot where they can view the wide water very well.
“Do you like this place Tito?”
“I don’t like it, I love it.”
Eric smiled a little before talking, “You scared me, I thought you don’t like this place.”
“So, what did you say you want to discuss with me?”
He didn’t respond immediately. “Tito, I want to ask you some questions.”
“Go ahead, I will be glad to answer you.”
“You never told me whether you have someone you are dating or not. I need you to tell me whether you have someone you are dating or not.”
“Why do you care to know about it? Well, I don’t have anyone for now.”
He sighed before saying, “Thank God.”
“Why are you thanking God?”
Eric stretched his hands over the table and took Tito’s hands into his, looking straight into her eyes. “Tito, I have been trying to hide my feelings away from you all this while. I have grown to love you and I want us to work something out between us.” He waited for her to talk but she looked away and became mute. “Why are you silent all of a sudden? Talk to me.” She remained silent still. Eric shifted forward on the metallic chair he was sitting on. “Please, I beg you in God’s name, talk to me.”
Tito cleared her throat before talking, “Eric, I would lie if I say that I am not surprised. Why me? There are more beautiful ladies out there that are even beautiful than I am, you can easily get any lady of your choice. I am not the best for you.”
“Why are you not the best for me? I need to know.”
Tito shrugged, “I am simply not the best. Look for someone else.”
“I want you to pray about me, about my proposal. You don’t have to push me away like that, try to hear God first before you push away.”
“I will try and do that.” Her reply didn’t convince Eric, he knew she may not do it.

Author: Oni Ifeoluwa Joan

Lover of God, God’s BAE. God is involved in my race, that is why I am an EPITOME OF GRACE. Bringing to you colourful display of real life situations through my writings with the help of God.

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