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Story: I Married a Mad Man – (PART 2) ….. Episode 1 || By Benita Okafor

Yes! I Married A Mad Man (Part 2) is finally here. Thank you all for your patience. Have a good read….
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Before you read this new Part (Part 2), please take note of the following:
In part 1, there were mistakes and a mix up with a character. Although most of these mistakes have been corrected, this is just to avoid confusion if you come across any of such and if you have already read the unedited episodes.
1. Mr. Ikechukwu is also known as Mr. Francis. So if you read Mr. Francis in one part and Mr. Ikechukwu in another playing the same role, please note that there was an error and mix up with the character’s name. This is what happens when you are writing too many stories at once . I apologize. In part 2, Mr. Ikechukwu will be referred to as only Mr. Francis or Francis. Thanks.
2. I do realize that my writing is not perfect at all, there may have been mistakes in previous episodes and some that may have gone unnoticed in the upcoming episodes, please bear with me as I try my best to edit them.
3. Thank you very much for your understanding, you can now read. I will be posting two episodes today due to the long wait so at the end of this episode, there will be a link to the episode 2.


Episode 1 (Part 2)

When Vanessa told me she was pregnant for David, I stood up in shock with my hands on my head and heart beating really fast. I didn’t know if to shout at and slap Vanessa or if to calmly and slowly walk out. Many things were running through my mind at that moment. How did Vanessa happen to be pregnant for my husband? Was this the woman I had suspected David to be cheating on me with? I honestly couldn’t think straight. When I came back to reality and found that the scene I caused was making people stare at us with curious eyes, I picked up my bag and walked out of the restaurant. I could hear Vanessa calling and chasing after me but I wasn’t in to listen. I stormed into my car and drove off with tears rolling down my eyes. As I drove and landed in traffic, I hit the steering wheel with my palms several times and screamed at the top of my lungs. This was the woman I called my close friend and sister for many years who was now pregnant for David. To make it even worse, I couldn’t even get pregnant. I just kept wailing and screaming, not paying attention to my surrounding. It got to the extent that a car behind me had to horn for me to move when other cars began to move. I shook my head in confusion and said to myself that I probably didn’t hear right when Vanessa mentioned who the father of her unborn child was.
I finally arrived home but before I got out of the car, I placed my head on the wheels breathing heavily and trying to calm down. I wasn’t sure if David would be home but I didn’t want to go inside just yet. The security guard came to the door of my car and wanted to know if I was fine but I waved him off. I just needed an alone time to process the one statement that I had just heard. As soon as I was calm enough, I looked up and was about getting out of the car when David drove in. I immediately picked up my things, locked my car and went into the house. As I entered into our living room, I threw my things on the couch and waited for David to get in. The door was left opened so when he came in and saw me, the first thing he said was;
“Isabella why did you leave the door opened? It is until mosquitos should enter the house now, you’ll remember to shut the door.”
“I don’t bloody care David! Let the mosquitos come in for all I care! David why……” before I could even finish my statement, I broke down helplessly on the couch. I was all of a sudden weak and nothing stopped me from bursting into tears. I finally had the strength to ask David why he cheated on me especially with a close friend. The next thing he said was;
“Oh so Vanessa has told you already.”
“So it’s even true David.” I said looking at David to find an expression of regret but do you know what David did next? He started to defend himself and shout at me. He was saying things like I cheated on him first, that I also can’t have children for him, that this and that, saying all manner of things from shocking ones to stupid ones. Even after everything, he was not ready to accept his mistakes. I wiped my tears, stood up from the couch and went passed David into our bedroom. I opened the closet and brought out some of my things before folding and packing them into an empty travelling bag. While I was doing this, David came in and casually asked what I was doing but I ignored and continued with the packing. He asked me the second time and when I didn’t reply, he came and pushed me aside, yelling that I was going nowhere. I stood up from the ground, fought with him and managed to get back my bags. I told him that I wasn’t going to continue living in hell with him before taking my things out of the bedroom and calling out to my security guard for help with my luggage.

David followed me around but I ignored everything he said or tried to do. Once my things were in the car, I left him in the house and drove away. At first I didn’t know where to go but later on I decided to check into a hotel.
Once I was settled in, I switched off my phone to avoid getting calls from anyone. I sat on the floor of the suite beside my bed and tried to replay my conversation with Vanessa. I didn’t want to believe everything that was happening at that moment was real. I shut my eyes for a moment and tried to keep my mind blank but it didn’t work as many thoughts rushed through my mind. I finally stood up and decided to take a shower. I thought maybe that would help but it didn’t as well. I was later able to get some sleep that night by 3:00 in the morning after various rolling and weeping. I woke up three hours later and decided to get ready for work since it was Thursday. I had planned to call in sick but I didn’t go on with it. Work was even more hectic than usual that day because I couldn’t focus. I was thinking about my marriage and how destroyed it was to me. I believed there was nothing that could save my marriage again. To me, it was over. I managed to get through till the end of the day where I retired and headed back to the hotel.
Not long after I came out of the shower, I got a call from Mr. Francis. He said he was really worried about me because I hadn’t been the brightest the past few days even though I had been trying to avoid him. Initially I was going to just tell him that I was fine again and didn’t need anything from him but as usual he talked me into telling him my problems so I broke down on the phone. I told him that I was tired of life and wished I was anything but breathing. He sounded very worried and told me not to say things like that. I ended up letting him know that my friend, Vanessa was pregnant for David. He was shocked to hear that as well and felt so bad for me that he asked if he could come see me. I agreed and so I gave him the address of my hotel. After about thirty minutes, I got a call from him that he was downstairs waiting for me so I dressed up and went to join him. We both went into the hotel lounge where I just talked and he listened.

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