Deal with the cause by Damilola Funso-Adu Deborah
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Article: Deal with the cause

Deal with the cause by Damilola Funso-Adu Deborah

Have you lost anything? Please trace its source. Know why you lost it. That’s a way to recover it, if recovery is possible.

Doctors don’t just prescribe drug(s) based on a symptom. They seek to know what caused the symptom(s), else they would give the wrong drug(s) which might worsen the situation.
Failure to identify the source will only multiply the losses. Losses can come in any form e.g. Break in a personal fellowship with God, bad health, loss of material things, stagnation, etc.

I present to you the story of a lady who went to a camp but didn’t keep her luggage rightly. She first lost it to a lady who gave her back after a day with everything still intact. Afterwards, she dropped it somewhere, thinking that she would pick it up later. This thought was in opposition to the instruction given to her by the inner spirit. She disobeyed, hence, she lost it again.
By the time she found it, all her money had gone. Then, she cursed the thief in the name of Jesus.

The story is somehow right? I know. Just learn the lessons.

Men fell because of SIN (Simple Instruction Neglected). We were brought back. We still fall again because we repeat the same mistake. How pathetic!

We read of the mistakes made by people in the Bible, yet we repeat these mistakes. The stories written in the Bible are not just stories, but also great lessons. 1 Corinthians 10:11 says, “Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.”

The lady in the story above lost her luggage (she fell). Somebody gave her back (she was brought back). But she lost it again.

Now get this; she was given the grace to amend her ways when the inner spirit told her to keep it. She frustrated the grace instead of her to grow in it through obedience. Hence, she lost it. She made another mistake when she didn’t know why she was suffering. She even condemned the thief.

Brethren, the chief of thieves is condemned already, likewise his cohorts. They are just the symptoms, showing people that they have not been behaving wisely. You should be more concerned on how they pull you down in the first place. After that, behave wisely by following godly instruction. Ask for grace.

P. S.: This post is not for people like Job, but for those who lost something as a result of neglecting simple instruction(s). And you know yourself. It will be more pathetic if you don’t change after reading this. Grow in grace, don’t frustrate it. His grace is sufficient.


Author: Damilola Deborah Funso-Adu

Damilola Deborah Funso-Adu is a model Christian who is in love with the pen.

She is a Nigerian, and an undergraduate student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

Her desire is to see the world ruled by God’s type of love, and to see men fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.

She blogs at Love Shines

View her profile here

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