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Music: DIRO MO – Peculiar Voices Ft. Melody || Free Download

Diro Mo - Peculiar Voices

Peculiar voices releases her debut single titled DIRO MO (Cling unto Him).

Peculiar Voices is of men who are given to the ministry of the Word and Prayer. A cord of 4guys with like-passion.

“Diro mo” expresses the fact that as believers we need to steadfastly hold unto God and declare at every phase that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

This song makes us to realize the confident that we have in the finished work of Christ. Revealing and making known the power at work in every believer.

The song features Oyewole Melody and has a deep blend of African rhythm.
#Diro mo#

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I see the lamb slain
I behold the lamb of God
In Him I have Zoe
In Him I have eternal life
In Him I have authority
In Him I gain access to the father
Glory to God……

I will hold unto to you
You’re my very help
I will never fall ma diro mo o }2x
Call: maa diro mo Jesu
Res: huuuu
Call: maa ro mo baba
Res: huuuu }2x
Call: ninu isoro aye
Red : haaaaa
Call: ninu iji aye o
Red: haaaa
Call: maa ro mo baba
Re: huuuu

Solo: koma soun
Ti o yami ya o
Ohun gbogbo ti mo ni, ti mo mo, ti mo je laye ire ni
Maa diro mo oo
You are the God of my salvation, titi aye Mi
Maa diro ma gbanilagbatan

Maa diro mo Jesu
Maa ro mo baba }2x
Ninu isoro aye ninu iji aye o
Maa ro mo baba ]}2x

Mo duro le
Ile Miran iyanrin ni
Mo durole Christ’apata
Ile Mi ran iyanrinni

Ninu isoro aye baba mi
Se ni ma diro mo o
Ninu iji aye o
Ma gboju mi soke si o
Maa wo Iwo lori igi agbelebu
To wa ku n’tori temi
Ninu re ni mo ni iye o
Ati ireti ninu re
Agbara to ji Jesu side
O’mbe ninu mi
Igbagbo mi baba
Yio ro mo o

Call: igbagbo mi yio ro mo o
Resp: Baba yio romo o. *3
Call: esu gbo ko bila lona mi
Ko so’hun ti o ya mi ya Baba
Resp: esu gbo ko bila lona mi
Ko so’hun ti o ya mi ya Baba
Call: satani gbo gbo gbo ko ya go lona aye mi ko so’hun ti o ya mi ya Baba
Call:esu gbo gbo gbo gbo ko so’hun ti o ya mi ya baba aaa
Resp: gbo ooo bi la
Call: iku Jesu ti so mi di ominira
Call:to ri emi re nbe ninu mi
Call: nipa agbara to ji Jesu dide ee
Call: mo ni igboya ati ireti o
Call: ati ra mi pada pelu eje re
Call: gbo o gbo o gbo oooo
Resp: gbo ooo bi la


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Instagram: @peculiarvoices

Email: [email protected]


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