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Story: I Married a Mad Man – (Part 2)….. Episode 3




A week went by and it was just like any normal week. David and I still hadn’t sat down to have a conversation pertaining to Vanessa’s pregnancy or our relationship. We only had simple conversations like
how was work? Have you eaten? Can you pass me this? I was thrust into bringing up the issue of Vanessa and our new formed relationship but again was I scared that I would anger him. I didn’t want to offend him but at the same time, I felt like I was in bondage and would suffocate if I didn’t speak.
Meanwhile, at work, Mr. Francis was trying to get very close to me. I remember the look on his face when I told him that I was no longer planning on leaving David. I didn’t give him any particular reason but he didn’t look bright when I said it either. Mr. Francis’ behaviors went from what I used to think were kind gestures to a little bit overboard. He would send me meals during my lunch hours and sometimes send me text messages that were neither professional nor ‘friendly’. Many times I declined or ignored these gestures even though he said they were just out of friendliness. Sometimes, thoughts about Mr. Francis flashed through my mind but I quickly chased them away.
Two weeks later, just two weeks after my mother came visiting, I decided to sit down and have a chat with David about our marriage as well as the baby Vanessa was going have for him. We had barely had an actual conversation so I thought maybe it was time to finally speak up and let David know how I truly felt. Prior to that, I hadn’t come in contact with Vanessa except once when I finally responded to her calls and she begged and begged, asking for my forgiveness. I told her that I had forgiven her but didn’t wish to see her again. I did say it out of anger even though that was how much I was really hurt. I got David to sit and I brought up the issue about Vanessa and his unborn child that she carried. My heart had been pounding because I didn’t want him to be offended and flare up in minutes but surprisingly, he took it calmly and told me that he was trying to see what he could do about it. He told me that he wanted to fix our marriage but as I looked into his eyes, I saw eyes that were hurt. I wasn’t sure what to feel because I thought I was the victim in the situation. He looked as though he was hiding something from me. Something that would break him if he spoke out. I already found out about him and Vanessa, what more could be so heartbreaking than that? What did he want to say but couldn’t? I asked myself.


Before we ended our conversation that night, I asked David if there was any other thing he wanted to say to me. He shook his head and went to bed quietly. I too retired for the night and went to bed deep in thoughts.
“You look worried,” Mr Francis said to me when I entered his office the next day. I told I had just been thinking about a few things so he wouldn’t ask too many questions. He came around and put his hands on my shoulder and told me that I could call on him if I needed anything. Later that day, I left the office with my boss and one other colleague for a meeting we were having at another branch. My boss and I sat at the back of the car and the other man sat in front with the driver so Mr. Francis got a chance to glance at me every now and then, trying to look for something he couldn’t find. My eyes also met with the man in front once in a while through the rear mirror after he noticed that Mr. Francis was always turning to look at me. Why wouldn’t they let me be? Things were already awkward enough between us. Just when I was thinking about the whole awkwardness, the man at the front seat broke the silence and got us involved in a conversation concerning the meeting we were going to attend.
The whole day felt dragged to me as I looked at my wristwatch over a hundred times that day. I finally got home, took a shower and warmed up the food I had made the previous day. David wasn’t yet back but I wanted to be sure there was food ready on the cooker so that if I slept off, he could fix himself something from there. I didn’t feel like eating because we had been served lunch at the meeting so I decided to go to bed early because I was so tired. I thought I was already in dreamland when I felt a tap on my arm. I slowly opened my eyes to the dark room with a figure sitting just right beside me. I figured it was David so I greeted him and waited for a response.
“Sorry to disturb your sleep,” he said.
Before he could even say anything else, I chipped in, “Have you seen your food? I left some on the gas cooker. I was just so tired….”
David cut in before I could finish my statement, “Isabella, it is fine. I have eaten. I just wanted to talk to you about something else. About Vanessa actually.”
When I heard Vanessa’s name, I Jumped and sat up in bed to hear what he had to say.
“I spoke with her today and she said she needed accommodation for the moment until she sorted herself.”
I wasn’t sure I heard right so I asked, “Are you referring to Vanessa?”
“Yes Bella, I know this is the last thing you want to hear and I know it may sound crazy but I was planning on bringing her over to stay with us for a while before she sorts herself since she is carrying my child.”
I felt insulted when I heard this and stayed quiet before speaking up, “David, this is the woman who……you know what? Suit yourself. I’ll just leave the house if that’s what you guys want.”
“Baby (hadn’t even heard that in a very long time), please calm down. I know this isn’t what you want to hear but it is just for a while. She already has somewhere she could go after a few weeks. The place isn’t just ready yet and her parents didn’t take her pregnancy news very well. Please just do this for me. I don’t want you leave or stay outside the house. It’s just for a few weeks, please.”
When David said this and convinced me, I agreed but deep down wanted to burst out crying. When I already thought everything was getting worse, my husband’s mistress and my supposed to be close friend was going to be living under the same roof with me. I almost thought I was in a movie. I didn’t think my situation was real but it was very real. Everything was happening and unfolding right before my eyes.


To Be Continued…

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