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Story: I Married a Mad Man – (Part 2)….. Episode 4



Episode 4

The next two days, I came home and met David arranging the guest room where I believed Vanessa was to stay. I didn’t expect to see him around at that time so I greeted him and he came around to give me a peck on the cheeks, something he hadn’t done in a while. I formed a faint smile and asked lazily if he had eaten. He said he wasn’t hungry and that I shouldn’t bother trying to fix something for him so I left him for our bedroom, not asking anything concerning the guest room he was arranging. It was already obvious. The following day, I came home to find Vanessa and David around like I already imagined. The air was very tensed when I walked in as they were seated on the couches in the living room, talking quietly. I went in and greeted David before heading for my room in silence ignoring that Vanessa was around. I saw the pity eyes she gave when I glanced at her but I was in no mood to talk to her.
David later came into our bedroom when I was changing into my night gown. He didn’t say anything until I tucked myself in bed and he joined me.
“Thank you Bella.” He said to me as I was about closing my eyes. I nodded and raised the duvet over my shoulders before falling into a deep sleep. Whether I liked it or not, things had changed and wouldn’t go back to being the same. I missed the past, the very beginning when my marriage was sweet and rosy and issues like this never crossed our paths.
With every passing day, I began to notice Vanessa in the house more often and David returning home from work earlier than usual. If he didn’t say he had to take Vanessa to her pre-natal care, he was done with work for the day. I kept mute throughout all this because I didn’t want to cause a fight. At least, David was not acting up like he used to in his various mood swings so I thought I would be wrong to question him or bring up any issue. Let the house remain in peace, I said to myself day after day.
It had been almost three weeks since Vanessa arrived our home with the same routine everyday. Wake up, do some minor cleaning, prepare something for David, get ready for work, leave for work, get back from work, meet Vanessa and sometimes David, prepare food and then go to bed quietly. I had barely said a word to Vanessa ever since she arrived and didn’t plan on saying anything either. David and I got distant everyday.


There were times David used to come to me in the night to have sex with me even when we were not on good terms but after everything with the pregnancy news, our sex life was a zero, our communication was the worst. Nothing was interesting. He was no longer spontaneous. I was always feeling depressed and stressed out. I thought I had aged double my age. My boss, Mr. Francis on the other hand had been trying to cheer me up. I had given him a few glimpse of what was going on in my life at that moment so he understood why my face was always flat.
One Monday night, I came back from work to find David mad at me for no reason. Here again, with his mood swing, I thought. I almost wanted to sit at a corner and appear invisible. He came back home with a long face. I greeted him, asked him about work, asked him if he was hungry and he ignored all of my questions. I thought I had done something wrong unknowingly so I asked him what I may have done wrong but he ignored still. We didn’t talk that night and all this happened right when Vanessa was around although she had been in her room, always was. The night this happened, I went to bed thinking that I was a crazy woman for allowing so much to happen to our marriage. I thought I was even crazier for allowing the woman who destroyed my home back into my home. Again, nobody knew about Vanessa’s pregnancy except Mr. Francis whom I told and Vanessa’s parents even though they did not know David was responsible. I, on the other hand did not want any other person to know because I didn’t want to be judged by others or let people judge my husband or marriage. It was still kept a secret. David came home the next day and still didn’t say anything to me until one Friday afternoon, I came home and met something I least expected after all that had happened. I had just returned from work earlier than usual because I was not feeling very well. I got home and met the car David used for work so I expected to see him in the house but as soon as I stepped in, the house was as quiet as can be. I didn’t hear the sound of a T.V nor hear the sound of foot steps and movements. I went to drop my bag in my room and found David nowhere so I assumed he already left the house for somewhere else but thought it would be impossible since two of his cars were parked outside. I hadn’t been talking to him because he was ignoring me so I didn’t even want to call him. I just changed into comfortable clothes and lay in bed when suddenly I heard laughter coming from somewhere. I remembered that Vanessa was probably in her room and so would David but as soon as that thought dropped in, I thought of the worst. I immediately walked as fast as I could to Vanessa’s room and found David cuddling up in bed with Vanessa. Their clothes were scattered all over the floor and my thoughts had been confirmed.


The sight was so hard to take in because despite the fact that David had already cheated, he took Vanessa in his arms and had sex with her again even whilst she was pregnant, under the same roof we called our home. I thought that was it. When they saw me, only Vanessa fidgeted and tried to get out of David’s arms but he stayed still and tried bringing her close to him instead. I felt insulted again and stupid. I felt weak as a woman and wanted to close my eyes and open it to find that I was being buried alive. I had failed, failed and failed in everything as regards to keeping a man and my marriage.



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