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Quantity Of Reading OR Quality Meditation?: WISDOM!

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Something led to the other while Joshua and I were discussing last night –
few hours before the vigil,
he was confessing of how surprise he used to be anytime I speak,
“you hardly make two statement without quoting a passage in the scripture,…I wonder how many chapters of the bible you read in a day” he had said,
could that be totally right?,
do I quote scriptures that often?,
maybe sometimes unconsciously,
the scripture is just so complete and powerful that it meets every situation with clarification and solution,
I wouldn’t have help quoting it at every point in life (smiles..),
but thinking that I do read so many chapters of the bible daily isn’t close to being right oo,
sometimes I don’t even read up to one chapter.

“How many chapters do you read in a day bro”, I asked with a smile,
“I try reading up to five chapters most times,
but I read just three today”,he replied and I was shocked,
so this brother thought I do read more than five chapters in a day?,
well,not that I’ve never in a day read up to that or even more,
but thinking that is what I do daily is far from the truth oo.

“Wow!,that’s not bad at all,
so what are the chapters you read today?”, I asked inquisitively,
“ermmm,the gospel according to saint John…,I think chapter 20,21 and 22”,
I almost bursted into laughter,
the gospel according to saint John chapter 22?,
he must be joking.

“The gospel according to saint John has only 21 chapters…”
I said,trying to hold back the laugh.

“Oh,well,I only know it was the last three chapters I read”
he replied innocently.

“Ohoh…I was thinking you’ve added yours to it niii (smiles),
so,share with me some of the things you got from the passages,
the rhemas!,
iron sharpens iron – remember”
I said,still smiling brightly,
I really was eager to hear the insight he had from those wonderful chapters,

“Hmm…it was about the crucifixion,resurrection of Jesus,
and how he appeared to Peter and the other disciples after his resurrection”
I was nodding my head thinking there’s more he has to say,
but surprisingly he stopped, he saw the expression on my face,then he said “that’s all”,
that is all?,
did he actually said that was all he learnt from the three chapters? –
nighty eight verses of the scripture – no new revelation?!,
no clearer insight?,
no deeper understanding that strengthen conviction?!,
the crucifixion,resurrection of Jesus and how he appeared to his disciples?,just the letters and nothing more?!,
even a ‘children church’ kid knows those things,
this is stagnancy mehn!.

If you read a passage of the scripture without gaining something new,
it doesn’t make you stronger in your conviction,
your innerman still remains at the level it was before reading,
nothing challenged and strengthen your faith,
you just read it to fulfil all righteousness.

Most time,it’s not about the quantity but the quality,
it’s more than just reading dozens of bible chapters,
the question is;
‘what have you been able to gain?,
any message passed to you?,
any correction or instruction?,
any promise to claim?’.

You shouldn’t just read and read without finding time to meditate.

Reading just a chapter and meditating on it for hours – yielding deeper understanding – I think is more profitable,than taking hours to read many chapters with no time for meditation – resulting to shallow or no understanding of what you’ve read.

How so many Christians cheats themselves and
hinders their spiritual growth.

You meet a brother and to your surprise,
he claimed to have read the bible from cover to cover so many times in a year,
yet his understanding about scriptural injunctions is nothing to write about,
having the knowledge
(‘I’ve saw that in the bible so many times’…they say),
but has no conviction about it,
no firm stance about the cardinal doctrines of the bible,
you see them get confused so many times,
easily toss to and fro by false teachers.

Bro Paul was admonishing the young bro Timothy in the book of 2Timothy 2:15 to study,
so he could show himself approved unto God,
a workman that needs not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.

I’m not in any way discouraging the act of reading many chapters of the bible at a time,
of cause it is profitable to do that also,
but the point I’m nailing at is the necessity of really studying the scriptures and not just reading,
finding time to actually meditate on what you’ve read,
asking yourself questions about it and try finding answers to it in the scripture,
sometimes it leads to comparing a passage of the scripture with another,
it gives you a large heart,
you see God in a mightier way,
you tremble more at his word,
you get greatly convince that the foundation of God stands sure,
like Joshua you become courageous,
your ways become prosperous and you win yourself good success –
because you now meditate on the word day and night,
the fresh revelations and insights makes you have understanding more than the ancients,
you now have the privilege of having more understanding than your teachers –
because God’s testimonies are your meditation.

Don’t just peruse or wander over the scripture,
but with a thirsty and contrite heart,
find quality time to dig deep into it,
even deeper –
Jesus’ love must be sweeter,
dig into it deeper yet!.

©RaptureAlert 2017.

Author: Alao Gabriel Oluwamayowa

I am Alao Gabriel Oluwamayowa.
I’m a lover of God and His word,
I’m a light that shines, a voice that speaks, a pen that writes – all these I do to see others come to the knowledge of my (their) Creator.
I’m a scientist – an agronomist (prospective),
I love creativity and art, I love to commune with God,
I’m jovial, hospitable, yet principled,
I’m that kind of Homo sapiens you’ll love to be with.
Welcome to my Empire!

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